SG President-Elect Charged with Seven Violations 

SG President-Elect Charged with Seven Violations 
Posted by FoM on May 04, 2000 at 06:35:04 PT
By Karen Blatter, Daily Egyptian
Source: U-WIRE
Bill Archer, Southern Illinois University Undergraduate Student Government president elect, will appear before a Student Judicial Affairs official Friday for a fact-finding conference dealing with seven alleged violations of the Student Conduct Code. 
The seven violations reportedly occurred during an incident on April 10 in his residence hall room in Thompson Point, while he was on duty as a student resident assistant. The DAILY EGYPTIAN obtained a copy of the Judicial Affairs Disciplinary Report from Archer on Tuesday that described the incident involving five other people in Archer's residence, 113 Felts Hall. Archer was notified about the charges through a letter he received on April 29. The fact-finding conference with Student Judicial Affairs on Friday will look into the charges that include: unauthorized possession and/or use of cannabis or controlled substances; violations of quiet hours, excessive noise and guest behavior; and furnishing false information to the University with intent to deceive. Archer denied all the charges against him because there was no evidence found in his room to support the charges. "There was no marijuana, paraphernalia, anything like that in my room," he said. "[My guests] were not smoking (marijuana) in my room." According to the disciplinary report, written by Felts Hall Head Resident Kefren Greenstreet, she smelled marijuana at about 4:30 a.m. on April 10 and heard loud voices coming from Archer's room. After investigating what was going on in the room, Greenstreet and Todd Firth, head resident of Kellogg and Warren Hall, searched Archer's room and, according to the disciplinary report, found an empty bottle of Jaegermeister. "I [Greenstreet] also noted two lit candles (scented) and two open windows. I did not find any other evidence beyond the above stated," the document says. Archer was an SRA on the first floor of Felts Hall at the time of the incident, but was asked to resign three days later by University Housing because of the rumors about Archer "smoking marijuana in his dorm room" that were spreading across campus. Archer was elected USG president on April 19 by a 269 vote margin over Chuck Miller and Rob Taylor. Archer said that he did have friends in his room on the morning of April 10, but they were only having a "round table" and "just hanging out and talking." He said they were not smoking marijuana in the room, but he said his guests had been earlier at another location. He said smelling marijuana in the hallway is not enough evidence to find him guilty of smoking or having it in his possession. "They smelled marijuana in the hallway, which it could have come from any particular place, whatsoever, because other people on the floor smoke marijuana," he said. "It could have been on the clothes of the people in my room; it could have been someone just walking down the hallway smoking marijuana. It's not that odd for people to smoke marijuana in the dorms." Archer said he has not smoked marijuana since he became an SRA in fall 1999. Archer said the windows were open because it was hot in the room and the candles were burning to cover up the smell from the cigarettes some of his guests were smoking. Although the disciplinary report stated the other people in his room were members of Alpha Tao Omega fraternity, Archer would not comment on whether or not they were. Archer said he does not feel the charges will affect his presidency. "I don't think they will affect anything because I will be cleared of all of them," he said. Archer will officially become president of USG at midnight on May 12. (U-WIRE) Carbondale, Ill. Web Post: May 3, 2000(C) 2000 Daily Egyptian via U-WIRE  Copyright  2000 At Home Corporation. CannabisNews Articles From U-WIRE:
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Comment #2 posted by r.earing on May 04, 2000 at 08:41:32 PT:
I woulda had coverage like OJ or Elian if my school had been that hysterical.CNN woulda had to make up its own little musical jingle and put a reporter on full time.I even smoked during graduation.
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Comment #1 posted by CongressmanSuet on May 04, 2000 at 08:35:58 PT:
 If this is big news...
Than my stay in college would have made the front page of the NY Daily News! When I was in college, the parties were nonstop,everybody partied, it was an excepted part of the whole experience. and a poor schmuck that ratted people out generally didnt have much of a social life. And what training did that RA get in marijuana smell detection anyway? This might be a good opportunity for the accused to make a statement. Get the law department on it pronto. 
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