Gore Reaches Out for Youth Vote on MTV

  Gore Reaches Out for Youth Vote on MTV

Posted by FoM on September 26, 2000 at 19:41:31 PT
By John F. Harris and Dana Milbank 
Source: Washington Post 

MTV, the rock music network which broke ground on Bill Clinton's preference in underwear and his youthful marijuana smoking, returned to presidential politics today to grill Vice President Gore on his lectures against violence and obscenity in the entertainment industry. Gore, meeting in a "town hall" format on the University of Michigan campus here, reassured skeptical young questioners – including a self-professed fan of Detroit gangsta rapper Eminem, whose vulgar and sexist lyrics have made him the scourge of many cultural critics – that "I really don't believe in censorship."
But, defending his highly publicized sermons against indecency in the entertainment industry, added that he was opposed "to racism, and homophobia and indecency."The program, which will air at 8 EDT tonight, included much of the informal banter that have been the signature of MTV's previous dabbling in politics, but for the most part avoided the kind of frivolous "boxers or briefs" inquiries made famous when Clinton appeared. Instead, the questioners – all but a handful revealed a plainly liberal slant to their questions – pressed Gore on why he does not support gay marriage or legalized marijuana for medical purposes, why he is superior to Green Party nominee Ralph Nader, and why the United States does not have universal health care.On the last point, he said he supports incremental reform but predicted that universal coverage would come "within this decade."The serious tone of the questions was not entirely an accident. MTV, which co-sponsored the session with Time magazine, gave audience members a stern warning before the show began that questioners were not to stray from the questions they had already been assigned to ask. Any demonstrators who disrupted the event, the warning added, would be edited out of the taped program. To avoid the possibility of an unscripted happening, an MTV worker came into the press room just before the event started and turned the sound off, preventing reporters from seeing or hearing Gore's entrance into the room.Still, there were light moments, such as when one questioner asked what he had in his CD player now. Answer: Sister Hazel. Another audience member gave him a CD by hip-hop artist Mos Def.Instead of boxers and briefs, Gore was asked a question designed to plumb his environmental activism: "paper or plastic." Gore said he has long wrestled with what grocery bags are more environmentally correct, indicating he eventually sided with paper more out of personal preference than solid scientific evidence.Later today, Gore was to hit this week's theme – his differences with Republican nominee George W. Bush over Medicare – before flying to Iowa this evening.Source: Washington Post (DC)Author: By John F. Harris and Dana MilbankWashington Post Staff WritersPublished: Tuesday, September 26, 2000Contact: letterstoed washpost.comAddress: 1150 15th Street NorthwestWashington, DC 20071© 2000 The Washington Post Company Website: Related Articles:What Al Gore Must Do to Win Gore On Drugs - MoJo Wire Give Prisoners Drug Tests 

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Comment #14 posted by Lehder on September 30, 2000 at 04:58:19 PT
that's Investor's Business Daily,
not Individual Investor.
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Comment #13 posted by Lehder on September 28, 2000 at 10:44:56 PT
Here are a few quotes 
from an article "What Pundits Miss: Government Went Negative Before Campaign Ads Did" in yesterday's Individual Investor:"Government is more than elected representatives serving milk and cookies to grateful citizens. Politics is about the exercise of power over other citizens. Why be so concerned about negative ads when the penalties, prohibitions and prison sentences that government inflicts went negative long ago?""Since 1993, federal agencies have issued more than 25,000 new regulations, criminalizing everything from reliable toilets to snuff advertisements on race cars.The threat of government punishment increasingly permeates everyday life. Since 1973, the number of people confined in American prisons has increased by mre than 500%. Law enforcement agencies arrested morre than 15 million Americans in 1996 according to the FBI. That is almost 6% of the population. "The rest of the article is good too. And it's a pretty good radical paper, not like WSJ. 
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Comment #12 posted by Lehder on September 28, 2000 at 10:19:07 PT
Browne could win.
Yes. Browne could win. But only if he could participate in the debates. Bush and Gore are both just dumb. If you don't believe me that Gore is just dumb, then read 3 pages of his "book" on the environment. He's dumb. They're nothing but big shots. Neither of these guys would stand for long in a debate against an intelligent and thoughtful guy like Browne. Browne would say things that many Americans think but are afraid to say. GoreBush would be chanting "drugs are bad, drugs are bad" and Browne would have all the arguments we see on these pages vocalized on television. People would see what the drug war ideology was - a closed system of "certainties" that are not open to discusssion, that cannot bear exposure to facts and that have no basis in reality - and would understand that they are not criminals to oppose it. Too bad about that 10% rule. But if we could make enough noise and raise public awareness some, enough to at least get Browne on the evening news a few times, then GoreBush would be forced to accept the challenge of a debate. Then it would be a three-way race. For the record: Browne and the Libertarians stand for a lot more than ending the drug wars. They espouse the radical policies of Social Tolerance and Fiscal Responsibility.
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Comment #11 posted by Dan B on September 27, 2000 at 20:11:57 PT:
My 2 cents
For the record, I, too, am voting third party, either Libertarian or Green. Here's something to consider: if any of your friends use cannabis or sympathize with those who do and are thinking of voting Republocrat because they think nobody else is voting third party so they won't have a chance, print out these comments or send them the URL and show them that people will vote third party. All some of these people need is someone to show then that they are not aone.If third party candidates are able to garner even ten percent of the popular vote--perhaps even five percent--we will send a clear message not only to the next president and Congress, but also to the rest of the Americans who think voting for a third party is a no-win alternative, that third parties must be heard, must be respected, and can win elections. But we have to vote (and get others to vote) to achieve this goal...
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Comment #10 posted by max on September 27, 2000 at 18:17:21 PT:
too late this year
IT's really to late this year. BUsh or Gore it isn't really gonna matter. THe best thing to do is to send a message loud and clear and vote third party!!!!! The real hope this year lay in Alaska!
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Comment #9 posted by freedom fighter on September 27, 2000 at 17:30:36 PT
Bore and Gush
have excellent chance of becoming a dicator. IMHO, either one of them will try this. I have never vote before and this year I am going to get my "arse" up and do it! Recently, I, as a 40 yr old man asked a 50 year old man to go out and vote for Harry Browne. He said that he thinks that 60 year old folks are doing the voting. That really piss me off.Nver have vote before and I am gonna vote only two things,LibertiansCannabis! 
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Comment #8 posted by anti-anti on September 27, 2000 at 10:36:12 PT
Gore contradicts himself
'I don't believe in cencorship.' Then, 'I'm opposed to...indecency.'With true freedom there must be tolerance of ALL beliefs, no matter how indecent or irreverent. I just joined the minutemen for Harry Browne. I write LTE's to all media types so that they might open the debates.
See which presidential candidate shares your views
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Comment #7 posted by FoM on September 27, 2000 at 08:49:06 PT

Dumb Dumb Dumb!

Me too! I had a little hope that Gore would "do the right thing" but no so that's that. I can't comprehend Bush as president which very well could happen if we vote for Nader or Browne but enough is enough so I too will vote for one of them. If Gore feels like that about medical marijuana then he is as bad as Bush in my mind.
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Comment #6 posted by Frank S. World on September 27, 2000 at 07:51:35 PT

Gore gets more extreme each day

Last December, Gore said medical marijuana should be up to the doctors. Now he lies and says it has no medical value. Yet he says bean counters shouldn't be making medical decisions.What a slimy dishonest hypocrital bean counter!I too will be voting third party this November, either Browne or Nader.
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Comment #5 posted by bcg on September 27, 2000 at 07:39:51 PT:

Libertarian - Repub

Rainbow, I have to disagree. I think Gore and his Federalist plans are more Orwell than Orwell. I think he would be the bigger disaster. Anyway, I am voting Libertarian because I think that Nader will pull enough left-wing votes from Gore to keep him from getting elected. So I suppose I fall into the Republican voting for Browne category (although I am voting straight party Libertrian so I am hardly a Republican)
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Comment #4 posted by anti-anti on September 27, 2000 at 05:28:01 PT:

Harry Browne for President

I'm voting Libertarian for a return to honesty and freedom. Down with scripted and choreographed creeping fascism.
Harry's website
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Comment #3 posted by EdC on September 27, 2000 at 02:24:04 PT:

Gore reaches out

I'm voting Libertarian. I think Gore and Bush are both disasters. As for the new would order that they both espouse, bullshit.
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Comment #2 posted by Rainbow on September 26, 2000 at 21:39:18 PT

Help me vote libertarian and not see schrubette

It is really big of him to beto racism, and homophobia and indecencyIf he is then why does he condone SWAT teams killing people? Why does he condone 2 million people in prison.This guy is a hypocrit, but the world will be in a much worse position if the village idiot chrub gets elected. His daddy and friends run him. friends that we don't know about yet, friends that are part of the "New World Order"I am fearful that a vote for Nader or Browne will increase the chances for shrub.I know that is no reason to not vote libertarian but WOW busheit would be a disastor.I agree Gore is a disaster but not as big a one.Please help are there republicans that will be voting libertarian too so the balance is there?Rainbow
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Comment #1 posted by military officer guy on September 26, 2000 at 21:30:41 PT

how amazing...

that's so hard to believe, can't wait to see this scripted town hall meeting...let's go ask the vice pres all the questions he wants to answer...what a freaking joke...please everyone vote libertarian in nov 00...let's really send a message to the people in washington, that our votes really do count...if you weren't planning on voting, please register and vote for harry brown, we all could use your vote...we can win this war, a big step in winning it would be to vote for a third party pres candidate...
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