Wendy Davis Backs Medical Marijuana
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Wendy Davis Backs Medical Marijuana
Posted by CN Staff on February 12, 2014 at 06:22:08 PT
By Rodger Jones, Editorial Writer
Source: Dallas Morning News
Texas -- Our newspaper’s editorial board sat down today to interview Wendy Davis and her opponent in the Democratic primary for governor, Reynaldo “Ray” Madrigal. It was my chance to ask marijuana questions that her staff (and likely GOP opponent Greg Abbott’s staff) had been ducking me on. Let’s get right to this transcript of her answers:Questions: As you know, both ends of the political spectrum have questioned the nation’s and state’s drug policies and the mass incarceration that has resulted. Even Gov. Perry has said positive things about decriminalization, as he defines it. What changes would you support in Texas law that now allows for jail time for small amounts of marijuana? And, as a separate question, what’s your position on medical marijuana?
Davis: “I do believe that Gov. Perry’s approach is a reasonable approach, that we as a state need to think about the cost of that incarceration and, obviously, the cost to the taxpayers as a consequence of it, and whether we’re really solving any problem for the state by virtue of incarcerations for small amounts of marijuana possession.“With regard to medical marijuana. I personally believe that medical marijuana should be allowed for. I don’t know where the state is on that, as a population. Certainly as governor I think it’s important to be deferential to whether the state of Texas feels that it’s ready for that.“We certainly have an opportunity to look at what other states are doing and watch and learn from that. I think Texas is in a position right now of being able to sit back a bit and watch to see how this is playing out in other arenas.”Follow-up question: Had a bill gone to the Senate to decrease criminal provisions for possession of small amounts of marijuana, would you have voted for it?Davis: “Yes, I would have.”Another follow-up: If the Legislature were to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot, to let the people decide marijuana legalization, as they did in Colorado and Washington, how would you vote, as a private citizen?SnippedComplete Article: Dallas Morning News (TX)Author: Rodger Jones, Editorial WriterPublished: February 12, 2014Copyright: 2014 The Dallas Morning NewsWebsite: letterstoeditor dallasnews.comCannabisNews Medical Marijuana Archives 
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Comment #1 posted by Ray Walker on February 12, 2014 at 16:45:14 PT:
Davis: “I would consider it.”
Among most Americans that read anything said by a politician we read with careful discerning eyes. The words by Davis: “I would consider it.” are rude and insulting. Of course she will consider it, it is in fact her job to do so. More dignity to her response would've sounded more like this, "I'm not going to answer that question because I'm a rude brat." Just like the rest of the liars at NIDA and the ONDCP, she thinks she can lie and deflect away any honest examination of fact without harboring any involvement or guilt of participating in the process. If at any point in my life I ever told even one of my bosses that, "I would consider it", after being ask if I was going to do my job, I would've been fired. If she meant that she would've considered it for approval, she should've said so and not left it open to interpretation. is where the rest of the answer are.
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