Demonstrators Urge Marijuana Legalization 

Demonstrators Urge Marijuana Legalization 
Posted by FoM on May 08, 2000 at 05:48:40 PT
By Amy Strahan, The Associated Press 
Source: Amarillo Globe
Hundreds of people chanting "Free the weed," "Legalize the herb" and other slogans converged Saturday on the Capitol, calling for the legalization of marijuana.Demonstrators said the government should spend its time on violent criminals, not on recreational pot smokers. About 300 people were in the demonstration.
"This is not our biggest issue, and they shouldn't be incarcerating people for it," said a 38-year-old computer hardware designer who asked not to be identified.Many compared laws banning the possession of marijuana to Prohibition. They sported signs that read "Free the Weed and You Free Us," in addition to fake garlands of marijuana and a few branches that looked suspiciously real. Many wore costumes and carried drums. One man marched on stilts.Zeal Stefanoff, a Hays County man who in 1991 protested drug laws by smoking a joint in the San Marcos police station, called Saturday for more civil disobedience."We're living under more Draconian laws than existed during Prohibition," Stefanoff said. "Every 45 seconds, someone in the U.S. is arrested for marijuana."Stefanoff asked supporters to turn themselves in."Walk in the police station, and turn yourselves in. If we put every one of you into the courthouse, it's over," he said, predicting the county could not handle that many arrests.Other speakers Saturday called for legalization of medicinal uses of marijuana. A few states, including California, have legalized medicinal marijuana."If you want it to be seen as a medicine, we need to use it as such," said Cristal Allen, a speaker at the event and who also uses the plant for religious worship as a member of the Native American church.Allen admonished the crowd to cut back on recreational uses for the drug in favor of medicinal purposes."You're not just supposed to use it when you're out sitting with your brothers drinking beer," Allen said.Tourists inside the Capitol who accidentally walked into the middle of the flamboyant crowd appeared confused. Similar marches were held in more than 90 cities Saturday.Austin, TexasPublished: May 7, 2000  2000 Amarillo Globe-News Related Articles & Web Sites:Cannabis 2000 National Million Marijuana March Arrests At Pot Protest Promotes Marijuana, Hemp Fans Urge Freedom for the Fettered Weed Arrested In Pot-March Bust March Unites Advocates Call for Legalization of MMJ In Texas Speak Against State's Drug Sentencing Advocate Announce Creation of Federal MJ Party MJ - Medical Pot Sparks Park Rally Draws A Crowd Alphabetical MMM 2000 reports. By City:
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Comment #2 posted by MMMM on May 08, 2000 at 07:28:15 PT
ad infinitum...
Total agreement here. A little alchohol is good for your health, but cannabis, which is REALLY medicinal, is illegal. I'm afraid medical marijuana users are in for a very long wait.  
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Comment #1 posted by Kanabys on May 08, 2000 at 06:48:46 PT:
double standard
Here we go again with the double standard.>>"You're not just supposed to use it when you're out sitting with your brothers drinking beer," Allen said.>>If you want it to be seen as a medicine, we need to use it as such," said Cristal AllenIt has been stated recently that small amounts of alcohol can improve health. So why are they saying the above of cannabis while not saying it about alcohol???
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