Hemp Makes The List of Bureau's Banned Buzzwords

Hemp Makes The List of Bureau's Banned Buzzwords
Posted by FoM on April 27, 2001 at 10:21:14 PT
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms may be loose on language, but it's getting tough on drugs. In a reversal of an earlier label approval, the agency has told Frederick Brewing of Maryland it can no longer call its popular dark ale Hempen Ale.The beer is made with hemp seeds, like those used to grow marijuana. The seeds are sterile, however, and contain no THC, the psychotropic substance that gets users stoned.
Mostly, the seeds are a gimmick, though brewers say they do add body to ales.ATF had approved Frederick's pot-leafed label in 1997. It quickly became one of the brewery's most popular beers. Last spring, however, the agency did an about-face.In a little publicized order, the agency said that while brewers could continue to use hemp in alcoholic beverages, they could no longer advertise that fact. That includes any reference to word "hemp" in a brand name.According to the order, brewers were forbidden to use "depictions, graphics, designs, devices, puffery, statements, slang, representations, etc., implying or referencing the presence of hemp, marijuana, any other controlled substance, or any pyschoactive effects."Al Spinelli, general manager of Frederick Brewing, said the brewery was permitted to continue produce the ale until it runs out of packaging materials that it had purchased before the ban. He said Hempen Ale should be completely off the shelves sometime this summer.Frederick - which had been recently purchased by a holding group called Snyder International - didn't put up a fight. "Our position is that Hempen Ale is not in our long-term portfolio, so I can't say it really bothered us a lot that they came down with this ruling," Spinelli said.An attorney familiar with the case said, however, "If someone wanted to challenge the policy, I would be extremely confident they could challenge it on First Amendment issues. You look at what the regulators are doing, and I say it's flatly illegal. But it'll cost you six figures to beat it."So why did ATF reverse itself?Complaints from a single consumer group, a agency spokeswoman said. "There was a feeling that the labeling could be interpreted that this was liquid THC," she said. Outsiders accuse the agency of giving in to anti-drug zealots.Larry Lesterud, who makes Hemp Ale for Humboldt Brewing in California, believes the crackdown was prompted by the White House.Last year, his shipment of hemp seeds was halted at the border, he said, by the Office of National Drug Control Policy - the White House drug czar."They're just trying to starve the country out of hemp products," said Lesterud. He said he can still legally bottle his Hemp Ale as long as he doesn't sell it across state lines."This is the White House saying we don't want hemp in America. They're really quite fascist about it."- Joe Sixpack Source: Inquirer (PA)Published: April 27, 2001Copyright: 2001 Philadelphia Newspapers Inc.Website: Inquirer.Letters phillynews.comFredrick Brewing Company Hemp Archives
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Comment #14 posted by Lee Gates on June 08, 2001 at 19:20:56 PT:
nazis in small towns
I live in a small town in Wisconsin of 1300 people with a police budget of 500 thousand dollars, but yet there are classes that have too many students, because we can't afford more teachers in our grade school. I don't feel safer I feel scared for myself and my family. When is the madness going to stop. Don't sit on your hands thinking somebody else can be a voice. Stop being sheep to slaughter we all have the same voice, scream to everyone.
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Comment #13 posted by hempwarrior on May 03, 2001 at 09:09:58 PT
no real freedom in Amerikkka
when will the end come from rediculous prohibition of a plant that can save the american farmer..? indeed we the people are suffering a tyrannical rule from a fascist government...bush and his entire family want to eradicate freedom here in amerikka and put the middle class adn poor people in jails where they can be monitored for life..i am sick of the bulls**t that the government spews and the religious right condones..well god created hemp/marijuana and he/she does not make mistakes...truly the word freedon has no meaning here anymore..see you in holland/spain/switzerland...i am gone
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Comment #12 posted by mayan on April 29, 2001 at 14:28:12 PT
 They are really getting defensive banning the name of a plant. On their heels I'd say. Nevermind that alcohol & tobacco kill far more people than all illicit drugs combined. I wish Frederick Brewing would raise a fuss. Buy Hemp products!!! Fascism is clamping down in desperation. Raise hell people.Persist & don't relent. We have the momentum! Let's keep it.
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Comment #11 posted by Ginger Warbis on April 29, 2001 at 12:51:32 PT:
Name the consumer group, please.
"So why did ATF reverse itself?"Complaints from a single consumer group, a[sic] agency spokeswoman said. "There was a feeling that the labeling could be interpreted that this was liquid THC," she said.Which single consumer group? It's a safe bet they're among small, tightly knit, carefully camoflaged coalition of self declared treatment gurus and piss sniffers. If they happen to be anyone I know, I'd love speak with the afore mentioned "attorney familiar with the case".
A Clockwork Straight
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Comment #10 posted by schmeff c. on April 29, 2001 at 08:19:21 PT
Truth in advertising
The only way to remove the reference to controlled substances on the label in question is to call it "Hempen Beverage".For proof positive of the validity of the old adage, The first casualty of (DRUG) war is truth., consider that "truth" in advertising is immediately sacrificed in the furtherance of the war's propaganda ministry. Thus you can put hemp seed in a product, you just can't inform the public that it is there.Although I have never heard that hemp can provoke the kind of anaphylactic (sp?) shock in some sensitive individuals, as can certain nuts and seafoods, if it is possible, this decision could prove deadly to innocent Americans. Of course, that is waht the drug war is all about: death and imprisonment.
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Comment #9 posted by Chad Kister on April 28, 2001 at 20:23:19 PT:
Hemp liberation now at
Stop this evil fascism with your economic vote. Buy hemp products! Support the revolution! Hemp Liberation NOW!!!
The Ohio Hempery
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Comment #8 posted by stevo on April 28, 2001 at 08:19:54 PT
out with freedom of speech
one more casualty in this war, I'm so mad I could spit nails, I think I'll go to singapore, it's friendlier there, just give me a cane
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Comment #7 posted by Dr. Ganj on April 28, 2001 at 07:39:04 PT
Help End Marijuana Prohibition!
This is really disgusting, folks. Just THINK about what is happening here. These brewing companies can't even use the *WORD* hemp on their labels!! If this isn't a desperate tactic from a totalitarian government, I don't what is!How much more of this can we take before we all start killing these evil tyrants? I mean that. They are telling us we can't even use the word hemp on a beer bottle! I'm just amazed Frederick Brewing Company isn't fighting back. First it's a word on a label, next thing you know it'll be just THINKING about hemp that'll put us in jail.We are the laughing stock of the world. More people in jail than any other country, and we are still AWASH with drugs-legal ones that kill you, and illegal ones that make you feel good-like MDMA. I pray I live long enough to see this madness stop. I feel so sorry for all the people who are in jail because we can't understand the nature of drug use. Robert Downey Jr. didn't bother anyone. If he wants to snort coke all night at his house, fine. If he drives while on drugs/alcohol, punish him. Sending him to prison for 3-5 years is not the solution. There are THOUSANDS of people just like Robert Downey Jr. who don't have the resources to fight their drug busts, and end up in jail for years over a little white powder, or marijuana. This is not right, and other countries like Spain, and Switzerland know this quite well.The real question is WHEN will we finally HELP these people instead of JAIL them because we don't understand drug addiction, or even casual drug use?All I know, is jail did not help me one bit. It made me angry, and motivated to talk about how wrong our drug laws are. I hope I've helped a little. If we all try to change these awful laws, I believe we can end the suffering of thousands of innocent people languishing in our jails/prisons.Dr. Ganj 
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Comment #6 posted by Charlie on April 27, 2001 at 18:34:50 PT
Hempfield, PAHempstead, NYHemp Ridge, KYHemphill, KYHemp, GAHemphill, LAHemphill, WVHemphill, TXHempstead, TX...Now look up Hemp in your local phone book...find anyone with the name Hemp, Hemphill, Hempel, ...etc.?Better yet, go to Alta Vista and search on the name hemp, you'll get over a 100 pages of 'em!
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Comment #5 posted by jAhn on April 27, 2001 at 18:01:00 PT
Cult of Destruction< America> Are you Smiling?
It's the Federals that made the major amounts of arrests.Sure, Slick Willy didn't do a thing to change the Federaly Crafted Controlled Dangerous Subs. Act- even if he tried, do you think the CIA or the FBI wouldn't Protest the fact? Like they did against Peltier? Along with lots of "extras" for State institutions that jump in on the "erosion of freedom" and YOUR NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR/Parental Advisor(s) that wither up and moan like cheap hookers at the sound of Prohibitionist Propaganda. Daddy Bush and his Son,W and the whole rest of that Murderous Family (God and Jesus?)(The Manson-Like-Bush Family)  "didn't just walk outta Nowhere!"How is it that, in the 1990's, The abhorrable John AshCAN's(croft), 20-some-odd-year-old nephews grew 60 plants and RECEIVED NO FEDERAL penalties!!!  KKKhristie Whipsmen's daughter was reported to have thrown Beer Cans from a moving vehicle when she was a governor for nj.--how harsh were the consequences? it got to the papers (OH NO!!! OH MY GOD!!! NOT the daily rags! how "harmfull" to that Supreme, White "Image of Civility" that is propagated by (at an odd guess, 79%) MOST "newsrooms/papers/on-line sites" and Television (Stock Market Commercial-Fun-Box.)  W's daughter just got busted for Underage drinking again---guess how steep the federal punishment (is it me, or does it seem all too fitting to dish out the Federal punishments to Federal employees and their families who threaten some Security to this nation)---NOTHING! No federal punishments are applicable here. Don't ask me why not, im just reading! Like that killer, Laura welch, would want me to be doing instead of, well- let's just say, hanging out with Woody Harrelson What I'm trying to say is that, there are a million reasons to NOT smoke some Herb/Grass/Pot/Marijuana--- but those are the ones that are Fabricated by some Failing Officer who once worked for D.A.R.E. or the office of Ondcp..or whatever the acronym is, there have been Liars who have even worked for the CIA, the FBI and the Secret Service. America is faaar from perfect.It always has been. What else would you expect a family of fleeing Nazis to create? Peace, Love and Happiness?That was some other "Cult."  
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Comment #4 posted by FoM on April 27, 2001 at 17:56:16 PT
Thanks DdC
I looked for a link to the Humboldt Brewing Company and I couldn't find it. Now I have it. Thanks!
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Comment #3 posted by DdC on April 27, 2001 at 17:15:09 PT
Oh Boy More Initials!
Talk about going from the ridiculous to the completely idiotic!Now to add to the other great blunders of FRCn Idiots... perpetuating their own budgets keeping up the war on some drugs, the ATF. Not enough blunder in Waco they now need some of the WoD gravy by implicating Hemp Beer. This I'm sure along with the 99% ditchweed eradications will go a long way in keeping the kids off crack and cheap heroin. But then without the unnecessary drug deaths they wouldn't have anything to support the stupid war. No one has ever overdosed from cannabis or gotten high from hemp. Klintoon even had this beer on Air Force One. But then we knew he was a hypocrite when he denied inhaling and sidestepped possession charges the same as the boy W and his CIA daddy. Now does this mean booze will finally be included in the war on drugs budget? Highly doubtful since afterall they sponsor FRC, DARE and PDFA to brainwash kids.I guess Hempstead Texas better watch out!DdCHempen Ale Home http://www.hempenale.comHumboldt Brewing Company Hemp Beer!
Why do you think they call it dope?
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Comment #2 posted by dreadfulgrape on April 27, 2001 at 16:49:07 PT:
Not so fast...
I hasten to remind the poster above that during the Bill Clinton adminitration more pot smokers were jailed than during any previous administration. Republicans don't have a monopoly on drug prohibition. If you think some Democrat's gonna come along and decriminalize, then I want some of what _you're_ smokin', bro...Support the Libertarian Party!
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Comment #1 posted by jAHn on April 27, 2001 at 10:53:55 PT
Last Time that I checked...
...The image of a Leaf (Hemp/Marijuana) isn't Prohibited! Hemp is Partially Legal, how can they....nevermind...Lord Shrub's Regime is "cleaning up America."  I CANNOT wait until all of these Republicans lose their heads, can't take it anymore, and blatantly come out recruiting new gestapos...  This country is SICK in its' HEAD!America is for the Tyrant...Don't YOU want YOUR face on their TV?   When is enough- ENOUGH?Or do America eat their young like chocolate from a Whitman Sampler?
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