Pot Grower Leading Recall of Marin D.A. 

Pot Grower Leading Recall of Marin D.A. 
Posted by FoM on May 22, 2001 at 07:45:41 PT
By Guy Kovner, The Press Democrat
Source: Press Democrat
A man acquitted in a Sonoma County medical marijuana case is a financial backer of a bid to recall Marin County's top prosecutor. The recall, mounted by medical marijuana advocates, is the lone issue on Tuesday's ballot.Kenneth Hayes of Petaluma, acquitted of marijuana cultivation charges in Sonoma County, helped finance the recall effort in Marin. Another Petaluma resident, Democratic Rep. Lynn Woolsey, is on the opposite side, giving money to defend District Attorney Paula Kamena.
The recall has caught the attention of state officials, who said last week they were launching a criminal investigation into possible fraud by those circulating petitions for the recall.The Kamena recall is considered a test case of a statewide effort targeting district attorneys critical of Proposition 215, the 1996 state initiative allowing cultivation and use of pot for medicinal purposes. In Marin County, Proposition 215 passed with 73 percent of the vote.Kamena, elected in 1998, is among the prosecutors who have set guidelines for medical marijuana cases, but critics say she still allows police to arrest people and confiscate their plants.Sonoma County District Attorney Mike Mullins last week announced guidelines allowing patients with doctor approval to grow enough plants -- up to 99 -- to produce a maximum of three pounds of processed marijuana a year.Mullins' action came a month after he lost a high-profile jury trial in which Hayes said he was raising hundreds of marijuana plants for a San Francisco buyers club.According to campaign finance reports, Hayes and four other people put up most of the $9,870 that paid for the Kamena recall petition drive.Hayes contributed $1,500, second only to Lynnette Shaw, director of a marijuana distribution club in Fairfax, who said she contributed $5,000 from a car insurance settlement.Woolsey was among the scores of public officials, attorneys and business people contributing to Kamena. Woolsey gave $250, the report said.Neither Hayes nor Woolsey could be reached for comment.Kamena's campaign said it had received $127,454 and spent $69,859 as of May 5.Members of a Marin County trading firm gave more than $9,000, and district attorneys from 11 other counties supported Kamena.Meanwhile, the Marin Alliance Legal Defense Fund, which got the Kamena recall on the ballot, ceased activity in December and filed for termination in April.Shaw was listed as treasurer of the legal defense fund.Her one and only financial disclosure said the group collected $9,870 and spent $9,793, with all but $1,000 paid to 16 people who circulated petitions.The recall campaign against Kamena was started by parents angry about child-custody cases in Marin courts. The drive fizzled, and Shaw's group took up the cause.Medical marijuana is not mentioned on the petitions, prompting speculation by Kamena supporters that residents were misled into signing the recall petitions.Tom Van Zandt, a patent attorney, is the only candidate to succeed Kamena if she is recalled.Note: Medical marijuana figure Kenneth Hayes contributed $1,500 to try to oust Kamena. Source: Press Democrat, The (CA) Author: Guy Kovner, The Press DemocratPublished: May 21, 2001Copyright: 2001 The Press Democrat Contact: letters Website: Related Articles & Web Site:Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana Pot Backers Target Marin DA To Recall Marin D.A. Undaunted By Ruling
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Comment #3 posted by Dr. Ganj on May 22, 2001 at 14:48:09 PT
Get That DA Out!
Yes indeed, now how's it feel? Let's use everything we can to turn the tables! They've stomped on us for decades, now it's time to even the score. Remember, this is about freedom-pure and simple. And when people want to take away our rights, we are going to fight back any way we can. So, get ready for more recalls, more voter initiatives, and more jury nullifications, because this is a nasty war with plenty of casualties-at least until our rights are returned!See you all in court.Dr. Ganj
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Comment #2 posted by Kevin Hebert on May 22, 2001 at 10:18:35 PT:
VERY interesting, Greenfox
Interesting that Kamena spent 10 times as much as those oppossing her. I really hope she loses her job today. She really deserves to. Anyone from Marin County here? Please let us know how the vote goes!
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Comment #1 posted by greenfox on May 22, 2001 at 10:02:08 PT
They will whine, they will squeel
It's interesting, that once the tables are turned, how much of a fuss the antis put up. When someone raids a pot grower, that grower goes through much of the same strife, if not more than, most common criminals. So now we're sick of it and now it's their turn. Interesting, isnt it? When they take our homes, ruin our lives, it's ok. Shit, it's in the same name of the holy drug war, right?But as with most wars, casualities on both sides...their turn now.-gf
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