Real Aid to Colombia

Real Aid to Colombia
Posted by FoM on March 13, 2000 at 08:14:05 PT
By Charles L. Wildman
Source: Washington Post
My recent church-sponsored travel in Colombia leads me to ask who is listening to the religious and humanitarian workers who struggle on behalf of 2 million displaced people? Have U.S. trained military personnel and U.S. supplied military hardware brought Colombia any closer to peace? Have rampant human rights abuses been curbed? 
Has Colombia's paper democracy been strengthened? Has Colombia's hopelessly corrupt justice system been reformed? Debate on the Colombian $1.6 billion aid package fails to ask who wins and who loses [news story, March 10]. Winners appear to be U.S. military contractors, the U.S. economy and Colombian military interests. Losers are the more than 10,000 newly displaced Colombians, adding to the 2 million already displaced in that war-torn country.Only significant humanitarian and economic aid, combined with reduction of U.S. demand for drugs, will bring some hope of peace to Colombia. Further military assistance likely will prolong the country's 40-year civil war and involve the United States in another doomed Vietnam-style conflict.Charles L. Wildman Senior PastorRock Spring CongregationalUnited Church of ChristArlington Monday, March 13, 2000; Page A16  Copyright 2000 The Washington Post CompanyRelated Articles on Colombia:U.S. Officials Cite Trend in Colombia Rebels Declare War on United States Articles On Barry McCaffrey: Articles On Colombia: 
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