House Rejects Medical Marijuana Bill
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House Rejects Medical Marijuana Bill
Posted by CN Staff on January 06, 2011 at 19:04:02 PT
By Andy Brownfield
Source: Daily Register
Springfield -- Hopes for legalizing medicinal marijuana in Illinois were snuffed out Thursday.Senate Bill 1381 failed in the Illinois House by a vote of 56 yes, 60 no. The legislation would have given patients with chronic conditions, such as cancer, glaucoma or multiple sclerosis, the right to possess up to two ounces of marijuana for their own use.
The billís sponsor, Rep. Lou Lang, D-Skokie, had previously said he had enough votes to pass the bill, if all his supporters showed up.Opponents of the measure expressed worries that the state would have problems regulating the drug and that it would lead to abuse, especially among Illinoisí youth.ďThis (proposal) isnít about medical marijuana, itís just about the easing of the ability of people to obtain it, and if you look at other states whoíve done that, thatís just what happened,Ē said Rep. Rich Brauer, R-Petersburg.Lang said he plans to reintroduce the bill in the next legislative session.ďIím going to continue to press on on this particular piece of legislation until I pass it. Next year, the year after Ė Iím a young man, Iíll be here a while,Ē said Lang, 61.Source: Daily Register, The (Harrisburg, IL)Author: Andy BrownfieldPublished: January 6, 2011Copyright: 2011 The Daily RegisterContact: editor staff.dailyregister.comWebsite: Medical Marijuana Archives 
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Comment #2 posted by paulpeterson on January 07, 2011 at 08:09:24 PT
Illinois SB 1381 mixed bag
Too bad it failed by just two or three votes. However, there are some causes for a positive slant here.First, a few Republicans voted for the bill, and the Illinois House isn't in too bad of shape after the recent election.Also, the governor isn't really a bad guy and he could always use the current law (720 ILCS 550, section 11). He never would consider doing such a thing, as long as an amendment was on the table there.Lou Lang vows to continue to fight for this one, and he is still a "young man". Coulson, the house member for Wilmette (where I got a decriminalization program going 10 years ago, now running rampant all over the suburbs) was Republican, and she voted for it-She ran for congress and now a dem has taken over her seat in the Illinois House.Julie Ramos, the ex rep for Evanston, vacated her seat, after being appointed to be Secretary of the Illinois DHS (HHS). That is the office that is supposed to run a current MM program. I spoke with her about 8 years ago, and she is not a bad person.So, now I have to put together a coalition of current and new reps and senators (including Jeff Schoenberg, who was a sponsor of the revamp attempt in the Senate) to get the gov, to get Julie, to DO A MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROGRAM, under the current and long standing MM law, which is much more open ended and liberal than the legislation that just got shot down, get it?Maybe this is a tall order, but maybe not. MAYBE DOING A PROGRAM UNDER THE CURRENT LAW IS JUST WHAT IS NEEDED TO GOAD LAWMAKERS TO DO AN AMENDMENT, because the current law is so OPEN ENDED, eh?So I'll get cooking, and I'll report back to you'se folks as to how this works out, over there in the Land of Lincoln. And, heck, maybe I'll get Pat Robertson or those Chicago "Protestants for the Common Good" to help lobby Pat Quinn to get this off the ground, eh?Over and out, from across the river, here in Iowa.PAUL PETERSON, currently in exile
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Comment #1 posted by dongenero on January 07, 2011 at 06:49:40 PT
The Illinois MMJ debate - NORML clip of Ill. State Rep. Lou Lang making a case for medical cannabis: minute clip of Illinois State Representative Sandy Cole's statements against medical cannabis. Her district office info is as follows:34121 N. IL Route 45 Unit #3
Third Lake, IL 60030
Lake County
847.543.0062 is a one minute clip of Rep. Sacia's statements against Senate Bill 1381, which would have allowed doctors to recommend cannabis in Illinois for patients with specific ailments: Some pretty remarkable statements of either complete ignorance or obvious BS from the opponents. 
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