U.S. Attorneys in California Defy Obama on MMJ
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U.S. Attorneys in California Defy Obama on MMJ
Posted by CN Staff on November 18, 2013 at 06:40:56 PT
By Amanda Reiman
Source: Huffington Post
California -- Last week, the Alameda County (CA) Board of Supervisors passed a resolution asking the Federal government to, "end Federal interference on the municipal and state laws allowing medical marijuana, and... requests that President Obama begin a discussion about the potential benefits of reforming federal laws on marijuana use in all forms, including medicinal and recreational uses." Their desire for clarification and support on this issue is understandable. Two of the oldest and most respected dispensaries in California, Harborside Health Center and Berkeley Patients Group, both in Alameda County, have been targeted by the Feds on numerous occasions, even in light of strict regulations imposed by their localities, and a squeaky clean track record of providing both a crucial public health service and a large amount of tax revenue.
On its face, the resolution sounds like a plea to start this conversation with President Obama; however, as we are now learning, this has less to do with orders from the POTUS, and more to do with the vendetta that the U.S. Attorneys in California have against well regulated medical marijuana facilities. The President has been clear about his intentions regarding medical marijuana for quite some time now. During his 2008 campaign, Obama stated that, "I'm not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue." Then, in 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder reiterated that the Feds would only be going after medical marijuana businesses in violation of both Federal and state law. Although California's medical marijuana program is not administered on the state level, numerous localities, including Oakland and Berkeley, both in Alameda Co., developed their own regulations and processes for licensing and overseeing medical marijuana dispensaries. In an effort to ensure compliance with state law, facilities like Harborside and Berkeley Patients Group worked closely with local officials to ensure they were in compliance. So, in 2011, when the four U.S. Attorneys in California announced a crackdown on medical marijuana businesses that were not complying with state law, these dispensaries should have been safe from prosecution. But, as it turns out, the U.S. Attorneys were not playing fair. Instead of going after businesses that were unlicensed or that had received complaints from the community, the U.S. Attorneys targeted some of the most well run and respected entities in the state, including Harborside, Berkeley Patients Group, the Vapor Room in San Francisco, and the Marin Alliance, which was the oldest dispensary in the state. Outrage ensued as supporters accused Obama of going back on his word and questioned the fiscal utility of this crack down. However, things are not always what they seem.Recently, four cases brought by the U.S. Attorney's office in Southern California against landlords renting to dispensaries were dropped. In the process it was discovered that, instead of following the directive of the President and Attorney General on this matter, California U.S. Attorneys were blatantly ignoring the directive concerning compliance with state law, and were instead insisting that state level medical marijuana laws had no weight as long as marijuana was illegal on a Federal level. This was revealed via several emails from the Assistant U.S. Attorney that were obtained by the lawyer defending the dispensary owners and landlords. In the emails, Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Parham makes numerous statements about his office not acknowledging state medical marijuana laws, or the directive of the Attorney General on this matter with statements like, "I told her (defendant) that Congress would have to change the law before we would be persuaded to discontinue our efforts." And, "She (defendant) said that they were operating lawfully under state law. I explained the state/federal law issue to her and made it clear that we are enforcing federal law." The recent resolution passed by Alameda County was courageous and reflective of the work the localities in the county have put into regulating medical marijuana. However, maybe it is misguided. Maybe instead of asking the Obama administration to call off their dogs, they should be asking them to investigate the activities of these U.S. Attorneys, as it is clear that they are not respecting the directives of the President or Attorney General, and have instead decided to go rogue, resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs, huge amounts of tax revenue, and safe access to marijuana for patients in California.Amanda Reiman, Policy Manager, Drug Policy AllianceSource: Huffington Post (NY)	Author: Amanda ReimanPublished: November 18, 2013Copyright: 2013, LLC Contact: scoop huffingtonpost.comWebsite:  Medical Marijuana Archives 
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Comment #25 posted by museman on November 21, 2013 at 12:26:45 PT
Here's something to ponder
This illustrates the situation quite well. The general attitude reflected in that judges inherent disrespect for this man and his rights, and her flagrant attempt to hi -jack the Truth with 'law' is apparent. This is exactly why I feel the way i do. In fact after seeing this, i'll be looking into a way to unregister myself from the voter roster.
Montana Mountain Man arrested for trying to feed himself.
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Comment #24 posted by museman on November 21, 2013 at 10:41:20 PT
runruff #
Nice comeback! I feel much better now. Only a runruff could wrap up this thread so nicely. Thanks.
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Comment #23 posted by runruff on November 20, 2013 at 23:03:13 PT
Us Humans are funny folk!
During the US Civil War, Union troops and rebels crossed over lines at night and visited with each other. They met with hometown friends and shared gossip. They met with relatives and traded letters, coffee and tobacco.The next day they met in a field and shot each other.Humans are funny folk?
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Comment #22 posted by museman on November 20, 2013 at 17:05:12 PT
Just so there is no mistake. I apologize if I seemed to snarl at you. I just have a focus here. It occurs to me that I have no right to question in any way your personal choice of friends, regardless of my feelings on the matter. Maybe your friendship with the man will have positive influence. 
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Comment #21 posted by museman on November 20, 2013 at 15:42:36 PT
To you it may be an 'exception' but in my book that just seems like favoritism and hypocrisy. Not that we shouldn't all be 'friends,' but in my understanding of truth, one can only serve one master. The system of law serves mammon, and those who serve law serve mammon also. Now I agree we are all forced to serve mammon to some degree -mostly by 'law' but we all have the same degrees of choice. When one choice favors destruction, and suffering over all else, I can and do hold those responsible for making those errant choices.Hey i could have taken advantage of ignorance and had a lucrative career as some kind of Guru. Could have taken the offer from the Naval Intelligence and become my own -and your- enemy. Could have had that 40 acres and a mule. Could have sold my soul to the music industry. Could have accepted the compromise and not ever have had to worry about pissing people off because i spoke the truth.But I didn't because I respected the things of Spirit and Truth more. And in all my spiritual walks, I never had to or wanted to interfere with another's walk, unless they threw their ignorances out in front of me like a roadblock. Other than when i swore an oath to protect an ideal that has never actually existed, i have not been asked nor did I ever give permission so these people could lord it over me, regardless of how nice and calmly they destroy this planet. I never got to vote on any of this crap. Are you telling me that I somehow signed a contract with this fracked up government before i was born? I don't think so.I have never agreed to this system. And I never will. Those who support it in any way -and they are legion- are not 'good' people whether they are a 'friend' of mine or yours. The final judgment of that is of course their own case made before the One and Only Real judge...but I can do without their arrogance, their lies, their corruption, and their Great Vanities. I would not allow one to be my friend while still serving the beast. But that's just me.Any justifications that can be raised for this putrescent occupation and practice, are exactly that and nothing more. Excuses for bad behavior are not enough. The only thing that is enough, is when the error is admitted, and noticeable effort is being made by the worshippers of law and mammon to stop the error, and repair the damages.I see none of that, though I see many political claims...I would like to see some humanity start to replace the robots of mammon. When I see it, I will acknowledge it.I am glad you got some respect runruff, because you deserved it. My jury is still out on the other guy.
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Comment #20 posted by runruff on November 20, 2013 at 13:15:00 PT
But you probably knew that? My keys stick sometimes?I eat and type, sometimes.
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Comment #19 posted by runruff on November 20, 2013 at 13:09:33 PT
Doug Fong, Assistant Federal Prosecutor.
Doug Was the Asst. County Prosecutor in 1996 when he prosecuted me for growing pot on my property. 2005,Doug Fong was is working for the Federal Prosecutor and again our paths crossed when, once again he was prosecuting me for growing pot on my property.I got to know Doug during my first bust, during my second bust, we became friends. I respected Doug from day one. He is genuine.After my last appearance before Judge Panner [another good man 88yo.] On the way out I stoped at Dougs table shook his hand and said, well Doug, you are my benolent advessary." He said, no Jerry, we're friends! And he was right. Over our 20 year relationship we have become friends. Doug convicted me twice but I know he did not want to convict me at all. Manditory minimums. Lawyers and investors in the for profit prison system love these.I have met many, many lawyers in my life and Doug is an exeption and my friend.
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Comment #18 posted by museman on November 20, 2013 at 10:53:27 PT
As far as i am concerned all 'law' is 'faux law.' And every court sits a kangaroo in robes. Yes I will admit that when you have been falsely accused of a 'crime' that is not a crime, but yet has no defense whatsoever -like cannabis possession has been in every state in the 'union' before the people started saying no to thugs-that when lawyer gets you a plea bargain many folks tend to think of the lawyer as a 'good guy.' Its kind of like the 'bonding' that kidnappees get with their captors when shown a tiny bit of kindness after weeks of various tortures. But the lawyers aren't any more ones friend than a kidnapper is the friend of his prey.Even the judge that 'would have let me go' (a nice story of how one can get their own justice -to a degree- in the current system) could not break free of the constraints of BS law, and had to sentence me to two felonies, even though I only did 7 days, no fine, no probation. Even one who had the potential to come clean, and supposedly the 'power' was shackled by the 'letter of the law' -all written by lawyers and having nothing to do with the constitution, except where the 'supreme' kangaroos 'ruled' nearly 100% for the power of the wealthy and screwed the rest.Yes these truths will go far eventually in liberating us from false belief in false authority. We the few, the stoned, and the consciously awakening -maybe in that order will keep stating our perspectives on the truth.If there is one thing I have learned in my 6+ decades, its that when you state a truth and someone reacts like in this thread, that truth obviously struck a nerve. When ideas cannot be discussed without pointing fingers at persons, those pointing fingers invariably embody exactly what the stated truth was talking about. There are some pretty thick-necked people running around acting like they are illuminated. Using words they picked up while lurking, and attempting to capitalize on redundant phrasing that they think has some power because other people are using them effectively.Like somebody spouting all the New Age rhetoric, dressing in the finest imported clothing from some south american slave/sweat shop, and talking crap on their cell phone while riding in their tuesday Mazarrati because the Monday Cadillac is in the shop. Yes they be cool man, they got the stuff and the words!The fruit of this system is corrupt because the system is corrupt. The actual 'freedom fighters' out there not made by the CIA 'create a terrorist squad' are seeing the truth about amerika, and even though I cannot condone violence in any form, for any reason, I surely understand their sentiments.The White Amerikan Culture has raped the world, and in modern times the responsibility sits squarely on the shoulders of this government -not this 'administration' this government.Ah BTW for whomever is interested, I, my family, my friends, and many people I do not know who shared our awareness, were "BASHED" by lawyers and their ilk, long before I began to speak up. If I followed their flavor of 'justice' every one of those pretenders would be paying us all restitution while they sit in the prisons they made, working for $.04 an hour making license plates. And that would be gracious and kind compared to what they have done to us.
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Comment #17 posted by runruff on November 20, 2013 at 08:13:31 PT
Farmers we cannot live without!
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Comment #16 posted by runruff on November 20, 2013 at 07:27:09 PT
The DoJ is corrupt, 
...follow the DoJ and you are corrupt! There may be a few lawyers who work for the good of society? but for every one there are 10 thousand who are thick shinned, money monkeys. Most all judges are elevated lawyers, mostly prosecutors with a political agenda and they are the worst, cut throat bandits with a badge in society.Lawyers feed off of the misery of society and more likely than not, created the faux-law that created the "real" misery.Yup, bottom feeders!
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Comment #15 posted by museman on November 19, 2013 at 15:48:54 PT
"We all come into this world and follow the direction we feel is right for us. I wouldn't want everyone to be just like each other. I believe differently then you and that is OK and the same goes for you. We all are on our own special journey."And when you can respect me like that, it is so much easier to respect you. -even though I already do. If you were a lawyer, not so much. :)
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Comment #14 posted by museman on November 19, 2013 at 15:40:04 PT
hate me if you must...
What do you think the Nazi SS guard said to the naked jewess pleading for her life before he shot her in the head and kicked her body into the pit with the others unfortunate to have been 'politically incorrect' at the time?"Hey, nuthin' personal, its just my job. I'm under orders."I suppose he shared wine, food, and laughter with his friends, did he not? I bet his friends thought he was a good guy. Maybe he was...before he accepted the Nazi way. But after? Not so much.I swore an oath to protect the citizens and the US Constitution from 'enemies both foreign and domestic.' They've probably removed that 'domestic' part by now. I have sworn only a few oaths in my time, and only two in front of witnesses. I take them seriously. Other wise why bother? Oh I realize that many young fools did not hear the words that they were swearing to, and far too many found out as they lay dying in the mud just exactly where the truth lay...literally. But I volunteered with more youthful patriotism and idealism than anyone who has come to know me would even believe.And like so many I found out the truth. Funny thing, most of us who discovered these truths about the nature of this country and its devious doings were labelled as 'drug addicts' because we dared to push the parameters of liberty -with HARM TO NONE- by partaking in cannabis and other Sacred Medicines. We were and cached into 'fringe' elements because after the WOD failed to silence us we had to be made social pariahs in the media and the status quo -vilified, profiled by every aspect of 'law' as 'criminal.' But even that was not enough. They attacked our families. Refused to hire us, and even outlawed gathering without a permit. They enacted city and county ordinances outlawing certain kinds of behavior aimed directly at me and those of my inclined persuasions. I and the people of Yah -those who hold Truth Love, and the Essence of the Creator of that same truth and love above the concerns of selfish profit and gain- have had nothing but the fruits of evil shoved down our throats -in the NAME OF THE LAW! It is written; "You shall know them by their fruits." And by YHWH, I am a witness!Well let me tell you with all passion that I can embed in my words;I serve the NAME OF LOVE. I ACCEPT THE AUTHORITY OF TRUTH.In the "Rule of Law" there is neither.That which is referred to in that light has become "Domestic enemy number one." And in further evidence, it was I who was declared war on by them.I tried to avoid conflict with them most of my life, displaying the sings of PTSD they so 'graciously' (not) finally got around to admitting...but then I got hold of this new fandangled contraption called the internet. Sometime around the turn of the century people started getting brave and sticking their necks out with the truth. Sometime after the debacle of 9/11 I began to see that the minority of conscious people was growing. It was heartening.The end of the Mayan calendar was very inspiring, enlightening, and exciting, but I knew it wouldn't really take like so much hype was on about it. Even though I personally experienced the truth in the story of it, I knew it would take a lot more than wishful thinking to bring about the real consciousness change. But for those who have been at it a while, and those few who were just waking up it was monumental in the fact that it confirmed everything us 'fringe'-'drug addicted'-'poor'-weird people have suffered in the keeping of.There are things being talked about on youtube, facebook, etc, that 40 years ago I was accused then of the same nonsense I am now, simply because the conversation hadn't caught up with me yet. Can anyone imagine how it is, knowing truths that 98% of the population mocks and derides? And then after 40 years of denial, suddenly they are all talking about as if they had just got a great understanding?But this is not about you, or me, and that is the point of my insense. It is about forms of thought, ways of thinking. I have gone past the knowledge I wanted to talk about then, and to revelations of the present. It is nice to know and see that there are others who are -scattered across the planet- simultaneously and synchronistically, receiving the same understandings. It makes one feel not so quite alone.There is a Paradigm Shift in process. It is part Nature, part Human Awakening, and part result and reaction to all of the destruction and pollution of both the land and the spirit by those who have been too long in power on this planet. This is being witnessed by anyone not in hiding and/or denial. Alas i know all too well the dynamic of having to 'love one's enemies.' There are many in my blood family that blood is the only thing that binds us. But I do not support or condone the things I know they do are wrong. However if they read my posts I am sure they would at least try to think about it. And if they commit error in front of me, I guarantee it will not finish. I want to say one more thing. Its about judgement, and being a judge.First of all there are no real qualifying judges sitting on any 'benches' anywhere in the world as far as i can tell.The best description of what a 'judge' truly is is exemplified in the story of Solomon. Solomon is reputed for his wisdom, in that every judgment he handed down was not about LAW but JUSTICE. His fame remains because of this fact.To be a judge and help decide ways for neighbors to keep peace with each other requires a couple of things; experience and wisdom, but also an empathy that can discern the essence of both 'sides' and wisely decide the best course of action. This is not the modern 'judge.' The modern judge gets his qualification from the 'academy of law' of his or his patrons choosing. It hangs on the wall in every 'judges' chamber as testimony to his false authority. True Justice and Wise Judgements do not come from law.To accuse one falsely is also a form of judgement, which uncannily and ironically enough is bolstered and supported by the belief in law, instead of love. To judge, is also to 'weigh in the balance' to compare and choose. But when you start plugging lives into that equation as if they were just numbers representing some kind of monetary value, well I'd say its gone just a wee bit too far.Yes, i'm sure everyone is a nice person to somebody. Too bad they didn't say no when they should have. But then they'd be unemployed wouldn't they? And consumer priorities being the way they are in amerika, that's understandable right?
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Comment #13 posted by FoM on November 19, 2013 at 15:01:02 PT
We all come into this world and follow the direction we feel is right for us. I wouldn't want everyone to be just like each other. I believe differently then you and that is OK and the same goes for you. We all are on our own special journey.
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Comment #12 posted by museman on November 19, 2013 at 13:42:49 PT
I'd like to agree with you. Quite frankly I don't want nor need enemies, but I must point out that I do not live in a glass house, I live in a drafty old bus, so if i toss a few stones at the real criminals I'm not worried about breaking the truth.To me, if one serves this system of corruption -no matter what ones intent and how nice one can act towards their friends- they still serve corruption. Does that make one a 'bad' person? I have to say that the proof is in the pudding.I know that no real change is going to come about by continuing to support failed systems, so I absolutely will not. And just to get the record straight, I'm not the one(s) going around declaring war. False accusation is just that. No person is accused in any of my posts except the ones that are in response to accusations leveled at me.No one on this planet has the authority to rule over me and mine in any way shape or form. If they did they wouldn't need their various thugs to try and force me to agree and capitulate with their corruption. Having to use money as the only 'accepted' means of exchange is a deliberate usurpation of our most basic and Sacred Rights. Those values are based in fear, not trust. The 'deciding factor' in every instance of modern 'law' is the power of wealth, social stature, and celebrity, and has nothing to do with justice or common sense. Those who uphold this travesty are guilty of great crimes against YHWH and humanity.Those crimes are continually being disguised as 'public service' and OMG! 'heroism.' I am confident that when the TRUTH finally arrives on this planet in force, I will be honored for the truth I have made the effort to reveal.Now all I gotta do is duck the bullets from those who refuse to see. But the consciousness is raising. Love does not require forgiveness for error, just forgiveness of the people. If the people are stupid and unconscious of their error, they are exempt until they have been told or shown. Once that has happened there is no longer any excuse for their corruption and they have only one choice; to repent. Defending the rights of liars and thieves -who just happen to be in power, is not repentance.The sheer weight and numbers of the dastardly deeds perpetrated on the peoples of this planet by this group of corrupted 'people' is beyond redemption at this point. The only good thing that will come from it is when they are finally stopped for good.If I live long enough, i will see peace, prosperity, and plenty shared by all. I guarantee this will never happen while these miscreants are in power.
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Comment #11 posted by FoM on November 19, 2013 at 12:12:32 PT
I know there are bad lawyers too but we have been fortunate. Anytime we needed a lawyer they were fair with their price and helpful with the problem we needed solved. The friend that we had that was a lawyer was one of the kindest people I have known. It really depends on the intentions of the lawyer in my opinion. 
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Comment #10 posted by museman on November 19, 2013 at 11:53:48 PT
Not a troll
Ok i did a search, and i have to retract my statement about this guy not being here. Apparently this sentiment of his has been stated before, and in the interests of peace I have ignored him. Alright, Score 1 point. But thats about it. The rest stands.
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Comment #9 posted by museman on November 19, 2013 at 10:56:24 PT
Just a troll
Its ok Fom, we have been here for some time, seen 'em come and go. Fortunately all those 'other' posters do know the difference between a poster and a troll. I never have seen this guy ever, so if he was 'following' it wasn't too close. Or maybe he/she let slip that they have been here under an other name?You know I don't like pissing people off, it is not my intention. However I have found that certain truths cannot be adequately digested by the consciousness if they are too sugar coated.This person was all up in pointing a finger at me, without so much as a consideration of what I actually said. I personally was accused. My posts are about ideologies, organizations, and systems of belief. Unpleasant fact and truths for sure, but I had to walk through the fire of those truths, I didn't just lurk around forums for my experience.I had two brothers who were a cops and a wanna be cop. The one who was a cop is dead because he liked speed (like so many cops do) the other one is in prison for what his 'fraternity of blue meanies'- would like to call 'excessive force.'I had a good friend who was a lawyer, I met him when he was barred from practice because he dared to speak the truth in court -outside of the proscribed methods, he got angry about the loop-de-loop false logic of his fellow arbiters. After he became a lawyer, he was exclusively a 'pot' lawyer in Ca, May still be. We grew apart. Because as runruff said; "Lawyers a re bottom feeders." Someone else coined the phrase on this site; "Lawurinators" which I am quite fond of.Once upon a time, cops were your neighbors. Now they are blooded 'heros' from the many corporate wars of global conquest being waged under the false flags of 'freedom' and 'anti-terrorism.' These same ILK do nothing but cause terror themselves!"Lawyers are people too!" Well if you count the fact that they all have the same basic needs, yes. They all have the same opportunities to grow up into Human Beings as the rest of us, but they chose to be the scum of the earth instead. Should I honor them just because they are devolved from human stock? I prefer to give honor where it is deserved, not just because it is an occupation honored by the rich and the decrepit. That which has no honor can neither give nor receive it. I suppose that a law could be made to curtail my liberty to speak/write the truth...oh that's right, it's called the "Patriot Act." and 'anti-hate-speech' laws, and the 'blight laws,' and the 'mandatory insurance laws,' the over all 'pay-to-play' system of mutual ass-kissers you can find in any court house in this country.And talk about "Puffed up chests" Ever look at these 'people' in action? Ever sat in court room and had to 'take off your hat' as a 'sign' of respect? Or get kicked out of the courtroom, or worse, charged with 'contempt' and jailed? And the judges all act like they are somehow superior, with the raised 'seat of judgement' and all?And anyone who was ever in a masonic order and got out while they could, will recognize the format of the courtroom ritual.You know I thought about whether or not i had crossed any lines of ethical behavior, and even if I had made a mistake in my wording (I didn't) the spirit of accusation and personal attack that oozed so slimily out of that response is indicative of troll-like behavior.It is at times like these, i find some pride in knowing that these narrow-minded sentiments are going thew way of the Dodo. The fire of truth, and the winds of change will not brook such arrogant assumptions and ignorance. I, and if not I, then others who do know the truth will still be standing when all of the kings soldiers, and all the kings men have joined their humpty dumpty in the ruins of their corruption.This system is in error. I understand not everyone agrees. I can love and forgive everything and everyone that acts in the same way -the way of tolerance and forgiveness. I cannot forgive actions, deeds, and words, that only caused suffering and pain in the world. And those who practice law cannot possibly practice humanity; that 'practice' is evil. The fruits of it are evil. Show me different.So all those cops, take off their uniforms, badges and guns, and get down on their knees and ask for forgiveness for being the fracked up violent assholes that they are and have been, and the lawyers and judges reject their false authority and make many public apologies for their corrupt choices and the results of them- then they are 'people too.' Otherwise they are just demonic.LEGALIZE FREEDOMand you know I have only scratched the surface.
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Comment #8 posted by FoM on November 19, 2013 at 09:26:58 PT
I understand what you believe and are saying and I understand what Museman and Runruff believe and are saying. I run CNews but I post more on other interests of mine on Facebook. CNews started late in 1998. When I think of how hard it was to get where we are today it makes me smile. It was one of the highlights of my life. We still are read by many people but most people have said how they feel and we are basically just watching the tide turn. As far as lawyers go I have been fortunate to know nice lawyers. One was a friend but he passed away. So much of how we feel is because we have come to some conclusion over our life as to what is important and what isn't. I wish you the best.
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Comment #7 posted by laduncon on November 19, 2013 at 09:09:16 PT:
peace out
I have followed this website since its inception. It once was the best source for cannabis news on the internet. As time has gone by and many other avenues for cannabis reformers have opened, the message boards seem to be populated with many posters who I have no desire to share common community with any longer.  It seems they feel the same way. Like a party that has dwindled to its final numbers and the awkward silence falls as each person plots his eventual escape. The simpleminded see in black and white, if they see at all, forgetting the immense field of grey, puffing up their chests as they cast aspersions at others through labels which deny shared humanity and desperately seek to make the name-caller feel righteous. Grow up. Peace out to many and good riddance to some. 
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Comment #6 posted by runruff on November 19, 2013 at 07:59:50 PT
The bottom feeders of society!
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Comment #5 posted by museman on November 18, 2013 at 16:08:55 PT
when you are a High Priest
of error, you are in error. The facts are the facts, the truth is the truth, the evidence -outside the status-quo biased record- is in. If it were only an opinion it would be stated so. Denial and arguments of compromise are the basis of making a lie acceptable. The percentages vary in different demographics across the domains of the wealthy, but only it seems that only the servants of the 'law' tend to defend it in any real situation, seeing as to what and whom the 'law' truly serves. I am not afraid to proclaim the truth that 'The Law' is itself an abomination before Yah (god) There are those who know it to be true and those who will recognize the truth in the statement. Until that one last little constitutional right is taken away, and I can personally be accused of something mind you I am not the one who used the word 'hate,' I will 'consistently' reveal the truth, call it what you will.And now we're done.LEGALIZE FREEDOM
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Comment #4 posted by laduncon on November 18, 2013 at 12:17:34 PT:
I sense a good deal of hurt and hate in Museman's consistent bashing of all lawyers. I do not know his story, but I do know it does not represent my feelings on the subject. Personal feelings do not make one-size-fits-all derogatory statement's true, regardless of how strong those feelings may be. Lawyers are people just like all of us; some good, some bad. It may make one feel good to group all in one basket in order to shame, ostracize, and scapegoat all of society's ills upon them; however, such tactics are a great distortion of the truth and not a productive means of accomplishing change. My two cents.
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Comment #3 posted by museman on November 18, 2013 at 09:28:22 PT
the 'practice' of law
Is a practice of greed, avarice, complicity, unethical behavior, and service to money. Lawyers only serve rich people. Ever had to have a 'Public Defender' because you weren't rich? How'd that go for you? The only other thing that Lawyers serve is wealthy corporations. No matter how you cut it the ilk of the lawyer is the bane of Constitutional Law, not a bonafide representative of it. Judges are lawyers. Politicians are lawyers.Lawyers think they rule, that their perspective on reality is the most correct, and that their 'profession' is 'superior' and righteous. Their cop dogs reflect that same arrogance on a more violent, street level.Well, as i have said before, that 'profession' is an abomination before YHWH (God). They all ultimately serve demons or they don't get their 
Mazaratti, the mistress, and the several houses.One day a significant number of real people will realize that they have the power and authority, and all these 'people' have ever done is lie about it and create clever obfuscations of the intended constitutional truths.Everything they do is about mammon, not justice, not fairness or common sense. Selfish greed is their god, and we the people continue in all blindness and ignorance to pay their way.It is only slightly meant as a joke when it was stated "Kill the lawyers first!"LEGALIZE FREEDOM
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Comment #2 posted by runruff on November 18, 2013 at 07:14:40 PT
The tip of the iceberg.
The federal government is mammoth in it's size and the amount of money allocated to it makes controlling all the various muti-billion dollar fiefdoms, AKA bureaus impossible to control. A G-34 paygrade in the fed has no boss, he says ,"the president is always the new kid on the block and of no conequence to my personal agenda". The USA has out grown it's size. We are too different in our lifestyles across the country for one central overblown, out of touch government. This one cannot marshal it's own peeps!
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Comment #1 posted by HempWorld on November 18, 2013 at 07:14:27 PT
Going Rogue?
"California U.S. Attorneys"Do these people deserve a slap on the wrist?Do they?Why do they "go rogue"? Is it maybe, maybe, because the feds are providing them still, with incentives to keep sabotaging MM after 15 years, over the backs of we the people? Just like the feds giving sheriffs all over the state(s) money to eradicate legal farms, time and again, continuing to today?Meanwhile in CO and WA, legalization on Jan 1st.Prohibition a great make work program, it never let's you down!
Jan 1st It Will Be Legal Despite California U.S. Attnorneys Actions! 
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