MMJ Bill May Not Have Enough Support
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MMJ Bill May Not Have Enough Support
Posted by CN Staff on May 25, 2016 at 09:28:22 PT
By Alan Johnson & Jim Siegel
Source: Columbus Dispatch
Ohio -- A legislative vote on medical marijuana is coming down to the wire with the outcome in doubt today in the Ohio Senate. A Senate committee voted 7-5 this morning for House Bill 523, legislation that would allow Ohioans with certain medical conditions to legally obtain medical marijuana from a doctor. The bill, with a few minor amendments, is expected to be voted on the Senate floor in an afternoon session, but the legislative sources are not at all certain the votes are there for passage. About a dozen of the 23 Senate Republicans and two or three of 10 Democrats saying they are willing to vote for the bill. At least 17 votes are needed for passage.
In today's committee hearing, four Republicans joined Democratic Sen. Michael Skindell of Lakewood opposing the bill. If the Senate does vote for it, the House then must agree with changes made to the legislation. Assuming both chambers approve — lawmakers won’t be back for session until after the November election — the bill would then go to Gov. John Kasich, a Republican, who said on Tuesday that he favors the concept of medical marijuana. As for the specific bill, “I have to look at it,” he said. Passage of the bill in Ohio would mean that half of the states, plus the District of Columbia, allow medical marijuana in some form. It also sets up a direct confrontation with Ohioans for Medical Marijuana, the group affiliated with the Marijuana Policy Project. The ballot issue would allow patients to smoke and grow marijuana, something lawmakers are against. Kasich said he will “as actively as my body can carry me” oppose any ballot issue amending the constitution and allow smoking and home-grown marijuana. “We think it’s seriously flawed and is not going to do the job for patients and advocates across Ohio,” Aaron Marshall, spokesman for Ohioans for Medical Marijuana, said of the legislation. “It sets up a system that only a state bureaucrat could love, punting decisions to four different bodies stacked with state appointees.” Marshall said that his group “absolutely” will proceed with the ballot initiative, even if the law is signed. The group has 16 offices around the state staffed by paid signatures collectors, as well as 500 volunteers. He said the group collected thousands of signatures at the three-day Rock on the Range music festival in Columbus last weekend. The group must submit 305,591 valid signatures of registered voters by July 6 to qualify for the ballot. Dispatch Public Affairs Editor Darrel Rowland contributed to this story. Source: Columbus Dispatch (OH)Author: Alan Johnson & Jim Siegel, The Columbus Dispatch Published: May 25, 2016Copyright: 2016 The Columbus DispatchContact: letters dispatch.comWebsite:  Medical Marijuana Archives 
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Comment #1 posted by Vincent on May 26, 2016 at 05:47:28 PT:
No change
Obviously, Gov. Kasich hasn't changed his spots one bit. He is definitely a bible-banger, so you cannot expect any rational decisions from him. I've had friends and acquaintances who became born-again, ahem, "christians", and they became so ridiculous and brainwashed that we could no longer be friends.Oh, and by the way, did you notice that I spelled the word "Christian" as "christian"? That was not a misprint.
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