New MMJ Law Doesn't Make Old Crimes OK
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New MMJ Law Doesn't Make Old Crimes OK
Posted by CN Staff on July 13, 2013 at 17:30:02 PT
By The Associated Press
Source: Associated Press
Portland, Ore. -- Two Oregon prosecutors say they won't drop cases against people who are now accused of selling medical marijuana at retail outlets  even though the business soon will be legal."This conduct was against the law at the time people committed the crime," Bracken McKey, a Washington County prosecutor told The Oregonian newspaper --  "We are expected to hold people accountable." Gov. John Kitzhaber is expected to sign a bill creating a legal marketplace for medical marijuana for an estimated 56,000 Oregon patients.
Prosecutors, however, won a last-minute amendment that protects cases existing before the state issues cards for dispensaries, expected next year.McKey said Washington County took into account eventual passage of dispensary legislation when deciding the level of charges filed against the operators of the Human Collective, a Tigard collective raided last year. He said the district attorney's office will continue prosecuting Don Morse and Sarah Bennett, who are accused of manufacturing, possessing and distributing marijuana.Likewise, Malheur County District Attorney Dan Norris said criminal cases related to the 45th Parallel, a medical marijuana establishment near the Idaho state line, will continue. Charges are pending against eight defendants in that case. Ten others pleaded guilty to possession or distribution of marijuana, and in some cases both.Norris said the operation wouldn't have fallen under the protection of House Bill 3460 even if it had been in effect at the time. Under the bill, medical marijuana retailers must be separate from grow sites, a requirement that Norris said the 45th Parallel didn't meet.Elsewhere in Oregon, Jackson and Lane county law enforcement raided medical marijuana retailers and arrested their operators. Prosecutors in those counties did not respond to interview requests.Margie Paris, a professor at the University of Oregon School of Law, said prosecutors are on solid legal ground, but getting a guilty verdict for activity that's about to be legal could be a problem: "If the defendant chooses to go to trial, can you get a jury to convict?"Source: Associated Press (Wire)Published:  July 13, 2013Copyright: 2013 The Associated PressCannabisNews  Medical Marijuana Archives 
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Comment #5 posted by museman on July 14, 2013 at 09:39:26 PT
runruff #4
I know! It seems so obvious, but I guess one has to experience it up front and personal before they stop believing all the lies repeated in state controlled media (money controls the state -and the media).Yes it is quite a little exclusive family of lawyers they have there, with the little piggies their favorite pets. And it doesn't stop at the local court house, it just begins there, and continues all the way to the top. The 'top' lawyers run the country, and they all belong to the same club!This is why nothing will ever work in the political arena, no solutions can come from there. They have their own selfish, corrupt agendas, and have only pretended to listen to the people to get themselves elected. I have been around long enough now to see the dynamics of all this. I've been fooled several times by the cleverness of the silver tongues -just like everyone else, but I've also got to know their real character up-close-and-personal.Smoking herb never worried them as much as intelligence, awareness, and a demonstrated lack of fear for their violent arrogance. -The truth does that for a person. The truth that they are all liars and thieves, and that without the support of fearful people their lies would consume them quickly, and we'd be done with them.But the system runs pretty deep. "Law" is just the bones, and some of the muscle of the monster, the meat, skin, and nerve system is the false belief that the people continue to hold in their minds and their hearts. Prohibition is just one glaring example. Why do people think that these fiends are 'ok' except for pot?' How thick can you get?Cannabis is a revealer of their corruption , and one doesn't even have to smoke it to get the picture, but apparently even some smokers can't realize that the problem is systematic and not localized to one political attitude.And why? Because they don't want to let go of their little piece of the amerikan pie. Simple and sad.LEGALIZE FREEDOM
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Comment #4 posted by runruff on July 14, 2013 at 06:19:02 PT
Prosecutors v. justice.
If you are as intimately familiar with the just-us system , you would realize that the prosecutors run the system. 
At trial all cops lie and they lie poorly and inconsistently. They contradict each other like black and white...yet, The judge always rules in favor of the cops .The prosecutor sets the sentence and calls the shots. the judge [who was once a prosecutor] rubber stamps the DAs case. A jury trial? they make it nearly impossible to get a jury trial and if you ask for one you get this; If you plea I will only charge you with one felony. If we go jury I will split judicial hairs and charge you with a dozen felonies. I will put you in a hole you cannot dig yourself out of. This will be an unfair trial that the DA will win and they will throw the book at you for being so impudent as to waste their time and resources.Justice in our politicized system is an ugly joke.
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Comment #3 posted by boballen131313 on July 13, 2013 at 21:19:41 PT:
Another WTF!
Are these prosecutors considering the jury pool that will be available? A closer inspection of State constitutions may also present problems to continued marijuana persecution. It makes my skin crawl to think some State Persecutor using his/her state funded office for personal political gain! Who in the world is going to benefit from such entrenched ignorance, except the ignorant?This constitutes a war crime against humanity.
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Comment #2 posted by runruff on July 13, 2013 at 20:58:46 PT
"we're just enforcing the law"
"I vas chust followink orders" did not fly at Nuremburg and it rings just as hollow here.Good post Mr. X.Don't fear the reefer!
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Comment #1 posted by Swazi-X on July 13, 2013 at 18:43:36 PT
Jobs Protection for Imperialist Lawyers
These D.A. clowns are only insuring they have another paycheck or two and are - per usual - grandstanding for the rich and powerful ignorant against the "Devil Weed" and all those lowlifes who use and grow it. And, as usual, they're riding on a wave of our money to do it.What we need is an imaginative, brave, honest lawyer (mythical beast?) to dig up all those horse crap laws nobody enforces and apply them to these abusers of our criminal justice system - the D.A.s who insist on prosecuting those who, in a few months, haven't broken a law.These retro-boneheads need a comeuppance in the legal sense, where we take them to task and to court for violating some other nonsensical laws - and then we can use that same old tired line of "we're just enforcing the law" against them the same way they use it against us.
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