Don't DARE 

Don't DARE 
Posted by FoM on February 26, 2001 at 09:25:56 PT
Source: Houston Chronicle
It seemed like a good idea: get the message early on to young people that illegal drugs are dangerous and that they should resist pressure from peers to try them. A simple slogan, "Just Say No," would help give them the resolve to shun mind-altering substances that could cause addiction and lead to a criminal record and a bitter future. On all accounts, the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program, which millions of American schoolchildren have been exposed to over the past two decades, should have been a success. 
It wasn't. For years naysayers have questioned how well the school-based DARE program really worked and, indeed, research study after study showed the program obtained poor long-term results. Earlier this month, a National Academy of Sciences study showed DARE did not affect children's drug use behavior or attitude about drugs, nor did it instill resistance to peer pressure or boost self-esteem. The program has lasted so long because there has been no political will to end it, because it got police to interact positively with children and because it felt good -- like the nation was doing something to fight rampant narcotics use by young people. But the failed tax-supported national drug-prevention program is not cheap. DARE has cost Houston taxpayers alone close to $4 million annually for salaries and benefits for the police officers who teach the program and for paraphernalia like bumper stickers, T-shirts and pencils emblazoned with anti-drug messages. Now, DARE leaders themselves are admitting that the program is ineffective. Program officials are launching a redesigned drug-prevention push that gets away from the overly simplistic just-say-no approach in favor of one that teaches young people how to make good decisions and avoid and diffuse violent behavior and situations. That's fine, but taxpayers ought to insist that the plug be pulled on DARE unless a show of success can be made. Note: Time to 'just say no' to expensive, ineffective DARE program. NewsHawk: Heyward D.Source: Houston Chronicle (TX)Published: February 23, 2001Copyright: 2001 Houston ChronicleAddress: Viewpoints Editor, P.O. Box 4260, Houston, Texas 77210-4260Fax: (713) 220-3575Contact: viewpoints chron.comWebsite: DARE Archives 
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Comment #4 posted by JOHN on June 26, 2001 at 21:11:59 PT:
The gov. only attacks your pot dealer because he cuts into their tax money, oh sorry, our tax money. Gas isn't cheap for jet, nor is it to drink champagne or call girls and a wife on the side. I mean its not like selling weed to us would ever benefit them, ha they tax it worse than cigarettes. But it would monopolize Asprin companys, alcohol companies, stomache medicine comp,PAIN KILLER comp, insain assylums, cigarettes comp, TEXTILES, Ozone ha,Prisons, sheriffs, fbi,Dea, eye doctors, Prozac, physcologists and many many more my friends. Face it marijuana is the best thing since the wheel, but our gov. is currently filled with assholes stuck in a 50's state of mind so until we make to 70 and run for office, You can LEAVE IT TO BEAVER
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Comment #3 posted by Dayna on April 05, 2001 at 22:15:20 PT:
Teaching children to stay away from ilegal drugs?Yes I see your piont.But do you think Tobaco should be ilegal, Alcohol. They have been the cause of more probloms then Pot.If you want to atack drug pushers atack the goverment.I am a heavy cigaret smoker I dont think I can quit.Whatched my father die from it.I would rather see someone smokeing pot..Some thing that is easyer to quit than a cigaret+Alcohol.. I would have rather seen my dad be a pot head than a Alcoholic cigaret smoker.At least he would have Lived past 52 years old,It would have hepled his glocoma.Why dont you educate people more about alchol and The real adictave drugs..Not ones that can acualy help peolpe.Its all about MONEY cant anyone see that...All these brian washed people...Growing hemp could save our reasorses, save eyes,save so much more.I dont smoke pot.But if someone has a adictave personality and is going to do a drug..I would say smoke some POT AND ChILL OUT.At least they would live longer rather than useing THE LEGLE DRUGS THAT ARE PUSHED AT EVERY CORNER.THESE ARE THE REAL KILLERS.Adictave personalities are every were. Suger(OBEASE PEOPLE}Diabeties,epedemic..Aloholics..Child abuse domestic violence.When my father was drunk and held a gun to my moms head, and I ran I front of her.I GARENTEE HE WOULDENT HAVE DONE THAT IF HE WAS STONED.And that go's out to all the sufering children.We couldent aford insurenc for his mentle probloms.And I beleave that is the case with most of this.MONEY...When I was a Kid I smoked it, when I ranaway from home so that I could get a little peace.It gave me a mentle break.With out that I think I would have been Insotionalised Like my sister was.And to this day on Litheum.She never ranaway and had a meantle break like I did.Now adays my break is haveing a drink acasionaly.I quess Its that or eat a big chocolet cake and sit on a fat****.liKe most of Americans.AND RISK OBeasity.I bet most of you people that are preaching are FAT.This world and the Atitude sickens me they all can not see the forest through the tree's.THERE WILL NOT BE ANY MORE TREES..Its all about MONEY. Why dont you spend some energy educateing people on all the Putoneum realesed into the atmasfear.I Know why the Goverment pays for this campain your all on.So that they can keep useing Cotton instead of hemp,People make so much MONEY..They dont want other people cutting into there action.WHo is the real baby killer Janet Reano..Or the Pot dealer down the street thats makeing people mellow.Or the Alcohol dealer at 7 eleven that inderecly killed 3 kids tonight.When the pot smoker stayed home and wached the nature chanle.He didnt beat up his wife that night and whiped his kids with a belt.Like the Drunk did.I know you all get paied and goverment sponserd for this lame **** so keap makeing your money and bumbing down the people of this country. Thanks I'M just a house wife.I know what Im going to teach my kid. I LITTLE COMEN SENCE AFTER I get some help with my dislexea...Have a nice life and stay dumb.The goverment likes you that way.It keeps there pocket books fat.And yours too..Have a nice fat happy day dont fortget to take your prosak.They like you on that,they have a life time DRUG ATICK..
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Comment #2 posted by SuperStoner on February 27, 2001 at 07:18:58 PT:
Right on man
I hear ya. Of course people can say "Smoking cigettes kills" but smokeing weed can attubite to it also. But of course anti-drug people dont know about the other methods of useing cannabis such as cooking with it or vaporizing it far less harmful but due to the cost of weed and the penalties that is carries with it most people preffer to smoke it. Im sure if i could go buy an once of herb (hypotheictly if it was leagal) i know i wouldnt be smoking it cause, yes it does have harmful chemicals in the paper and the carbon you inhale when it is burned also clogs your lungs. If it was made legal as beer was to a certin age i personaly would be more than happy to wait till i was 21 it be better if it was legal for 18 since im 18 now. but any way right on man .... listen to kottonmouth kings and corporate avenger they carry the message of education over leaglization but we all know leaglization would solve alot of our problems at this time.
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Comment #1 posted by dude124 on February 27, 2001 at 04:43:37 PT:
replay to dare..
WEll i am a 16 year old high school student who went through dare in 6 & 7th grade and all u dare people are working for the goverment and would say anything to have kids not do drugs. I agree with the fact u shouldn't boot up with needles and put crap up your noise but cannabis is all different then that if anything it is more help then it does damage. It is a anti-depressant in my studies and seems it is better then drinking and smoking ciggs. Cause drinking is a depressant and smoking cloges you lungs extreamly fast and will kill ya after a while. And for all you people who are looking and laughting at smoking kills ya i just lost my really missed grandmother to it.(r.i.p.) But anyhow if anything CANNABIS should be legal!!! But u don't get hocked on it so the goverment won't legalize it. American proud and free..(!!ta right thats a joke!!)
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