Politically Incorrect Partial Transcripts

Politically Incorrect Partial Transcripts
Posted by FoM on November 21, 2000 at 09:50:00 PT
Transcript's from November 17, 2000 Program
Source: Politically Incorrect
Bill: Okay.You mentioned the will of the people, Bush's mantra when he says --Billy: "Trust the people"! Bill: Trust the people.Okay.Speaking of the people, we had a proposition out here which I mentioned --I punched the ballot hard on this one.Prop 36, which said we should take people who are being currently thrown into jail for first and second nonviolent drug offenses and give them treatment instead of a lesson in love.
Okay.[ Applause ]It passed by 61%.That's a lot of people.And I've asked this question before --how come politicians when they say, "the people, I trust the wisdom of the people," except when they vote for something like this? And suddenly the people, I guess, are wrong.Suddenly the people are not so wise.Suddenly we don't trust the people.Billy: Because there's a weird phenomenon.And I think all the energy of the country should be put into finding who sells marijuana to politicians.[ Laughter ]And put him in jail.Because every one of them interviewed says, "Oh, I've tried it." And nothing happens.[ Laughter ]There's somebody selling parsley to the people on the hill.Betsy: Bad pot.Billy: That's why it's so difficult to get a decision in these things.Everybody knows marijuana's --Bill: If they were smart enough to just to inhale.Billy: Yeah.Bill: Remember he said, "I didn't inhale." And that was the problem.He didn't inhale.Billy: Yeah, he was frightened to turn into salad or something.Bill: Right.Even the best stuff, you gotta inhale.I mean, you can't expect miracles.Billy: Even other people's exhales.Inhale them, too.John: Well, Bill, I held some of the first hearings in Congress on decriminalization, probably the first.And I think that the proposition here was well-intended, but a little bit misguided.And what I think will happen here is that what we've seen where they've had other liberal approaches to drug offenders.\E And Baltimore, for example, has had one of the most liberal policies.In fact, they don't even enforce some of the drug laws.We've grown from a few thousand to nearly 80,000 drug addicts in Baltimore, Maryland.I held hearings all around the country, came out here and looking for solutions.And it is a serious problem.But the more you liberalize --Bill: Are you really suggesting people can't get drugs now? John: No, I'm telling you, they can.47% of the people have tried marijuana, kids --Bill: You know who supported prop 36, Congressman? The U.S. conference of bishops.That is not exactly the motley crue tour bus.[ Laughter ][ Applause ]John: They have some misguided compassion.And I think they'll see it.You don't have elements in this.You need testing in this.You've taken away discretion from judges in this.And that's exactly the opposite direction we should go in.Carrie: So you believe that drug addicts should go to prison? John: Well, I think that that should be held over their head.And, one of the problems you have --Bill: But, this is just --John: --Even with treatment programs --Bill: Wait.Carrie: I am a drug addict, so I would be --former.I'm a recovering drug addict.And so I would be in prison.John: Then you --no, not necessarily.But you need something to hold --and you may be the exception.But, I'm telling you, most of --Carrie: Sure am! Yeah! I was gonna say, yeah.Billy: As an exception --Carrie: Yeah.John: Oh, there's another exception over there.Carrie: I'm an exceptional drug addict.[ Laughter ]John: Betsy.Help, Betsy.Help.[ Applause ]Betsy: It seems to me that the problem with this is it does take the gavel out of the judge's hands.Just as mandatory sentencing, which I oppose very much.You've got these mandatory sentences because somebody had a small amount of cocaine or they just went over a very certain limit.And all of a sudden they have to be put in a federal prison.I think that's terrible.By the same token, I think to say you cannot say a prison term is also just as problematic.Carrie: You think that'll stop people from doing dope? Betsy: No, not necessarily.And, in fact, I have been a critic of the war on drugs.I think that we've had some real problems with how we've gone about that.And that's created some problems in our prison system.But to say that just because you're a nonviolent drug offender means there's not a problem I think is wrong.Look at what Giuliani did in New York when we was going after the fare jumpers in the subway.People said, "Oh, what are you wasting your time on the fare jumpers for? They're not the problem.The criminals are the problem." What they found out is that the fare jumpers were, in fact, the criminals.And I think that's something of what goes on in the drug culture.And you have to have allow some discretion for judges to face those problems.That's all.Billy: The people who take drugs in this country aren't jumping fares and messing about.It's people who sit in the veranda in the evening in South Carolina having a little blow --I've done it with my friends --[ Laughter ]Betsy: If that was the problem --Billy: --Playing some good records.Having a lovely time with a glass of wine with people you like.And the sooner you realize that, the better.It's an essential part of your culture.John: A glass of wine is legal.The cocaine and marijuana --Billy: --get used to it! John: It may have been legal in those days, but not today.Bill: But that's what we're arguing.We're arguing whether it should be.John: But the problem is that she's right --the zero tolerance does work.Giuliani --most of your crime --Billy: No, it --John: 70% of your crimes in this country are drug-related.Bill: Zero tolerance is an excuse for not thinking.Betsy: It is not.It isn't.Billy: Of course! John: In New York it's reduced the murders --[ Applause ]Don't applaud yet.It reduced the murders from 2,000 a year when he came in, to around 650.Bill: The good economy --John: 58% reduction.No, that's bull.58% reduction in the seven major crimes in New York City.Billy: Wash out your mouth.John: I said it.Bill: Okay.I have to take another commercial.Carrie: That's one of the cleaner words we've had on this show.Bill: We'll be right back.[ Applause ][ Applause ]Bill: All right.I got two minutes.I know you really wanted to say something else about drugs.Say what you said to me in the break.Go ahead.Carrie: I take --I do.I take legal drugs in an illegal way.I take painkillers in very high quantity.Do I go to jail for that? John: No.We're gonna let you stay out.Carrie: Oh, you're so sweet.Bill: But, I mean, America is that.The biggest joke in the world is this partnership for a drug-free America.Can you imagine America without drugs? Without their coffee, without their amphetamines, their diet pills, their Scotch, their prozac, their valium? This country is floating in drugs.[ Talking over one other ]Betsy: --All except the coffee.[ Applause ]John: Everything mentioned was legal.Bill: I know.And the fact that some of them wind up on the legal divide and some of them don't is completely arbitrary.And where's the zero tolerance for the injustice of the people who happen to wind up on the wrong side of the line for no good reason? John: Bill, we have a controlling, legal authority.That's the law.[ Laughter ]Bill: You love that phrase.[ Talking over one other ]Carrie: You've got a little piece of paper for that one, too? John: I've got a piece of paper for that one, too.Billy: Don't you find it absurd that you spend all this energy trying to keep a thing off the street that you can't keep out of prison? John: It is a problem.It is a problem.[ Applause ]That's how bad the problem is.Billy: Yeah.Bill: Well, okay.And why is there the problem? Because they have a drug war.It's the wrong metaphor.It's not a war.We have a general fighting --John: We've haven't had a war on drugs since the Clinton/gore administration took office.They destroyed any --[ Talking over one other ]Billy: It was Chad! John: We'll spend a whole program on that.Bill: Okay.Carrie: I don't think drugs is a political issue so much as a personal one.Bill: A medical one.Carrie: Yes.John: Well, when you close down all of the programs to stop drugs coming into our shores, then our streets are flooded.What choice do our kids have? And that's the first thing they did.Then you hire Jocelyn Elders, who says "Just say maybe." You have a president that says, "If I had to do it all over again, I'd inhale." What does that tell our kids? And here we are.[ Talking over one other ][ Applause ]Bill: I can't.You're right.We'll have to do another show.We gotta take a break.We'll be back.Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher Show Date: November 17, 2000 Guests on this program were:  Billy ConnollyRep. John MicaBetsy HartCarrie Go Networkę2000 Follow Up Productions, Inc.Website: 
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Comment #6 posted by Darin on July 04, 2001 at 11:26:22 PT:
 Happy 4th of July, our country's 225th birthday, the day we celebrate our "freedom" the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happieness. For 34 years this has been my favorite holiday, I have believed in the, "bill of rights," that I and every other American lived free in this country, and that it was this freedom that made our country so great. The new milliuim brought a new understanding that we are not free, that our life, liberty, and pursuit of happieness is now dictated by the goverment. This war on Americans who choose to use drugs that the goverment has deemed illicit, especially cannabis, is wrong. This is so wrong I consider the law to be anti-constitutional, without the use of due process the goverment decided to take away the freedom of americans to choose thier own lifestyle. When personal choice is dictated by a govermental body it is no longer a free country, therefore this law is anti-constitutional.  Recentally I have had a personal experience regarding my own personal freedom and the law. I am a working American that since the age of 17 has chosen to smoke cannabis. For 17 years I managed to avoid being caught with it and with the exception of cannabis I am a law abiding citizen. I have never considered myself a criminal and even though the state of, Texas, does I still do not. My parents, wife, relatives, friends, and past six empolyers, have all been aware of my cannabis habit and not one of them thinks that it is a problem. All of them thinks the law should be changed and that it is not doing the country any good. This law concerning cannabis is actually destroying the very thing that made it great... FREEDOM. O.K. to make this a little quicker, I talked to two lawyers about pursueing my case as a Constitutional one, both lawyers told me that it would take, $200,000, the second one agreed to look into that route untill he became the lawyer of record. So for a, $1000, I was talked into selling myself out. Talk about feeling like a slime ball, I have never felt worse. There is a gag order for Americans in defending thier use of cannabis. It is the lawyers, has long as these laws exist, for about a total of 4 hours worth of work a lawyer can make, $1000- $2500, off of selling people out with plea bargins. Bill, I have a birthday wish that you could help me uot with. When it comes to this issue I am undefeated, not one person has been able to explain or defend the goverments position. The last week of June on your show I was the type of American discussed, middle class toker. My wish is to come on your show and face three of the toughfest drug war advocants. Barry McCaffery would be ideal, but whoever they are by the end of your show I will have them seeking the shelter of press releases, there simply is no justification, more than likely they will not even be aware of the history of this law. One chance is all that I asked, I can assure that it will be infomative and entertaining. My birthday is July 5, that is why I am so damn Independant. Just a hint at a well known statement that I can prove is false is; 1 marijuanna cig. is equal to 5-20 ciggs. The laws against cannabis were establised on lies and is still supported by lies. In closing, I thank you for your time, and look foward to a response. My e-mail address is joetoker , my cell # is, 713-899-4149. I wish you a happy 4th, and I'll take a toke for you.      Peace,      Darin      a.k.a. Joe Toker 
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Comment #5 posted by kaptinemo on November 22, 2000 at 17:51:28 PT:
Well, that's a new one
A Rott. Well. I've known a few, and they are much better than the media-fomented hysteria about them would lead you to believe. I knew one that had befriended a local cat in the neighborhood. The cat was extraordinarily friendly and bold to begin with; it just begun rubbing against the dogs' legs and purred. The dog was fully grown, about 150lbs, and could have eaten the cat in 3 bites. But it just sniffed the cat, and then commenced to lick its face with a tongue as wide as the cat's head. I wished I'd had a camera, back then.If handled gently but firmly when young, Rotts make outstanding pets. They can be every bit as gentle and loving as any smaller dog. (There's few things more amusing that watching a half-grown pup trying to sit in it's owner's lap, or roll on it's back for a tummy rub.)And only a suicidal fool would threaten what they hold dear.Just remember, they were the original Roman war-dogs, and need firm treatment; despite their normally placid dispositions, they aren't that far from their bloody-minded ancestors when they feel their loved ones unduly threatened.Qualities which I find admirable. So, I certainly take no offence.
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Comment #4 posted by FoM on November 22, 2000 at 10:47:00 PT
Hi Kaptinemo
Hi kapt,It really was a good show. You should have seen Carrie Fishers face when she said a few of her remarks. If looks could kill Mica would have been zapped for sure!I wanted to mention that we got a new Rott puppy Sunday night and we named him Kaptin. We thought of a few different names and when Stick said Captain I said that's great as long as we spell it Kaptin and he said fine. I hope you don't mind me naming my dog after you.Our 14 month old Rott died from a heart attack on Saturday night and we were so upset we went out and bought a new pup the next day. This is our first male Rott. He is really going to be big. Our female weighed about 100 pounds but he is going to probably be more like 150 or more. I only weigh 100 pounds and I'm glad this new puppy is mellow. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!Peace, FoM!
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Comment #3 posted by kaptinemo on November 22, 2000 at 10:20:44 PT:
Hear, hear!
I second Frank's motion. If we could just get the leaders of the two sides together and debate this issue out in the open, on national TV, the antis would not only get a black eye, they'd be rhetorically flayed alive. They could make all the excuses they want, and whine about 'liberal bias in the media', but the truth would be so self evident even some of the antis supporters might have second thoughts when the antis make the kind of tyrannically-minded Freudian slips Mica did in this program: Carrie: I take --I do.I take legal drugs in an illegal way.I take painkillers in very high quantity.Do I go to jail for that? John: No.We're gonna let you stay out.Carrie: Oh, you're so sweet.I didn't see this program, but the transcript shows very clearly the raw, naked, unalloyed mindset of the hard-corps anti. A mindset more appropriate to Mao's China, or Stalinist Russia, or Hitler's Germany than to the Good Ol' US of A. If a sufficient number of antis were 'outed' for their attitudes on national TV, it would go a long way towards showing the sheeple that no one is safe from these twerps.
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Comment #2 posted by Frank S. World on November 21, 2000 at 15:37:29 PT
Bring back Mica for Round 2!
I saw this show and it was too short for a true discussion to occur. I remember Mica saying he wanted to come back and do a whole show on it. Bill Maher should do it one better. Have a special one hour PI and have some of the eloquent voices of our side on, like Eric Sterling, Kevin Zeese or Ethan Nadleman along with Mica and another prohibitionist. If Mica is willing to talk about the WoD, then Maher should oblige him with a Battle Royale. We know who will win.
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Comment #1 posted by Robbie on November 21, 2000 at 11:01:22 PT:
Partisan mess
Firstly: I don't agree with Bill Maher all that much, but I give large scale kudos to the man for his zeal in discussing the Drug War, and for opening up the option for people to speak their mind no matter what comes. I wish he would expand his format to at least one hour. Maybe a "Politically Incorrect Town Meeting."Secondly: this John Mica...Betsy Hart... If you're a partisan, you're my enemy. If you are a true Democrat or a true Republican, your party is supporting this ungodly and un-American controlling of our own people. Repubs are the most hypocritical though...they hate big government and government intrusion into a "freedom-loving American's" rights of privacy and individuality, until, of course, they determine that they are the moral center of the populace and you'd better tow their line. The Dems too: they throw money at it, money at it, money at it, and then they say they're not spending enough. Why not spend 2/3 the drug war budget on education and prevention instead of the reverse?Partisanship is no option in the discussion of drugs. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and blanket favor or denial depending on which side you're on won't help anything.
Ramble on!
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