The Millenium Marijuana March, Oslo 2000 

The Millenium Marijuana March, Oslo 2000 
Posted by FoM on May 14, 2000 at 12:08:43 PT
Reported by FreddyFreak
Source: FreddyFreak
The 6th of May ran up with hot and clear sun over Oslo City. At 3 pm the crowd started getting together at the city's council house and already then the smoke started to gently vipe out some of the clear view of the more than 3000 participating peoples faces.
There were people generally from Oslo and the area around our town, but a lot of visiting smokers from other parts of Norway too. Some stoners from Sweden (the marijuana law is so rigid there that they did not have their own arrangement), a few from Denmark and some Americans who are students at the Oslo University. And, of course, Mr. Henriksen, the one American who got human asylum in Norway due to the bad standards in American jails (!) showed up. . He was caught for smuggling 50 tons of hashish/marijuana from Mexico into the USA, was wanted by Interpol for a while and finally caught here in Norway a few years ago.NORML's charismatic spokesman, Thomas Heiersted, spoke to the crowd with a lot of humor in his very guts-giving apell for the day. Already at that time the cops started to pick out some of us for "control" but nobody was arrested, yet. At 3.30 pm the "potwalk" started with great joy and clear happiness true the streets of Oslo city, and the cops continued their control of "suspected" people. There was at that time around 2800 stoners and other attracted walkers. (I roughly counted them/us myself). After 30 minutes we arrived the park of the royal castle, Slottsparken, where around 2000 of us stayed and sat down on the green grass to light our fires. The police was around us all the time, but did not act in anyway here, for a while. Then, suddenly, they grabbed a 17-year-old boy as he, overwhelmed of the peace and understanding attitude that still ruled the session, openly was rolling himself a joint in front of them. That started the bad things to take place in Oslo that beautiful, sunny day. Two police officers stepped in to the arena, grabbed the young one and putted him in to the back of a police car. Some 20 to 30-smoker-friends tok place around the car and sat down yelling "set him free, set him free", trying to hinder them to get away with the boy. Nothing really happened at once, but so, from nowhere, some very aggressive youngsters came up with huge stones and bits of asphalt and started throwing this hardware towards the cops. They hit more stoners who sat around than police officers who, I guess, they intended to hit, but they didn't seem to care about that at all. They acted more like they just had been on an action for free amphetamine. Folks from NORML tried to stop them, with no success at all. The situation had already gone to far. The police now started to fight back and they sure had to. If not, I guess, some of them would have been killed. I don't blame them at all. There were around 30 of these unwanted aggressors, nobody did really know, but I believe they represented some anarchistic group of some kind. We will find out, we're working on it. They are for sure not welcome to our arrangement next year at the 5th of May! Lillan Tiller (18) from Trondheim, Norway.This picture have now been all over europe and she's now the new heroin among norwegian legislators. Every pot-site now use the pic in front. "I am for sure one of them who want cannabis Legalized", she told the Norwegian newspaper; Verdens Gang (VG) . This day she'd came a little to close to the police. They disappeared as fast as they showed up. Twelve people were arrested and got their fine's, around 3000 NKR each. (That's around 350 American dollars.) Well, the trouble ended and the rest of the now 1500 people that had stayed in the park continued smoking their grass, as we older "freaks" did in the sixties and later at the same place, most of it homegrown and of real god quality too. Now, it was really cozy in the park again. The cops was around, on distance now, but no more aggressors were left to see.. NORML - Norway have already been in contact with the police about the next years "2001 a space(d) odyssey" to make it a little more pleasant and nonviolent, when that day comes. There was some 10 to 12 arrests among all of the pot smokers, 5 police officers got hurt, fortunately not badly. Tree police cars were totally wrecked.freddie WE SHALL OVERCOME !!!FreddieFreak's Home Page c2i.netArticles & Web Sites From The MMM:Officials: Heed Pot Rally Marijuana March - International Marijuana March MMM Articles & Pictures Under Construction:CannabisNews Millennium Marijuana March News 
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