Clockwork Orange - Summer of Sam 

Clockwork Orange - Summer of Sam 
Posted by FoM on September 23, 1999 at 20:07:03 PT
by Matt Coker 
Source: OC Weekly
Damned if Sam Clauder wasnít telling Clockwork the truth. On Sept. 10, the state Assembly passed a resolution that acknowledges the difference between industrial hemp and marijuana and calls for University of California studies on the wonder plantís feasibility.
Clauder runs Californians for Industrial Renewal (CAIR), and this isnít exactly the legislation he told us about three months ago ("Hemp, Hemp Hooray!" June 18). That bill would have California farmers planting hemp by the end of winter 2000. The resolution by Assemblywoman Virginia Strom-Martin (D-Duncans Mills) also didnít enjoy the widespread bipartisan support Garden Grove Democratic political consultant Clauder envisioned; the final vote of 41-30 split along party lines.But itís a step toward CAIRís ultimate goal: making the Golden State hemp-friendly by the time the Democratic National Convention rolls into LAís Staples Center in August 2000. As it stands, California joins seven other states that have recognized industrial hempís potential by passing legislation this year. The plant can be used to produce paper, building materials, textile fiber, oil, paint, diesel fuel, plastics and food protein. It can be grown on marginal farmland and requires less water than most plants once established, as well as little or no herbicides or pesticides. Itís a vigorous plant, maturing in three or four months, allowing several harvests per year. But unlike its distant cousin marijuana, hemp wonít get you high.Introducing her resolution, Strom-Martin said the current hemp prohibition "makes about as much sense as prohibiting gardeners from growing poppies because one variety is the source of opium." September 24 - 30, 1999Hemp, Hemp Hooray - 6/17/99 Approves Strom-Martins Hemp Resolution - 9/19/99
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