Comments from the Net on the DARE Series

Comments from the Net on the DARE Series
Posted by FoM on March 02, 2000 at 16:50:27 PT
Do you feel DARE is an effective program?
Source: Detroit News
DARE was never about stopping kids from drugs. Any more than allowing police to practice medicine or patients to sit in prison. The war on some drugs and certain Americans has been solely the responsibility of the corporations in competition with cannabis.The major sponsors of DARE are the Alcohol Corporations. The most abused drug of them all. 
The same as the movie in the 30's "Reefer Madness was produced by the Alcohol Distributors. DARE has never been effective because it was controlled by the police and not teachers or peers. But a major flaw was lying to the kids.Cannabis prohibition is still keeping competition from the Free Market. Henry Ford's biomass car without lead or sulfur emissions would have saved how many lives since the 30's. He ran it on hemp. How many Gulf Wars have we fought over fossil fuels that can be replaced with cannabis hemp. From plastic to the most nutritionally complete food on the planet. How many patients would be alive if they had researched cannabis since the 30's instead of backroom legislation to suppress it.Today MS is helped, brain trauma and full blown asthma has killed how many kids? Now science says cannabis has properties to treat these and many others while Bob Barr and Congress stop any research and even the citizens vote. McCollum is pushing a genetic fungus that isn't tested while Oklahoma sprays an agent orange once removed on wild hemp. Paranoia and greed together once again.Cotton killing farmworkers with pesticides not used on the stronger, softer hemp. 99.28% of the marijuana eradicated is ditchweed non psychoactive wild pheasant homes, hemp. Marijuana comprises 80% of the $18 billion WoD budget and over 99% of that 80% won't get the pope stoned and certainly won't stop the crack from the kids. No one wants kids involved with anything that will harm them. Getting truthful about drugs and separating cannabis by legalization will stop hemp from being spiked with laboratory poisons and called marijuana. It will keep the billion dollar business inside of the US. To be spent in the US by the 20 million adults using it presently. Responsibly. Urine testing can test positive with legal hemp or poppy seeds and ruin a family's lives. A cannabis user goes through the criminal system every 45 seconds using valuable resources for a non-offense. DARE is parallel to Hitler's brownshirts. Teaching betrayal, sneakiness and even to lie for the good of whom? The DA and police.Its has allowed plea bargaining drunk drivers to walk if they snitch. Mandatory sentencing has put cannabis users in prison longer than rapist. Will Foster received a 93 year sentence for relieving an illness. The US government supplies rolled joints to 8 people. The DEA is a police force not a government, yet they have no accountability for the budget spending. Unlimited resources including the National Guard and Military. Yet hasn't stopped more than 10% in 30 years. DARE is not kid friendly. End it and the War on Some drugs and Certain Americans. Use cannabis as an aid in stopping addictions from the hard drugs like heroine, speed cocaine and booze! Stop the influx of foreign drugs by allowing doctors to supply it here, thus eliminating the reason for the crimes involved in drugs. Letting poor countries grow hemp would keep the immigration down and the coca and poppy crops. Plus give the US farmers a crop. We don't need another holocaust, presently we have 2 million prisoners, many for cannabis. Like they say, follow the money. Legalize cannabis for its food, fuel, fiber and FARMaceuticals DdCDate: 3/1/2000 From: DdC City: Santa Cruz State: CA E-mail: dendecannabist Date: 3/2/2000 From: cryote City: US State: CO Country: USA The DARE program is indoctrinating kids into our disposable society and world. As our family values get disposed of, so do our families. Maybe your kids school will be the next Columbine. Go easy on the hypocracy our kids aren't as dumb as DARE (and some of us assume). It's Time for the truth! Cryote 3/1/2000 From: Herb City: B.C. State: Country: Canada E-mail: mutualaid13 I am a teacher in Canada. Please get rid of DARE in the USA and quit exporting The War on (some) Drugs police state to Canada. DARE has nothing to do with helping students make wise choices about substance use. In fact, it does the opposite! What is wrong with DARE in BC, Canada? 1. DARE doesn't work Numerous studies have shown that DARE does not work. In fact, a six year study of 1,800 Illinois students found that "Kids in the suburbs who were exposed to the DARE program, who participated in DARE, actually had significantly higher levels of drug use than suburban kids who did not get the DARE program." (see article "Dare doesn't work, study finds") 2. DARE is not listed as a recommended learning resource for B.C. schools. Neither does DARE follow the guidelines for sensitive content. DARE will take the place of programs that could help students. (see DARE TO "JUST SAY NO" TO DARE) The DARE message is not credible Students overwhelmingly reject the "no-use" or zero tolerance messages as not credible. Students want honest information not scare tactics. "Because they find the program inaccurate, they reject the message of DARE, " (see California Educator/April 1997) 4. DARE does not encourage students to think for themselves.   On the CBC BROADCAST ONE COVER STORY - Thursday, October 22, 1998 show, when 11 year old Eleanor Smith was practicing reading her DARE essay for an assembly and mentioned that marijuana had benefits such as stimulating appetites of people suffering from the after affects of chemotherapy, the DARE officer took her down from the stage and told her that " I can't allow you to read this." Eleanor's mother was not happy to have her daughter in a program that discouraged thinking! " DARE officer Harry McNeil said " When it comes down to say the good things about marijuana, I mean even if I believed it was, I'm duty bound by contract that I can't say it." ( see American Psychological Association - PROJECT D.A.R.E.: NO EFFECTS AT 10-YEAR FOLLOW-UP - D.A.R.E. Remains Popular Despite Lack of Documented Effects) 5. DARE does not allow communities to modify the program to suit local needs. "We had some concerns that the DARE curriculum was very rigid and that lack of flexibility was reducing its effectiveness," (see Boulder Police Drop DARE - Chief: It wasn't meeting students' needs) Date: 3/1/2000 From: Freedom City: NYC State: NY Country: USA DARE is a fraud on the American public. It is a propaganda campaign which focuses on marijuana, because anti-drug zealots have always been obsessed with marijuana. When the lies are exposed, kids decide to ignore all that is told to them, sometimes with dire consequences. We have kids turning in their parents to narcs for using medical marijuana, because the oh so wise narcs have told them all marijuana use is deadly and dangerous. This works until they become later teens, and witness a few of the twenty million casual users of marijuana who are healthy, productive members of society.Soon enough, people will come to realize that anti-prohibitionists are the ones telling the truth, and that the prohibition industry is making a lot of money propagating it's lies. That prohibitionists bear direct responsibility for increasing hard drug use through their lying, and their insistence on not separating the hard and soft drug markets. Prohibitionists are evil frauds. Almost every scientific survey done shows DARE has no effect, or correlates with increased experimentation and drug use. No matter to prohibitionists, because it makes the little guys feel good, and the big guys get to perpetuate the Big Lie. I am still waiting for the IOM Team's recomendations to be acted upon. FreedomMore Comments From The Net On The DARE Series: Dare to be Honest’s Clout Smothers Other Drug Programs
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Comment #6 posted by J.R. Bob Dobbs on March 04, 2000 at 12:58:42 PT
DARE: Drugs Are Really Expensive
  One of the big problems in legalization is the way the FDA is set up, so that cannabis can't be patented since it is a naturally occurring substance. The only way the drug companies can make something they can call their own is if they synthesize it. This helps them protect their profits - but it isn't necessarily the best thing for the patient.  Parents, when it comes time for your child to be indoctrinated into the DARE program, I hope you can follow Nancy Reagan's advice and JUST SAY NO!
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Comment #5 posted by SideWinder on March 03, 2000 at 13:34:22 PT:
All this jibber jabber
Everyone knows what the US Gov is doing. They have successfully covered up many things in the past 60 years. No doubt they will cover up the benefits of certian drugs to allow the corporations to make other drugs that usually do not work or make things worse. The government will never tell the truth, because they benefit from the lies. Until you replace the fools that make up these lies, ie: congressmen, president, and just about everyone up there, the game will remain the same no matter what gets posted on the internet, magazines or evening news. But then, gov controls media anyway (FCC) so they will only be happy to help with the BIG LIE
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Comment #4 posted by Elliot Fleener on March 03, 2000 at 02:03:50 PT
 The Fleener family would like to express their sincere appreciationto FoM.Cannabis News is an excellent thing.Thank You! My compliments to kaptinemo.Your insightful commentaries are thebest...........sincerely.......Elliot Fleener
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Comment #3 posted by FoM on March 02, 2000 at 18:23:48 PT
Your Welcome kaptinemo & Freedom!
Hi Freedom and kaptinemo! I love it when I see friends on the net making good points! Thank you Freedom for doing the writing and I'll do the listening. I have learned so much from others comments. I think sometimes because the drug war is relatively new to me that I learn something new each day and I wind up saying to myself well golly I didn't know that. I hope others are learning along the way too. That is what I hope Cannabis News does for people. I want to help put the fragmented articles in an order where a person can catch up on a subject even if they miss reading the news for a few days. I don't think I have it down quite right yet but I'm thinking how to make it better!Peace, FoM!
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Comment #2 posted by Freedom on March 02, 2000 at 18:01:28 PT
Thanks FoM.
Why, thanks FoM.It is rewarding to see my words posted here at CannabisNews.
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Comment #1 posted by kaptinemo on March 02, 2000 at 17:04:10 PT
Bravo, FoM, Bravo!!
And it is most gratifying to learn that at least the Detroit Times is not *behind* the times when it comes to gathering information. If they want to get beyond the smoke-and-mirrors of prohibitionist doublespeak, this is the place. The media certainly would have a rich goldmine of info to draw from were its' reporters to come 'here'.Perhaps we should extend the invitation, formally, no?
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