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Cancel This Program 
Posted by FoM on January 17, 2000 at 07:01:34 PT
Source: San Francisco Chronicle 
In the war against drugs, getting the word out about health risks, crime and family turmoil are critical. But White House drug warriors and television networks have developed an unholy alliance to weave paid, government-approved anti-drug messages into prime-time TV shows. 
In a story divulged by the Internet magazine Salon, networks are allowed financial credit if shows include an anti-drug or anti-alcohol message. The plan stems from a huge $1 billion advertising buy by the government in 1997 to broadcast anti-drug commercials. After the advertising buy was made, the networks complained the price was too low. The economy had picked up and ad slots fetched higher prices, network accountants said. The White House drug fighters offered a new deal: write in anti-drug messages on prime-time TV shows, and the networks can count a portion of this airtime against the original ad purchase. The time reserved for anti-drug commercials could then be resold at higher prices. As a result, scripts and footage of ``Chicago Hope,'' ``ER'' and ``Touched by an Angel'' were reviewed in advance by White House drug experts. An actor may wave off an offered marijuana joint or suffer through a destructive bout of drinking to win the network financial credit. A White House drug spokesman said the deal saved Hollywood some $20 million. This is not a healthy arrangement. For starters, the champions of free expression in Hollywood should be ashamed of themselves for allowing government bureaucrats to evaluate the suitability of their content. In a couple of instances, the WB network even altered scripts of ``Smart Guy'' and ``The Wayans Bros.'' at the suggestion of government drug experts. The idea that commercial television networks should be paid by the government for doing the socially responsible thing is just absurd. And the White House should not be editing network TV show, in any way, shape or form. Monday, January 17, 2000 2000 San Francisco Chronicle  Page A22 Related Articles:Federal Officials Sought to Preview Scripts, ABC - 1/16/2000 Magazine Articles:White House Defends TV Drug-Ad Deal - 1/15/2000 Script Doctors - 1/13/2000 Money, How the White House Secretly Hooked TV-1/13/2000 
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Comment #1 posted by CRBradshaw4 on April 17, 2001 at 12:46:53 PT:
RE:Support Canel This Program
                       April 17,2001  Hello,   Yes, I agree. Goverment should be involve of the sickess and suffering of us,US Citizen.If we want use marijuana to help us from pain,depression and those addicted to alcoholic would help them stay away from drinking.   We have right choose what we want.Goverment have no right get in between my personal life.   They think that we smoke it will lead to harder drugs. That is wrong picture!USDA should try smoke it see for themselves.   I will bring tihis to close til next time I read your news. Thank you.                Sincerely,               Clinton Bradshaw
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