Lawmakers Move To Ban MMJ Use from Car Ins. Claims

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  Lawmakers Move To Ban MMJ Use from Car Ins. Claims

Posted by CN Staff on September 27, 2011 at 15:28:15 PT
By Kathleen Gray, Detroit Free Press Staff Writer 
Source: Detroit Free Press 

Michigan -- Health insurance was never meant to cover the cost of medical marijuana and soon, car insurance won’t be able to be used either to ease the pain of car wreck-related injuries.The state Senate Judiciary committee voted unanimously today to prohibit auto insurance companies from paying claims for medical marijuana. And surprisingly enough, it’s already happened, said Peter Kuhnmuench, executive director of the Insurance Institute of Michigan.
“Absolutely, right out of the gate, companies started getting claims,” he said, adding that some insurance companies covered the claims because the issue wasn’t specifically addressed in the medical marijuana law.Health insurance coverage is expressly prohibited in the medical marijuana law, but auto insurance wasn’t anticipated by the authors of the bill.But they want it to be.Tim Beck, one of the original writers of the law that was passed by voters in 2008, said he wanted to be transparent in his negotiations on changes to the law that are being considered by the state legislature.“If we’re going to negotiate in good faith, we have to be honest,” he said. “And the intent was never to have insurance pay for medical marijuana.”The car insurance prohibition now goes to the full Senate for consideration.Next on the list for medical marijuana clarifications are prohibiting medical marijuana from being covered under workers compensation claims and requiring people to live in the state for a year before they’re eligible for medical marijuana certificates.The latter addresses a problem Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, heard from Michigan State Police who have concerns about people renting a home in Michigan, getting a drivers license and a medical marijuana certificate and growing enough pot to take back to their home states for sale.“This is not the sort of farmer we want to attract in Michigan,” Jones said.Jones, along with state Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker, R-Lawton, plan to sponsor the legislation and hope it’s brought up for action this year.Source: Detroit Free Press (MI)Author: Kathleen Gray, Detroit Free Press Staff WriterPublished: September 27, 2011Copyright: 2011 Detroit Free PressWebsite: letters freepress.comURL: Medical Marijuana Archives

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Comment #8 posted by schmeff on September 30, 2011 at 09:12:07 PT

It's a Matter of Scale
I suspect that when you analyze the harms caused, in total, by ALL controlled substances, they would pale in comparison to the immense human suffering caused by insurance companies.
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Comment #7 posted by ekim on September 29, 2011 at 10:10:27 PT

2 storys one on Howard and one on MMMA annual MMMA film festThe Michigan Medical Marijuana Associations 2nd Annual film festival 
Sat. Oct 22nd 2-5pm 
2150 Bagley, Detroit MI 48216
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Comment #6 posted by runruff on September 28, 2011 at 13:51:09 PT

"Independence is the bane of conformity"-RR
When I was in the eighth grade we were still under Eisenhower. Conformity was the fashion in those days. One of the worst cut-lows was to be called a "nonconformist". It was as bad as being called a "communist", which was very bad back then. "The button Down Mind of Bob Newhart" was the number one comedy LP of the day. Then came Marlon and James D. and later on TV appeared Maynard G. Crebbs and my life was never the same after that. Maynard was Dobbies buddy, a drop out beatnik who was funny, did not like work and used cool words. That was all good enough for me! Then came the social coop de gras...the BEATLES! If the corporate machine ever had a chance of sucking me in they lost it with the clarion call of "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Dr. Tinothy Leary declared, "Tune in, Turn on Drop out!"
I responded, "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah"!
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Comment #5 posted by museman on September 28, 2011 at 09:54:23 PT

the tapestry of lies
“If we’re going to negotiate in good faith, we have to be honest,”Ha ha! LoL. LMAO! This crap is as far away from honesty, and good faith, as you can get; when you speak the words but mean the opposite! -its called LYING!Orwellian hypocrisyEver hear the tale of "Simple Simon?"well it seems to me that that is what the 'upper crust' thinks of the citizenry, and frankly, the citizenry seems to behave that way as well."Yes Massa!"Yes, lets all go out and vote, because that's all the power we have? God, what they teach in the schools!LEGALIZE FREEDOM
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Comment #4 posted by museman on September 28, 2011 at 09:28:27 PT

Yes.I haven't ever paid taxes. Drove a car for 23 years without insurance and a drivers license. Lived off the grid for 20 of those years. As I stated in another post, I'd rather live in a tent, or a cardboard box than be forced to live in the city, even in a penthouse. And I salted the planet with 7 powerful people who got the reference, and are now out there among you standing on a real earth-based foundation, not that urban disaster afflicting nature with its concrete contamination.Babylon is falling.Ok, so some people don't get the reference? America is falling down, and won't get back up in the same framework. If the political engines keep rolling, the fall could be fatal. People need to break away. Better to make sacrifices willingly, and with a plan, than to sit back, spinning those economic, political wheels, waiting for the axe to fall.Freedom is not something that can be regulated, and still be freedom. It isn't handed out by the government, it is stifled by them. True freedom requires sacrifice, because our rulers job is to make sure it isn't just part of our natural inheritance by whatever means necessary, including persecution, prosecution, imprisonment, death, and war to make it 'morally right.'In 1969 I saw the writing on the wall, the cracks in the mortar of Babylonian belief systems, and by 1975 (it takes a while to get up the guts) I had to literally start walking with only the clothes on my back to get out of the city. I had no job, no money, no car, etc. just naked determination. I got out, walked about, saw that it was as easy as that, and I've tasted a fair amount of freedom ever since.But there aren't too many places like the Illinois Valley and surrounding vortex, people better find 'em while they can. We've (people in my community) had numerous discussions this past year about how we are going to have to deal with refugees in the near future, and some of the possible scenarios aren't very pleasant.80% of our population live in and around cities. That's about 230 million people who don't have a clue about how to live when the power cuts off permanently. Scary.Or we could have a kind of Soylent Green society, Orwells vision, or Huxleys, - we're already almost to the fascist,in-your-face Big Brother of Orwells 1984, if not there.And what perpetuates all this? The jobs. The wasteful use of resources; food and energy, and the false perception of all those people living in the cities who can't break the cycles of habitual waste and consumerism, that there are no other options.I also think it is a kind of spiritual, moral, ethical laziness. Until I physically walked out of the city, I ran all the excuses through my head, including the 'well, maybe tomorrow' one.So I have mixed feelings about all those people whose denial makes life and the future of our planet, and my children a tenuous, fragile thing. Part pity, part disgust, part anger, and part compassion.Plan For The Future, Live Today!and while you are at it,LEGALIZE FREEDOM

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Comment #3 posted by FoM on September 28, 2011 at 05:16:22 PT

I met my husband when he was home from Vietnam for about a year. We lived on the east coast and felt a strong need to move far away and live in the country. With $400 and a dream we moved and have never looked back. I understand what you are saying.
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Comment #2 posted by runruff on September 28, 2011 at 02:20:21 PT

" Do we have a say over anything?"
Yes we do! We can still, "tune in, turn on, and drop out" I did it 35 years ago. I have paid a price [their pound of flesh} but it has been worth it to me to have lived free and independent otherwise. We have to leave the corporate, Wall Street capitalist model behind and invent your own lifestyle independent of what is being offered in the way of conforming to society and also, lose the patriotism. Patriotism is a hype to keep the masses in line just like religion.Go agrarian if you can. Get out of the suburbs, this you must! All governments are sociopaths in their nature. Sociopaths want you to think they are you friends but this posturing is to manipulate us into a strictly usury position. Independence is the bane of conformity. If you want to render the government less powerful do not support it. I have not paid an income tax since 1978. I have owned three homes and live as normally as anyone on the surface. This is how I believe. 
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Comment #1 posted by Totalrod2 on September 27, 2011 at 21:59:58 PT

The system is so broken, what else can I say? Do we have a say over anything?
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