Media Ignored Protest

  Media Ignored Protest

Posted by FoM on May 12, 2000 at 22:39:43 PT
Letter To The Editor by Jayson R. Jones 
Source: Register-Guard 

An estimated 450 people recently gathered peacefully in downtown Eugene to protest the longest, most expensive, and most morally bankrupt war in U.S. history: the war on drugs.Politicians, victims and refugees spoke, and even the defenders of this war spoke. No windows were smashed, no traffic was disrupted, and no pepper spray was used. 
A truly peaceful crowd made up of people from under the age of 6 to over 60, from all walks of life, and from all backgrounds gathered to express their disapproval of spending $20 billion in tax dollars a year on this war. The protesters voiced their disapproval of the continued imprisonment of 1.3 million Americans, the confiscation of their property, and the virtual police state that has been instituted in America while this war has raged on our soil. All this is not amazing; it is understandable because most people are sick and tired of this war with no end that is draining our tax dollars, corrupting our political and judicial process, and ruining the lives of the poor.What is amazing is that The Register-Guard didn't give it any notice other than a small picture and caption deep in the May 7 paper. I didn't see any TV coverage, either.As we have all seen, it only takes a dozen black-hooded thugs (that's what The Register-Guard calls anarchists) to get front page coverage. Yet this large peaceful demonstration against the war on drugs was neglected by the local news media. Is the newspaper saying that these peaceful people should have done damage and committed crimes to get their message across? When the local press ignores peaceful demonstrations, is it any wonder that violent ones follow? Shame on you, Register-Guard.Jayson R. JonesDeadwoodPublished: May 12, 2000Copyright © 2000 The Register-GuardRelated Articles & Web Sites On The Millennium Marijuana March:What Do We Want? Drug Peace! Aotearoa New Zealand MMM Report Marijuana March - International Marijuana March MMM Articles & Pictures Are Now On the Page Below:CannabisNews Millennium Marijuana March News 

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Comment #4 posted by Das Drei Haifisch on May 06, 2001 at 14:10:38 PT:

Thee Marche 2 The ARCH
Once again, S.C.O.R.E:S of beatific soverigns kept the beast at bey in the heartzen of Le Ville Saint other words we grooved in Keiner Plaza and strolled to the steppes of The GateWay Arch. Again. freedom reigned!  Many of The Brave did not and do not partake of the true sacrament yet purposely stood with signs and danced in roiling showers symbolizing the true nature of mark the difference between purity and corruption,, the corruption of the war on some drugs..centered about the tree of life.    Edenic prosperity continues to the next SatyrDay as we meet the Sixth Thom.Jefferson Recognition Hemp Fest in the park, Tower Grove, that is. The Koeniglich End of the peacefill property has an olde stone shelter where the renaissance festival, The TJBJubillation the Sixth will rock the globe, again........     And the Twenty-Sixth of May at The Historic Stratford Inn of Fenton Mizzoru we host the event of the first half of this yar.........The I Don't Think I'm Qualified=====  Malcolm X Birthday Celebration and The Keith Coogan InterNational Video Filim Fest....Smokin' wid da Kid's Kids' Kid Film Tribute to Jackie Coogan's Genius.and the stinky frenchman says': il faudrait peut etre qu'une nuit sans lune mais pleine d'etoiles, les choses se passent d'une facon qui ne soit plus comme ayant l'air de nous gueuler aux zoreilles que ce sera toujours les encules qui nous dicteront qu'est ce que c'est qu'on doit et qu'on doit pas fumer, nom de dieu de bordel de merde!Alors,ce soir ...'
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Comment #3 posted by Jeaneous on May 13, 2000 at 22:11:09 PT:

Media Blackout

It's obvious that the media is following instructions to keep this under wraps. Letters to editors and T.V. stations asking why there was no coverage of such peaceful demonstrations isn't harmful either. They need to be aware that we are aware of there biased reporting.
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Comment #2 posted by dddd on May 13, 2000 at 10:19:50 PT

Media blackout

I'd say there was a definite lack of media coverage,and I think it further verifies the frightening and scandalous link between government and media....dddd
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Comment #1 posted by J Christen-Mitchell on May 13, 2000 at 01:38:50 PT:

Act Like You Don't Notice Liberty Dying

I havn't checked in a day or so, but the standard wire services only carried one photo of Seattle, no articles anywhere while here in StLouis that ComPost Dispatch rag either doesn't think it's newsworthy that 500 people were creating a large cloud of smoke in the citys central plaza or that two hundred and fifty of them marched with signs and chants to the Arch. One local BSBC showed a bit of tape and claimed our number at less than one hundred.Personally, I think the media blackout is great. Shows just how far the whole totalitarian thing is going.Well, we'll just have to have our 5th Presidential Hemp Fest tomorrow and our 3rd MedicaLegal Cannabis Conference in September and our 2nd Drug War Vigil next February 15th and March Two The Arch May 5th and see how long they can keep this chess game going. Wait till they see our end game this election.  
JCM For a Libertarian Congress
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