Extollers of Hemp in Second Month on Ukiah Corner

  Extollers of Hemp in Second Month on Ukiah Corner

Posted by FoM on February 09, 2001 at 19:41:46 PT
By Mark Hedges, The Daily Journal 
Source: Ukiah Daily Journal  

Over two months ago, East Coast poet Will Anderson, pen name "Patrick Henry," walked into Ukiah to pause for a moment and rest before he continued his North American quest to visit as many national forests as possible and lobby everyday people to wake up and smell the possibilities inherent in the hemp plant.At the time, Anderson planned to continue on up the coast and head up the Pacific Crest Trail to Oregon, accompanied only by his dog, "Tao." 
He did mention, however, that he figured he "might have a tough time leaving Mendocino County." Wouldn't you know it, Patrick Henry has been standing on a Ukiah corner somewhere or another pretty much every day since then, and, whether it be anger or jubilation or laughter evoked, he's gotten the town's attention.It's not your typical homeless-person-holding-a-sign situation. Instead of "Will Work For Food" or other classic implorations, Henry's signs are more for the people reading them. Instead of asking for change (the silver kind) he asks that people change their minds."Hemp is the mother of all herbs," said Henry in a recent interview. "It's the best universal medicine, it's the most nutritious food. Buddha lived off of one hemp seed a day."Not only did Henry remain in town, he found a co-patriot with as much chutzpa as himself. Believe it or not, the guy's name is Ukiah - yes, Ukiah."My original name was Ronald, but that didn't quite suit me," said Ukiah. You've heard of the old election promise "a chicken in every pot." Well these fellows want pot on every porch."We have to go to hemp right away," said Henry. "We all need to be hemp growers."Henry is no dunce, having been voted "Poet of the Year" by the International Society of Poets in Owen's Mills, Maryland, for his poem "Nature's Mirror." His theories about hemp are not just pipe dreams. Though many would disagree or frown, much of what he cites is factually based.Henry's message is founded on the adoration of nature and the reality that hemp is an extremely fast-growing resource that can be used as a substitute for many wood products (in forms such as "hemp fiber board") and also for a variety of other uses, including oils, cleaner-burning fuels, textiles and foods, to name a few. All of these uses - and this from a plant that grows into a fully mature crop in three months, as contrasted with the growth rate of trees which is, verifiably, not rapid."George Washington had written in his diaries about growing sensimilla," said Henry. "I'm trying to bring to light the truth. Henry Ford built a car that ran on hemp. Hemp is as American as apple pie."It's not too surprising that Henry and Ukiah would want to linger in a county that voted by 58 percent to decriminalize personal use of marijuana in the recent Measure G ballot initiative.Some people give them the evil eye, but Henry and Ukiah hold up their signs to get people to think. "Some people find our messages shocking," said Ukiah, "but it brings attention to the issue.""For the most part, everybody's pretty happy," said Henry. "You only get a couple people who are programmed, insecure. There's a few people out there who are disconnected for love."The worst reactions occurred with signs that included the name of Jesus, which many religious citizens found offensive. "We kind of had to get away from that," said Henry.Nevertheless, the dynamic duo's morale seems to be quite healthy."I'm so glad the war on hemp is over," Henry added. Source: Ukiah Daily Journal (CA)Author: Mark Hedges, The Daily JournalPublished: February 9, 2001Copyright: 2001, Ukiah Daily JournalAddress: 590 S. School St. Ukiah, CA 95482Fax: (707) 468-5780Contact: udj saber.netWebsite: Hemp Archives from Above Article

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Comment #5 posted by freedom fighter on February 10, 2001 at 14:48:26 PT
here's another one exactly Hemp oriented but an interesting information on how to "bioize" your disel vechiles. \/
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Comment #4 posted by jAHn on February 10, 2001 at 12:34:54 PT
Has anyone looked at this yet?
http://www.hempcar.orgI LOVE CANNABIS/HEMP!!! DEA needs to leave Creative People ALONE!!!
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Comment #3 posted by FoM on February 10, 2001 at 08:35:01 PT

Hi Dan!
That's great! Why I bothered to put this picture in the article is because I just love it! Do these guys look like criminals? Of course not. They look like the kind of people I would love to have to my home for dinner!
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Comment #2 posted by Dan B on February 10, 2001 at 07:44:09 PT:

These guys sound great.
I hope I get an interview from Mendocino College un Ukiah (I'm finishing the paperwork to apply this weekend). If I do, I'll be sure to visit these guys (if I see them) and let them know they have my support. One thing: the International Society of Poets has extremely low standards for its poetry, being mainly a marketing scheme in which they get people to send in poetry, accept the vast majority of it for publication, then try to sell all those people books with their poems in them (and many other items) at a cost of more than $50 apiece (I know; many years ago, I had several really bad poems accepted by them, and I bought one of their books. I keep the book as a reminder not to send away to contests not associated with some established literary journal or university press). Being named "Poet of the Year" by these folks is like being named "Grand Guru of Cannabis Medicine" by NIDA--dubious, at best.Still, I appreciate what Patrick Henry and Ukiah are doing, and I respect their commitment. I wish them continued luck. It's people like them who have made Mendocino County a much easier place to live . . . for everyone.Dan B
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Comment #1 posted by sm247 on February 10, 2001 at 03:19:39 PT

God save the hemp !!
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