Marijuana Patients Can Grow Their Own for Now
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Marijuana Patients Can Grow Their Own for Now
Posted by CN Staff on April 03, 2011 at 13:03:36 PT
By Jon Johnson, Assistant Editor
Source: Eastern Arizona Courier
AZ -- Arizonans now know what steps they must take before legally growing, selling or using medical marijuana, according to Arizona state laws.The Arizona Department of Health Services finished making its policy decisions regarding the medical marijuana rules and posted them on its Web site Monday.
To download a PDF file of the 92-page document, go to: and click on the "Final Rules" link. There are also links to download a PDF file of the physician certification form and a link for frequently asked questions.The physician certification form is the only form accepted by the ADHS for qualifying patients to apply for a registry medical marijuana identification card. Applications for a registry identification card for a patient, designated caregiver of dispensary agent must be submitted electronically in a department-provided format.  Patient registry identification card applicants will be charged a fee of $150 for initial and renewal cards; designated caregiver applicants will be charged $200, and a dispensary agent will be charged a $500 fee. Patients who submit a copy of an eligibility notice or electronic benefits transfer card demonstrating current participation in the food stamps program will be charged a reduced fee of $75 per application. To qualify for food stamps, a person or family must have a gross income that is 130 percent or less than the federal poverty level. That equates to a monthly gross income of $1,984 for a family of three.All application fees are nonrefundable and must be renewed annually. The ADHS will review each patient's application within 15 working days and give a determination if the patient meets the criteria to possess a medical marijuana card. All patients must be residents of Arizona.The ADHS will begin accepting applications from patients April 14 when the medical marijuana law goes into effect, and, because it will not begin accepting applications for dispensaries until June, all patients who are granted a registry card may begin growing up to 12 plants of cannabis.According to the law, patients who lives more than 25 miles from a dispensary will be able to grow their own cannabis. ADHS Director Will Humble said dispensaries are not likely to begin operation until September, so every patient granted a card between April and that date will, by default, live more than 25 miles from a dispensary. After dispensaries begin operation within the 25-mile radius, however, patients will no longer be able to grow their own cannabis.Additionally, patients who want to grow their own medication must do so in a secure facility.Outside cultivation must be enclosed by a 10-foot-high concrete wall and include a metal gate. Inside cultivation, however, would only require the cannabis to be grown in a locked room or closet. A Dispensary in Every Health Area  The ADHS will grant a dispensary application for each of its 126 Community Health Analysis Areas as long as there are qualified applications in each area.The CHAA for Safford consists of southern Graham County and takes in the Gila Valley.Applicants for a dispensary will be charged a fee of $5,000 to register a new dispensary, $1,000 to renew its registration and $2,500 to change the location of a dispensary or cultivation site or add another cultivation site.Registration must be renewed annually. Source: Eastern Arizona Courier (AZ)Author: Jon Johnson, Assistant EditorCopyright: 2011 Eastern Arizona CourierPublished: Sunday, April 3, 2011Website: Medical Marijuana Archives 
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Comment #1 posted by RevRayGreen on April 03, 2011 at 20:06:04 PT
It would be awesome if not one person
opened a dispensary in the highly populated areas, forcing the stat tom allow home culivation in accordance to the 25 mile halo.... bounce with Dr. Ounce.....4/2/11, episode #32,Coming to you LIVE on every Saturday, audio replay every Wed on (TNN)The NORML Network at every Wednesday 9pm central/7 Pac, we are GREEN CENTRAL STATION
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