Meth Sentencing Passes!

Meth Sentencing Passes!
Posted by FoM on March 06, 1999 at 08:57:38 PT

A major piece of Gov. Dirk Kempthorne's assault on methamphetamine has won unanimous approval from the state Senate.
Mandatory minimum sentences for manufacture or attempted manufacture were forwarded to the House on Thursday. Prospects for final passage were improved after the governor and House Judiciary Chairman Celia Gould reached an accommodation.A longtime opponent of mandatory minimum prison terms, Gould agreed earlier in the week to support the proposal in return for Kempthorne's assurances he will consider programs dealing with the underlying problem -- demand for the substance.Prevention and treatment would be at the top of the list.Gould's Senate counterpart, Judiciary Chairman Denton Darrington of Declo, told his colleagues the mushrooming incidence of methamphetamine manufacture and use demanded that those providing the drug be targeted.``If they're sitting in prison, they are not cooking meth,'' Darrington said.He pointed out that only three methamphetamine arrests were made in 1993 while 108 were made last year.The bill giving prosecutors more flexibility in fighting the drug creates new crimes for manufacturing or trying to manufacture and then slaps those convicted with mandatory sentences of five or two years, respectively.
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Comment #1 posted by f *** you nosy on June 09, 2000 at 21:46:59 PT
I just wanted to let it be known that this country was built on what WE, THE PEOPLE, wanted and deserved and traveled so far and painfully, sometimes deadly to some, from our homelands to America was the fact that this country was built on FREEDOM, DID YOU HEAR THAT, FREEDOM!!!!AMERICA, WAKE UP!!!!!!! Their passing bills very quitely without letting the people know about it. Just think for just a second, HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE EVEN HEARD ABOUT THE NEWS ON THE MAJOR CHANGE ON DIFFERENT SENTENCING ON METHAMPHETAMINE COOK'S. THE PENALTY IS TOO STIFF NOW. ANYWAYS, BEFORE THIS COMMENTARY, HOW MANY PEOPLE KNEW ABOUT THIS BILL OR WHEN IT PASSED?????? THERE ARE OTHER BILLS BEING THOUGHT ABOUT IN THE SENATE AND THEY ARE, QUIET, SO WE, THE PEOPLE, need to stand up for what our forefathers did for us to be able to be free!!!!!!! I mean i am not trying to condone Meth, but that's just one bill they passed, the other is to ban anyone to make a web about meth,etc. will be arrested and it will be a FELONY. Now, what does that sound??????? For a moment, just forget we are talking about drugs, lets say, guns(MY MY
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