Freedom Train Launches from San Francisco 

Freedom Train Launches from San Francisco 
Posted by FoM on January 02, 2000 at 09:56:30 PT
Come Join The Freedom Train!
Source: The American Sovereign 
The Freedom Train is a caravan of land vehicles coming together under the banner of liberty that will begins its historic two-month journey to Washington, D.C. on January 26, 2000. 
The Freedom Train will cross through 27 states, stopping in each of 33 cities to raise Americans' awareness as to the impact that government programs are having on their liberty. Americans are invited to join the caravan at any time. Organizers hope to bring 100,000 people, or more, into Washington when it arrives on April 7th, at which time the federal government will be put on notice that the American people will no longer tolerate its abuses of their rights.At each stop there will be free presentations to the public, including speeches by local, regional and national politicians, authors, educators, researchers and entertainers, musical concerts, and a variety of exhibits, all designed to bring about an awareness of the value of our liberties."Americans have become complacent with respect to their natural rights and freedoms. Most Americans are too willing to sacrifice liberty and privacy in exchange for the conveniences offered by government programs," says Brent Johnson, international radio broadcaster, author and researcher, and principle organizer of the event. "Many Americans do not hesitate to give away their rights in order to make money or climb the 'corporate ladder.' Our objective is to remind Americans that their most valuable legacy is liberty, and that preserving liberty is more important than political correctness, fighting crime, the wars on drugs or poverty, even protecting our children. After all, what of value will we leave to our children, if we do not leave them free?""Patrick Henry put it so well," Johnson continues, "when he said 'Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?'" The Freedom Train slogan is:"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!""The federal government has usurped lawful authority and is acting under color of law. The number and degree of government violations of the natural rights of Americans have increased exponentially over the last ten years.People have had enough, but they don't know what to do. The Freedom Train provides them something to do that really makes a difference."The Freedom Train is being sponsored by the Genesis Communications Network and Freedom Bound International and welcomes additional sponsors to help defray the costs. For more information or to set up an interview:call 888-385-3733Freedom Train Schedule:Routing: the following routing is tentative and will likely be adjusted; it calls for approximately a two-month trip, stopping in 29 cities over 23 states.Jan. 26 San Francisco, CaliforniaJan. 28 Los Angeles, CaliforniaJan. 31 Phoenix, ArizonaFeb. 2 Albuquerque, New MexicoFeb. 4 Amarillo, TexasFeb. 7 Wichita, KansasFeb. 9 Lincoln, NebraskaFeb. 11 Des Moines, IowaFeb. 14 Kansas City, MissouriFeb. 16 Oklahoma City, OklahomaFeb. 18 Waco, TexasFeb. 21 Houston, TexasFeb. 23 Baton Rouge, LouisianaFeb. 25 Jackson, MississippiFeb. 26 Little Rock, ArkansasFeb. 28 Memphis, TennesseeMar. 2 Springfield MissouriMar. 4 Springfield, IllinoisMar. 7 Indianapolis IndianaMar. 9 Cincinnati, OhioMar. 11 Lexington, KentuckyMar. 14 Nashville, TennesseeMar. 16 Birmingham, AlabamaMar. 18 Tallahassee, FloridaMar. 21 Atlanta, GeorgiaMar. 23 Columbia, South CarolinaMar. 25 Raleigh, North CarolinaMar. 28 Charleston, West VirginiaMar. 30 Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaApr. 1 Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaApr. 3 Dover, DelawareApr. 5 Baltimore, MarylandApr. 7 Washington, District of Columbia
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