California State Assembly Endorses Hemp

California State Assembly Endorses Hemp
Posted by FoM on October 20, 1999 at 13:52:46 PT
For Immediate Release
Source: C.A.I.R.
The California State Assembly has endorsed the legalization of Industrial Hemp. House Resolution No. 32, Relative to Industrial Hemp passed on the last day of this year's session. 
The resolution declares that Industrial Hemp can be grown by California farmers and regulated without interfering with marijuana laws. It recommends that the Assembly consider allowing farmers to grow Industrial Hemp and that the crop be studied by the state university system. The resolution was written and sponsored by Sam Clauder, Political Director of C.A.I.R., an organization dedicated to renewing the legal status of Industrial Hemp. C.A.I.R. succeeded earlier this year in getting the California Democratic Party and the Orange County Democratic Party to adopted similar resolutions supporting Industrial Hemp. Assemblymember Virginia Strom-Martin, D-Duncans Mills, introduced the resolution. Strom-Martin represents the 1st District which includes Sonoma, Mendocino, Humboldt and Lake counties. "Industrial hemp is not marijuana, but rather a non- intoxicating plant that has been cultivated and used in a multitude of ways around the world for millennia," said Strom-Martin. "Prohibiting California farmers from growing this potentially highly profitable crop makes about as much botanical sense as prohibiting gardeners from growing poppies because one variety is the source of opium." Three other Assembly Members co-authored the resolution. Sheila Kuehl, D-Encino, represents the 41st District which includes the western part of Los Angeles County from Santa Monica to the county line. Patricia Wiggins, D-Santa Rosa, represents the 7th District which includes Napa County and the eastern half of Sonoma County. Audie Bock, the Green Party member from Oakland, represents the 16th District in central Alameda County which includes the cities of Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda and Piedmont. State Senator Tom Hayden also co-authored the resolution. Hayden, D-Los Angeles, represents the 23rd Senate District which includes the western part of LA County from West Hollywood to the county line. "The resolution didn't receive the bipartisan support that legislation from other states enjoyed, but that will come in time." said Clauder. The California Republican Party subsequently rejected the resolution at their bi-annual state convention in Anaheim on Saturday, September 25. "Next year the resolution will move on to the State Senate while we work on getting a bill passed by the Assembly. We are also now working with the Congressional delegations of this and several other states to get the DEA to shift authority to regulate Industrial Hemp to the USDA, which would then permit farmers to grow Industrial Hemp under the condition that they comply with their local and state laws and regulations." This legislative progress comes at an auspicious time for the Industrial Hemp industry. The DEA recently ordered Customs to seize 20 tons of birdseed from Canada, and recall hundreds of thousands of health bars, claiming the miniscule trace amounts of THC qualify them as marijuana. Enclosures: HR 32: California Assembly Resolution Relative to Industrial Hemp CAIR Policy Paper: "Industrial Hemp is not "hemp" or marijuana Pubdate: October 15, 1999Copyright  1999 by C.A.I.R.All Rights Reserved.CAIR.Sam att.netRelated Articles:Clockwork Orange - Summer of Sam - 9/23/99
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Comment #1 posted by Philip on November 20, 2000 at 11:58:32 PT:
mendocino, cal legalizing marijuana????
Dear sirs,I was wondering if you have any information on the bill or law that was passed in Mendocino, california that allows persons to cultivate up to 25 marijuana plants. I saw something about it on the national news before the election and yesterday I read a very short clip on it being passed in Time magazine the nov. issue. I was wanting to know if you knew anything about this and or if you could get me some info on this subject.thank you very much,Philip 
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