Demonstration in Support of Cannabis Legalization

Demonstration in Support of Cannabis Legalization
Posted by FoM on May 09, 2000 at 14:44:59 PT
Source: Central Europe Online
About three hundred young people called for marijuana's position in society becoming equal to alcohol's and tobacco's at a demonstration in Prague's namesti Miru square today.Michal Polak from the organizing Cannabis Growers' Association told the protesters that the government was considering amending the current drug law.
Under the amendment narcotics should be divided into several groups according to their dangerousness. It is also reportedly to define the "small amount" of drug one can keep for his/her own consumption.According to experts, the current law, which calls unlawful the possession of "a bigger than small amount" of any drug, including marijuana, had proved bad. Several young people have been given inappropriately tough sentences because of a few of cannabis plants. "We fight for a global stop to marijuana prohibition," Polak told CTK.Cannabis Growers' Association chairman Vaclav Linkov said he was going to establish a political party whose main goal would be legalization of cannabis. ((c) 2000 CTK - Czech News Agency) Prague, May 8, 2000 -- (CTK - Czech News Agency) 1995-2000 European Internet Network Inc. Legalizace.cz Articles From The Millennium Marijuana March:Thomas Jefferson Hemp Fest- St.Louis 2000 National Million Marijuana March Attendance High At Marijuana March Urge Marijuana Legalization Arrests At Pot Protest Promotes Marijuana, Hemp Fans Urge Freedom for the Fettered Weed Arrested In Pot-March Bust March Unites Advocates Call for Legalization of MMJ In Texas Speak Against State's Drug Sentencing Advocate Announce Creation of Federal MJ Party MJ - Medical Pot Sparks Park Rally Draws A Crowd "Portland's Million Marijuana March"(May 6, 2000), Washington, USA. Hempfest 2000: Photo Gallery MMM 2000 reports. By City: 
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Comment #2 posted by observer on May 09, 2000 at 16:10:33 PT
Czech Republic: Havel Tried to Keep MJ Freedoms...
also see Vaclav Havel articles:`` Last January...the Czech government enacted its first anti-drug laws since the country separated from the Slovak Republic in 1992. The new legislation, which passed over President Vaclav Havel's veto, is intended to align the Czech Republic's drug laws with those of other European nations and makes even simple possession of marijuana illegal. Most controversially, the law also imposes a two-to five-year sentence for carrying more than a "small amount" of any narcotic substance.'' (Nov 99)
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Comment #1 posted by freedom fighter on May 09, 2000 at 14:57:49 PT
It is so
good to see world working together on this issue!\|/
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