Ohio U. Adm. Needs to Make Code of Conduct Clear

Ohio U. Adm. Needs to Make Code of Conduct Clear
Posted by FoM on June 01, 2000 at 07:04:06 PT
Staff Editorial, The Post, Ohio U.
Source: U-WIRE
Students caught with drug paraphernalia might have more to deal with than just the court system - they could have to find a new university to call home. The Ohio University Review and Standards committee, made up of students, faculty and administration, recommended making the possession of beer bongs and drug paraphernalia a violation of the OU Student Code of Conduct. 
The addition of drug paraphernalia into section A-15 of the code of conduct would read: "Drug paraphernalia is defined as any device commonly used to dispense an illegal drug or narcotic or to abuse a legal drug (e.g. alcohol). Such devices include, but are not limited to, pipes, water bongs, and beer bongs." Although it is good that the university is trying to crackdown on such things as drug paraphernalia, the committee needs to look at the gray areas of situations where students could be caught with rolling paper or with a pipe. Some people roll their own cigarettes with paper or smoke tobacco in a pipe. So, according to the committee, these students would be violating the code of conduct because tobacco paper and pipes can be used to smoke illegal drugs. It also would be beneficial for the university to educate students on not only what drug paraphernalia is but on the Student Code of Conduct as a whole. Passing out a handbook is not an efficient way to educate students about their rights. Many students do not even read their textbooks, let alone read the handbook that is given to them when they first enter the university. Yes, students should be responsible for knowing the code of conduct. But the reality is that many probably do not know they were given the handbook and if they are aware, they probably lost it. The university should make sure students know the code of conduct through classes, residence hall programs or by some other means that would include all students at the beginning of their education at OU. These kinds of programs would be beneficial so students will not be surprised if they are caught violating the code. It also would help students who do have to go through the judiciary system so the process does not seem so overwhelming or intimidating. Although it is a good idea for the university to take steps against illegal behavior such as the abuse of drugs, the administration needs to realize that the rules must be clearly spelled out and taught to students. This will avoid unnecessary lawsuits like OU freshman Nathan Ray, and loss of university money on these lawsuits that accomplish nothing. Posted: May 31, 2000(U-WIRE) Athens, Ohio (C) 2000 The Post via U-WIRE  Copyright  2000 At Home CorporationCannabisNews Articles & Archives On Drug Paraphernalia:
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Comment #2 posted by FoM on June 02, 2000 at 10:16:27 PT
Hi CS!!!
Hi CongressmanSuet,You should see the bowl I got from Jack Herer. It is engraved with his name on the bottom too! A friend went to the Santa Cruz Hempfest and got me an autographed copy from Jack of The Emperor Wears No Clothes - The 11th Edition and GRASS. He really wrote nice things too. His wife gets her news from CannabisNews and fills Jack in! Cool!Peace, FoM!Thousands Expected at SC Hemp Expo Of HempFest Emperor Of Hemp
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Comment #1 posted by CongressmanSuet on June 01, 2000 at 20:42:52 PT:
Okay, lets get tough, yaada, yadda, yaada,....
But I cant help but post when a nice, chamber pipe is used as a category. I love it almost as much as the donut is used to describe cop news., but in a different way. Will there be a time when you will be able to post "Roach Bust News"? I hope not....
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