Colombia to Legalize Sale of Medical Marijuana
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Colombia to Legalize Sale of Medical Marijuana
Posted by CN Staff on November 12, 2015 at 15:11:19 PT
By Joshua Goodman, Associated Press
Source: Associated Press
Bogota, Colombia -- Colombia’s government plans to legalize the cultivation and sale of marijuana for medicinal and scientific purposes, officials said Thursday in a surprise shift by the longtime U.S. ally in the war on drugs.The change is coming in an executive decree that President Juan Manuel Santos will soon sign into law. It will regulate regulating everything from licensing for growers to the eventual export of products made from marijuana, Justice Minister Yesid Reyes said.
With the new policy, Colombia joins countries from Mexico to Chile that have experimented with legalization or decriminalization as part of a wave of changing attitudes toward drug use and policies to combat it in Latin America. But unlike many of its neighbors, Colombia has long been identified with U.S.-backed policies to eradicate drug production and a sharp decline in levels of violence over the past 15 years is largely attributed to the no-tolerance policing.Sen. Juan Manuel Galan, who last year introduced legislation that tracks with the government’s decree, said that as many as 400,000 Colombians suffering from epilepsy and other ailments could benefit from the clearer regulatory framework to be provided by the decree.Colombians for two decades have been allowed to possess small quantities of any narcotic for personal use thanks to a series of Constitutional Court rulings guaranteeing the “free development of one’s personality.”But the congress and the executive branch have been loath to endorse such views, in part because of officials’ skittishness about showing any weakness in a country that is the biggest supplier of cocaine to the U.S.Indeed, conservative critics in Colombia and abroad see Santos’ drive to reform drug policy, including a decision earlier this year to end a two-decade-old campaign of spraying illegal coca crops with herbicides, as a sign that the government’s resolve is weakening.Reflecting those concerns, officials went to great lengths Thursday to explain that they are not looking to further liberalize recreational use of marijuana as was recently done in Uruguay, the region’s pioneer in drug policy reform.“Nobody is talking about legalizing anything except for these two purposes,” Reyes said.Colombia gained international fame since the 1970s as a producer of potent pot strains such as Santa Marta Gold. Health Minister Alejandro Gaviria told Blu Radio that he envisions Colombia positioned as a major global player in the booming market for marijuana products.“Our phones are ringing off the hook as we get ready for the next chapter,” said a statement from John Campo, president of the parent of the U.S.-owned Sannabis company, which is developing cannabis-based oils, creams and other products on a self-governed indigenous reservation in southern Colombia.Source: Associated Press (Wire) Author: Joshua Goodman, Associated PressPublished: November 12, 2015Copyright: 2015 The Associated PressCannabisNews  Medical Marijuana Archives 
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Comment #2 posted by Oleg the Tumor on November 22, 2015 at 06:16:22 PT
Isn't this like, "Life, Liberty & Persuit . .
Constitutional Court rulings guaranteeing the “free development of one’s personality.”In the final end, when the body returns to the source from whence it came, the "personality" (read "soul") does likewise.This is simple math. What is done to one side of the equation must also be done to the other.Like the bumper sticker says: "We are Spiritual Creatures Having a Physical Experience"We are biodegradable and enjoy a "limited time offer" as part of the hydrologic cycle and our place at the Periodic Table.After that, the shape of our absence is individual, permanent and unalterable. I think this is why Jesus said, "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 
But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." Matt 8:13-14. Just look at how many Republicans are running for President.
Who wants to share their fate?
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Comment #1 posted by Sam Adams on November 12, 2015 at 16:19:28 PT
can't wait to see these topical sativas like Santa Marta Gold come back on the market!  The industry could parallel the ornamental flower industry - they have a seamless transportation network set up to bring the flowers quickly into the US from Central America. I saw documentary showing that most flowers make it to shops up here within 5-6 days of being picked.Of course if prohibition was removed from all "drugs" then the gangs in Central America would evaporate into thin air. This war on drugs is a critical piece of the empire, it allows the US bullies to oppress societies and sow destabilizing wars and violence around the world. I see the Colombians have managed to shut down Monsanto's cancerous Round-up spraying as well. Wonderful gift from Uncle Sam. Good news! Maybe the feds' power is waning due to other economic shifts behind the scenes. 
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