Romer's MMJ Bill Would Target Dispensaries
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Romer's MMJ Bill Would Target Dispensaries
Posted by CN Staff on November 14, 2009 at 20:17:02 PT
By Erica Meltzer, Camera Staff Writer
Source: Daily Camera 
Colorado -- If state Sen. Chris Romer has his way, the medical marijuana industry will look quite a bit different a year from now. The legislation the Denver Democrat plans to introduce in January would require all caregivers with more than two patients to obtain a license from the state. The conditions of the license would require that caregivers develop health care plans for their patients and offer more services than selling marijuana to patients.
"I fully expect well over 50 percent of the dispensaries will go out of business," he said. He calls the status quo "a train wreck" with dispensaries springing up on every corner "like convenience stores." Romer said retail operations in which patients walk in, buy pot and leave wouldn't qualify under this licensing scheme, and all businesses would be required to apply for licenses. Those that didn't qualify would become illegal. Dispensaries that follow a wellness center model and physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists who also sell marijuana likely would qualify. Caregivers also would need to undergo criminal background checks, though Romer said he doesn't know what sort of cut-off he'd use to disqualify a caregiver. Most likely, past arrests for non-violent, marijuana-related offenses wouldn't disqualify someone. Marijuana activists said Romer and the rest of the Legislature need to remember that accessing marijuana for medicinal purposes is a constitutional right in Colorado, and any limits on it that patients and caregivers feel are unreasonable will be challenged in court. One proposal that activists say they would welcome is the creation of a licensing system for grow operations. Most attorneys agree that the law today doesn't allow for commercial grows, even if all the marijuana goes to a legal dispensary. Romer said he understands the economic and practical necessity of allowing grow operations. His legislation would create licenses for grow operations that could show all their marijuana went to medical use and met certain health and safety standards. Romer also wants an additional medical review board to look at all applicants from patients who are under 25. He said any college students in Boulder who want to tell him why the state shouldn't subject them to additional scrutiny should write him at:  sen.romer gmail.comSource: Daily Camera (Boulder, CO)Author: Erica Meltzer, Camera Staff WriterPublished: November 14, 2009Copyright: 2009 The Daily CameraWebsite: openforum dailycamera.comURL: Medical Marijuana Archives
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Comment #6 posted by Hope on November 16, 2009 at 13:38:41 PT
A "train wreck"
Yeah. Of the gravy train for the industrial drug war complex.
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Comment #5 posted by BGreen on November 16, 2009 at 00:57:45 PT
The intentionally blind and the willfully ignorant
I wonder if Romer would understand the obvious if he would get the ding dong's and ho ho's from the convenience store off of his mind and made a more logical comparison?He calls the status quo "a train wreck" with dispensaries springing up on every corner "like pharmacies."After having the obvious fact explained to him (by a fourth grader who happened to overhear his ridiculous and fact-less explanation of a problem that doesn't exist) that medical cannabis dispensaries ARE exactly like the pharmacies that have sprung up on every corner (minus the dangerous and toxic chemical preparations,) the Senator soon realized how ridiculous his unwarranted fear was and immediately withdrew his bill.The Senator has now turned his attention to the Pharmacies that exist on every corner selling pills that are so poisonous that only a few taken internally can cause death.The Reverend Bud Green reporting from somewhere that is actually grounded in reality.
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Comment #4 posted by museman on November 15, 2009 at 18:01:53 PT
I marvel at the level of acceptbilty of fascist actions raging through our streets and neighborhoods.Armed gangs and thugs, dealing drugs, stealing property, killing, maiming, bullying their way about the neighborhood, bragging about being 'the law.'No its not 'street gangs' its the cops.ITS THE COPS! The working arm of social economic war criminals who are living it up on their invented wealth they got everybody to believe in-stupid humans!LEGALIZE FREEDOM
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Comment #3 posted by runruff on November 15, 2009 at 02:26:22 PT
The pathway to wealth?
The economic scene in states where growing cannabis is legal, poor unemployed growers are becoming rich in one season.Some I know have rung up their first million dollar year, last year! This year was a bumper crop but it remains to be seen what the totals will be?We have communities here that are known for their "counter culture lifestyles". Theses are the very communities that have been targeted by the sour elite and of course their minions:LEO'sThe persecution of these communities are still underway, they change their tactic, yes but the same people are stopped on the roadways and hassled and even though people of every economic strata are growing, only a few, certain 
"profiled" types are harassed.I get the feeling that the idea here is really to keep the counter culture types down. Keep the disenfranchised, disenfranchised. Imagine a "peacenik" with bucks? A committed "greenie" with funds or worse yet enough money to achieve political offices? If they even have such foresight as to see the coming cultural tsunami that is swelling off shore. Gated Hippie Communities? Laugh, it has already started!Brainwashed, corporate, automatons who have only one vision of Utopia, a corporate utopia! A utopia built on sand.People like this one would be blinded and set loose into the wilderness by more primitive people who dealt more adroitly with little "idiot Boys" who's behaviours were detrimental to the rest of the tribe.
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Comment #2 posted by Sam Adams on November 14, 2009 at 23:50:56 PT
care plan
>>The conditions of the license would require that caregivers develop health care plans for their patients and offer more services than selling marijuana to patients. here's the plan: 1) take the cannabis2) use it until you feel better
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Comment #1 posted by RevRayGreen on November 14, 2009 at 21:32:12 PT
Even Attroney General Suthers is conceding
11/14/09-A commission of Colorado criminal justice leaders voted Friday to recommend reduced penalties for possessing marijuana.If Colorado legislators adopt the recommendations, possessing up to 4 ounces of marijuana would become a petty offense instead of a criminal misdemeanor, and possessing 8 to 16 ounces would become a misdemeanor instead of a felony.
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