It’s Time for a Victory for Hemp

It’s Time for a Victory for Hemp
Posted by CN Staff on March 28, 2007 at 07:48:40 PT
Source: Appeal-Democrat
California -- The Assembly Public Safety Committee held hearings Tuesday on AB684, the industrial hemp bill sponsored principally by San Francisco Democrat Mark Leno and Irvine Republican Chuck DeVore. A similar bill, allowing California farmers to grow industrial hemp for food, fiber, cosmetics and other products, passed the Legislature last year but was vetoed by Gov. Schwarzenegger.
The Legislature would do well not to be discouraged by this history and pass AB684 overwhelmingly. Gov. Schwarzenegger, once he understands that some of his stated reasons for vetoing it last year are off-base, would benefit all Californians by signing it. The complication, of course, is that hemp and marijuana are the same species of plant, cannabis sativa. However, there are many varieties of the plant. The varieties suitable for industrial hemp are distinguished primarily by the fact that they contain 0.3 percent THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana buds and flowers. When cannabis is grown for smoking, it typically contains 3 percent to as much as 15 percent THC. Hemp has been grown as an agricultural product with a variety of uses for thousands of years throughout the world. The fibers in the stalk are the strongest natural fibers known and have been used to make rope, paper and cloth (the word “canvas” is derived from cannabis, and almost all the sails and ropes on the sailing ships of the 1800s were made from hemp). Hemp seeds contain a beneficial balance of essential fatty acids and are used in products like energy bars, granola, breakfast cereals, veggie burgers, salad dressing and other food products. Hempseed oil is also the basis for numerous cosmetic products, including soaps, lotions, lip balms and shampoos. The market for hemp-based products has grown steadily since 1990, when it was something of a boutique market, to about $270 million in 2005, increasing at about $26 million annually, according to the Hemp Industries Association. More than 75 percent of the sales of hemp-based products are made by California companies. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, based in Escondido, is the No. 1 producer of natural soap in the world, according to the company. Over the last five years, the company spent $800,000 importing hemp oil from Canada. It would rather give that business to California farmers. Nutiva, an organic food company in Sebastopol, believes it could save $100,000 a year if it could buy from California farmers. All these companies have to import their hemp from foreign countries. Hemp is grown legally in 30 countries, including Canada, Germany, France, Russia, China and Hungary. North Dakota now has regulations in place that will likely make it the first state to grow hemp legally, and 15 states have passed pro-hemp legislation or resolutions. With a more favorable climate and thousands of acres of irrigated farmland, California would be foolish not to permit this crop. A few fallacies make some reluctant to permit legal hemp cultivation. It is argued that hemp fields could be used to hide illegal marijuana cultivation or that law enforcement people will have a hard time distinguishing legal hemp fields from illicit marijuana plantations. But hemp grown for fiber and seeds is planted thickly and close together – as many as 200 plants per square yard – and grows to 16 feet high. Marijuana grown for psychoactive properties is planted farther apart and cultivated to be bushy to maximize the number of flowers. Marijuana cultivators uproot all male plants because pollination ends the growth of buds and flowers. Planting marijuana in the middle of a hemp field would render it almost valueless. As affirmed in 2004 by the 9th Circuit and not appealed, federal law does not forbid cultivation of industrial hemp. States are free to allow it. AB684 requires hemp growers to get a lab test report from a DEA-approved company, documenting that the THC content is 0.3 percent or less, before marketing their crop. And the flowers, even with almost no THC content, would not be allowed to leave the fields. AB684 has significant safeguards to ensure that hemp cultivation is not a cover for illicit marijuana cultivation. It would provide an important revenue stream and other benefits to California farmers. The Legislature should pass it and the governor should sign it.Source: Appeal-Democrat (CA)Published: March 28, 2007Copyright: 2007 Appeal-DemocratContact: Articles:Lawmakers Join Forces in Support of Hemp Effort To Allow Hemp Farming In CA
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Comment #9 posted by potpal on March 28, 2007 at 15:59:32 PT
Dear Dr.
No need to be redundant...
'corrupt politician'California lead the way...we are looking west for reason.Grow.
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Comment #8 posted by Dr Ganj on March 28, 2007 at 11:43:28 PT
Hemp For Victory!
When Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed that last hemp bill, it proved he is nothing but another corrupt politician. He recently stated he also wanted to build more prisons in California to alleviate the over-crowding.
Now, let me see.... Prison industrial complex = huge money, and petro-chemical industrial complex = huge money, and by keeping hemp illegal just increases their profits-which of course is the bottom line here.
Imagine a governor that had vision, and strength to stand up to the prison and petroleum monopolies and promulgate the benefits of both hemp and medical marijuana. 
Our current governor is a sell-out, as the real truth is- if hemp were legal in California it would generate thousands of jobs, and millions of dollars in taxable revenue. 
To have our companies have to buy hemp seed oil from Canada in order to make its products here is a perfect example of what's wrong with our country.
We could be making our own hemp seed oil, and EXPORTING it for profit!
Imagine thousands of hectares in the San Joaquin valley verdant with beautiful hemp fields being tended by proud farmers. The biomass could be used to make bio diesel. The seeds used for food. The real potential for this awesome plant could be finally realized.
All we need is a governor that won't be influenced by big corporations, and that my friends is just too much to ask in our thoroughly corrupt world. We are getting what we deserve because all the wrong people are in control.
Only when we are on the brink of global ruination will our politicians yield to common sense. But by then, it will probably be too late.
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Comment #7 posted by ekim on March 28, 2007 at 10:43:42 PT
please read these two storys on what US is missen
Canada: Hemp Grows With Technological AdvancesURL:
Newshawk: Herb
 Votes: 2
Pubdate: Fri, 22 Dec 2006
Source: Business Edge (Canada)
Issue: Vol. 6, No. 26 - British Columbia Edition
Copyright: 2005 Business Edge
Contact: info
Author: Sharon Adams, Business EdgeHEMP GROWS WITH TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEs Plant Replacing Petroleum-Based Products for Varied Industrial Uses The production of hemp doubled this year in Canada, with the grain moving from a niche product into the foodstuff mainstream as consumers developed their taste for hemp oil, hemp protein and seed. 
 Canada: Hemp, Flax Could Be Used To Build Your Next VehicleURL:
Newshawk: CMAP
 Votes: 0
Pubdate: Fri, 02 Mar 2007
Source: Calgary Herald (CN AB)
Copyright: 2007 Calgary Herald
Contact: letters
Author: Christopher Maughan, The Canadian Press
Bookmark: (Hemp - Outside U.S.)HEMP, FLAX COULD BE USED TO BUILD YOUR NEXT VEHICLE Compounds From Crops On Tap To Replace Plastics Auto manufacturers could be just three years away from replacing some of the plastics used in cars with compounds made from hemp, canola oil and flax fibres, says one of Canada's top auto engineers. And the changes could significantly reduce dependence on oil, Peter Frise said Thursday.
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Comment #6 posted by potpal on March 28, 2007 at 10:30:49 PT
slipping away ot 
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Comment #5 posted by HempWorld on March 28, 2007 at 10:19:21 PT
It is so idiotic it is funny (and utterly sad) ...
Here we go again! California, arguably the most developed and prosperous area of the world is trying to do the right thing and allow hemp cultivation. It is because of the lies and racism of the Federal Gov't (in 1937) that we are today (in 2007) in a dire predicament. Not only have we enriched radical islamists/terrorists with our petro dollars, we have also brought the world's ecosystem to the brink of collapse. Then our 'hero' Governor Schwarzenegger (which means translated; black nigger in German no pun intended/necessary) has the temerity to veto hemp so we are contintuing to enrich the very people that promote terrorism and we continue to have an unsustainable economy in California and in the US as a whole. "and almost all the sails and ropes on the sailing ships of the 1800s were made from hemp" Oh yeah? almost? Then what were the other sails and ropes made of in the 1800's nylon? cotton? No way! Our economy was 100% hemp based back and and fully sustainable thanks to hemp. Now hemp is illegal in the US and we are in a dire predicament ecologically. What is wrong with this picture?
Our future is slipping away thanks to Arnold!
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Comment #4 posted by Toker00 on March 28, 2007 at 10:11:35 PT
It's time for all Americans to look George W. Bush right dead in his eyes and tell him: "Cheney, go F*ck yourself!"It's time to tell the DEA: "Frankenceutica, go F*ck yourself!"It's time to tell FED GOV.: "Prohibition, go F*ck yourself!"It's time to tell Homeland Security: "New World Order, go F*ck yourself!"And it's time to tell Congress: "Israel, go F*ck yourself!"Would this be Ironic?: "Our Reality is an Illusion!"I am very angry and in despair. My big fish got off the hook before I could land him. Seems he thinks a demolition LOOKS like a pan-cake collapse. Our new employee is TOTALLY brainwashed. I busted his cherries about 9-11 and Cannabis when he had been there three days. He seems to be unmovable. We'll see.I am requesting my library to order 9-11 Truth books. You should, too if you want Truth. Toke.
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Comment #3 posted by FoM on March 28, 2007 at 09:20:59 PT
Bob Barr: Medical Marijuana Lobbyist 
March 28, 2007Back when he was a Congressman, Bob Barr was at the forefront of a move in Congress to block a referendum in the District of Columbia that would have allowed the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The referendum went forward, but thanks to the Barr Amendment the public wasn’t even allowed to know what the results of the vote were, although it seemed clear that the referendum had passed.Let’s just say that times have changed. Bob Barr is now retired from Congress, he’s joined the Libertarian Party, and he’s lobbying for the legalization of medical marijuana:Bob Barr, who as a Georgia congressman authored a successful amendment that blocked D.C. from implementing a medical marijuana initiative, has switched sides and become a lobbyist for the Marijuana Policy Project.But that doesn’t mean he has become a bong-ripping hippie. He isn’t pro-drug, he said, just against government intrusion.“I, over the years, have taken a very strong stand on drug issues, but in light of the tremendous growth of government power since 9/11, it has forced me and other conservatives to go back and take a renewed look at how big and powerful we want the government to be in people’s lives,” Barr said.Ironically, Barr said he will help lead the fight to give District residents a say on whether to allow medical marijuana — the very thing the “Barr Amendment” denied them in 1998. He will lobby for the rights of states to set their own medical marijuana policy without federal interference.The four-term former Republican congressman will also work to unplug a youth anti-drug campaign which a recent study showed actually increased the likelihood that all teens would smoke pot.Some of the commentors over at Hit & Run are accusing Barr of “flip-flopping”, but, like Radley Balko said, I think it’s clear that this is a genuine change of mind on Barr’s part, not a change in position designed to gain votes or political support. If anything this is likely to make him even less welcome among his former allies. However, like Glenn Reynolds, I think it would’ve been nice if Barr had had this change of heart when he actually had the power to do something about the insanity that is the War on Drugs.   
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Comment #2 posted by mayan on March 28, 2007 at 08:47:43 PT
He's already shown his true colors. We know who bakes his bread...SHADOW OF THE SWASTIKA: The Real Reason the Government Won't Debate Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Re-legalization: WAY OUT...Amy Goodman WAS THERE during the Pre-announced Demolition, Complete with Countdown, of WTC-7: Investigators Release Suppressed Blueprints of Destroyed World Trade Center Tower: Blueprints: Surviving Evidence of the World Trade Center Attack: Rescue Hero William Rodriguez Coming to Madison 4/21/07: Truth and Public Libraries: Dick Cheney Lie About His 9/11 Whereabouts?
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Comment #1 posted by E_Johnson on March 28, 2007 at 08:39:04 PT
It must be a question of basic intelligence
"Hemp is grown legally in 30 countries, including Canada, Germany, France, Russia, China and Hungary. "See, the drug police in Canada, Germany, France, Russia, China and Hungary probaly have much higher IQ's than the people who take that job in America.Our DEA is not intellectually capable of distinguishing hemp from marijuana. It's just plain beyond their intelligence, that's all.The drug police in those other countries can handle the job because they're just basically smarter.
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