Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Committee

  Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Committee

Posted by CN Staff on March 07, 2007 at 06:22:36 PT
By Kate Clements  
Source: News-Gazette 

Springfield, Illinois -- Patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, cancer and other chronic diseases would be able to treat their symptoms with marijuana under legislation the Senate public health committee approved on Tuesday. Under SB 650, doctors would recommend medical marijuana patients to the Illinois Department of Human Services, which would issue special cards protecting them from arrest, prosecution, criminal or civil penalty and disciplinary action by a professional licensing board.
Qualifying patients and their caregivers would be allowed to possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and up to 12 cannabis plants, which must be grown in a locked indoor facility. But abusing that qualification would bring tougher penalties than current state law provides for marijuana use and possession. State Sen. John Cullerton, D-Chicago, the chief sponsor, said the bill is not intended to legalize marijuana for everyone, despite perceptions to the contrary. "It's a very compassionate, tightly drafted bill," he said.Illinois law enforcement groups are opposed, saying the measure would be difficult to enforce and could make the drug more accessible to young people. "It opens the door wide open to all kinds of problems," said Limey Nargelenas, spokesman for the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. But Julie Falco, a multiple sclerosis patient who testified before the committee, said eating marijuana brownies three times a day has made a "profound difference" in her quality of life, and she and other patients should be able to use the drug legally. "Potential treatment should not be withheld for other than viable medical reasons," she said. Six members of the committee agreed with her, but four voted no, including state Sen. Dale Righter, R-Mattoon, and state Sen. Bill Brady, R-Bloomington. The bill now heads to the full Senate for consideration. Eleven other states have similar laws on the books, but they can be overruled by federal regulations banning marijuana for medical use.Source: News-Gazette, The (Champaign, IL)Author: Kate Clements Published: Wednesday, March 7, 2007Copyright: 2007 The News-GazetteContact: letters news-gazette.comWebsite: Articles:Research, Not Rhetoric: Marijuana Can Save Lives Truth and Medical Marijuana

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Comment #28 posted by potpal on March 08, 2007 at 06:24:36 PT
Big bad wolf
Some day these clinics will be made of brick and the big bad wolf will have to look elsewhere for those to prey upon.
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Comment #27 posted by FoM on March 07, 2007 at 21:00:50 PT
I think they were upset because he isn't a mudslinger and those that are following his campaign didn't like that Obama's Emblem was used. I have no interest in Senator Clinton either. I doubt I'd vote if she gets the nomination.
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Comment #26 posted by FoM on March 07, 2007 at 20:57:07 PT
Thank you. That's how I feel about Senator Obama. His speech in Selma was really good. I understood why he talked about the Moses Generation and the Joshua Generation. 
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Comment #25 posted by whig on March 07, 2007 at 20:50:05 PT
I could not in good conscience encourage a vote for Hillary Clinton, even though I know whoever the Republicans put up will be terrible. And with that, I'll shut up. :)
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Comment #24 posted by whig on March 07, 2007 at 20:48:45 PT
I'm sure people were upset because they want to present a united Democratic party in some ways. But it isn't really.
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Comment #23 posted by FoM on March 07, 2007 at 20:47:30 PT
No I have been looking for it but didn't find it. People were upset about whoever made it I read.
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Comment #22 posted by whig on March 07, 2007 at 20:44:52 PT
Barack Obama
I have nothing negative to say about him. There is no other candidate I can say that about.
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Comment #21 posted by whig on March 07, 2007 at 20:38:46 PT
Have you seen this?
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Comment #20 posted by RevRayGreen on March 07, 2007 at 17:46:29 PT:
Thanks Iowa brother
I'm crossing my fingers for Illinois too. I'd rather make
my Exodus there, I'm a Cubs
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Comment #19 posted by FoM on March 07, 2007 at 12:35:27 PT
Another Raid
Feds Raid West Hollywood Pot Clinic for Second Time This Year
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Comment #18 posted by ekim on March 07, 2007 at 12:12:33 PT
with the wonderful way you write and thinkcan you document all those things back in Ill
and present them to Sen Obama for a look see, maybewith the help of the good Dr David Ostrowthere must be some way to present your case.good luck and much respect for you 
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Comment #17 posted by FoM on March 07, 2007 at 11:46:45 PT
Hi Paul
I really am sorry for what has happened to you. This war has gone on for all the wrong reasons and has been way to long. Maybe Illinois will be receptive this time.
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Comment #16 posted by paulpeterson on March 07, 2007 at 11:32:21 PT
Finally sanity comes to Illinois
In 2001, because I advocated for utilizing the long-standing medical marijuana law in Illinois, and spoke openly with various law enforcement agencies, I got a strong decriminalization trend started, now up to 16 confirmed villages included (mostly on the North Shore). By now maybe there are 25, since I have been exiled for a year now.The funny thing was, my first "collar" (the Village of Wilmette, Chief of Police George Carpenter) in April, 2001, told me he would start using "parking tickets" for everybody, but he urged me to seek proper medical approval for my side effect treatment with marijuana for ADD medications (stimulants), which caused a distinct "downslide" at night.That was when I boldly went where nobody should have rationally gone-to the state for approval, legally. They didn't even know the law existed-since 1971. Then I spoke openly with the ethical police (ARDC) and they knee-jerk reacted by taking away my law license-and they suborned perjury of two attorneys, David LaPorte & Patrick Ryan, who testified about mandatory workers compensation coverage that was proven three years later to have been false-fully a fraud, in my book.That means lawyers up and down the socalled "ethical" system (unethical people, really), used fraud to defraud me of my law practice-merely because I wanted to help encourage the use of the medical marijuana law-720 ILCS 550, section 11, to help thousands of others also.The Illinois Supreme Court actually aided and abetted perjury, and then when I got the "smoking gun" exoneration letter from the Industrial Commission, the Illlinois Supreme Court refused to even look at it-they cited an unconstitutional "closure rule" which I had tried to get a federal judge to strike (I lost there, and lost everything).A bold doctor, David Ostrow, helped me to defend against this onslaught of heinous deception, of lawyer's lawyers, and a vicious doctor that was merely a paid gunslinger for the ethics police. Thank you Dr. David Ostrow, for trying to help me keep working, as a lawyer, to help disadvantaged clients gain benefits fought against by vicious workers compensation carriers and their deceptive lawyers.Now, five years later, the same Dr. David Ostrow is the doctor working to help improve the medical marijuana law-and which just won a victory in the senate subcommittee.The new law, as written, would protect people like me, from facing vicious attacks by ethics execution squads, merely for being honest, and attempting to gain proper approval to use this wonder drug to help improve health, and stability, and to avoid worse medical problems.And this guy, Limey (I thought his name was Liam, when I spoke with him calmly, and cooperatively, half a decade ago) for the Ill. Ass. of Chiefs of Police, isn't really a bad guy, really he isn't-he is just parroting the good-old boy's network canned rhetoric, which he has been forced to spill out of the same old same old fear of change.I am glad to hear that this battle is being rejoined by other warriors, that still have their steeds, and their shields and weapons of position, and professional standing, to make a bold attack and complacency and conformity, for the sake of justice and mercy and peace and progress.Because, you see, because I tried to start the movement to help move things along on this very issue, I was perjured, to stop me from being able to continue my quest for truth.I lost my law license, for 5 years so far, my income, my family (since no wife would stay with a husband that had lost all income and self-image and self-confidence and position). My children became second class citizens, and now at the most critical time in their development, they can't hope to gain a college education, since I am broke and unemployed. I lost my home, and all savings.Now I live with my mom in Northwest Iowa, and currently I am being prosecuted by vicious local law enforcement agencies, for trespassing & disorderly conduct, merely for my first amendment free speech efforts to encourage research and treatment using the FDA approved marinol pill-I haven't even been proven to be thinking about speaking about doing anything illegal at all.The Iowa laws are blatantly unconstitutional-they even have the audacity to argue that the First Amendment is not applicable to any "private property" in the state, and now it doens't even apply to "public property" in the state-meaning that Iowa folks believe, weirdly, that the First Amendment doesn't apply to ANY PROPERTY IN THE STATE OF IOWA.And because I was discredited and left for dead by the side of the road in Illinois 1/2 decade ago (these are just metaphors, people), the lawyers and police in this state think they can viciously retaliate against me for even being human, or so it seems.Now, in fact, I expect to be refused employment with a local public library, which job I desperately need to be able to pay for subpoenas to defend against false and malicious prosecution on false pretenses-and the courts and so called "checks and balances" that are 'sposed to exist won't do squat to stop this pattern from continuing.Let's just hope Illinois gets this done for the sake of others, not that this will ever help me to regain any place in the legal community. God speed whatever progress can come from their efforts. And thanks again to Dr. David Ostrow for working for justice. PAUL PETERSON
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Comment #15 posted by FoM on March 07, 2007 at 10:00:26 PT

Thank you. I am going with my heart. My heart always tries to guide me. Yes I am very impressed with Obama but I also know that he might not be what I think he is. He is just a person with a dream. One thing I find so good about him is reading how many people that have been to one of his rallys comes away with hope for a better tomorrow after hearing him. Hope is something we need desperately or mild mannered people will just fade away and the angry people will rule forever.
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Comment #14 posted by Toker00 on March 07, 2007 at 09:54:13 PT

Petition to STOP BUSH from attacking Iran.
These petitions seem to have some effect. Would you please sign with me in HOPE? at C-news are not Reps or Dems. We are Americans. We are looking for a Leader. We know where we won't to go and how to get there. But we have to find a Leader. FoM, please don't be offended, but I worry about how convinced you are of Obama, because I'm not getting the same vision you are. Bush lead half of us to the Sacrificial Table with his so called "charm". I offer no option because we have a year to find who will Lead us and a year to get them in office. I see Obama more as an opportunist than a leader. But what the heck do I know, really, about ANY of these guys. Go with your Heart. :)Toke. 
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Comment #13 posted by FoM on March 07, 2007 at 09:24:02 PT

That's a very good question. I don't know. I am a concerned American and that is how I look at it.
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Comment #12 posted by Graehstone on March 07, 2007 at 09:21:14 PT

Sad state of affairs
... when one is ashamed of ones own country. When did we become just Repugnicons and/or Dimocrats instead of Americans?
Are there any Americans left?

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Comment #11 posted by potpal on March 07, 2007 at 09:19:32 PT

Meet the prohibitionist
Illinois law enforcement groups are opposed, saying the measure would be difficult to enforce and could make the drug more accessible to young people. How more accessible can it get? You gotta laugh at them saying such a law would be difficult to enforce. Don't see them complaining about the difficulty they've had enforcing prohibition. We know what a success that has been. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Grandma not going to jail... 
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Comment #10 posted by FoM on March 07, 2007 at 09:16:59 PT

Thank you. I really have felt all alone almost like when I was young and thinking maybe there was another and maybe a better way but no one seemed to understand. Religion in politics is something I don't believe in but that doesn't mean I want a leader who doesn't connect someway spiritually. JFK was a Catholic and so was I. He had his faith but he didn't make decisions on his belief. That's what I think Obama will do. In the Hippie movement spiritually was there. Songs even like One Toker Over The Line Sweet Jesus were revolutionary and welcome by me to hear.
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Comment #9 posted by ekim on March 07, 2007 at 09:14:35 PT

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 Criminal Justice class Lou Dobbs tonight will have on the dir of the natl addition center
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Comment #8 posted by dongenero on March 07, 2007 at 09:04:00 PT

They hate the Democrats, the liberals, the hippies etc.It's all generated by the hate machines, the likes of Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, Ingrahm, O'Reilly, Fox and Friends.It's all black and white, lump everyone into extremely polarized positions and then generate hate and fear towards the opposing "group".
What do they hate about a "Democrat"
What do they hate about a "hippie"
What do they hate about a "liberal"What do these words even mean? You hate someone for being a..... "add your own buzzword".This hate mongering and polarization places emphasis on differences rather than the common ground among people and breeds intolerance, much to the detriment of our Country.
Now who's the patriot? Ooopps there's another polarizing buzzword of broad definition.
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Comment #7 posted by FoM on March 07, 2007 at 09:00:57 PT

Sam Adams 
I have been able to listen to every speech that Obama has made and not been bored one time. When President Bush speaks I get a knot in my stomach and change the channel. How did he become President? How can a person deal with leaders in other countries if they don't know how to speak properly? 
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Comment #6 posted by Sam Adams on March 07, 2007 at 08:35:08 PT

one more
Oh yes, we should be concerned that Obama might stress out and reach for a cigarette.But it's OK that Bush was an alcholic and likely cocaine addict for over 20 years of his life.  And Bush would have us believe that his fundamentalist devotion to God saved him from alcoholism.And he hasn't had a drink since he was 40. Really. Scout's honor!
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Comment #5 posted by Sam adams on March 07, 2007 at 08:33:13 PT

Got a good laugh out of the article on Obama's drug use.Bush, of course, admitted that he used cocaine and other drugs, and the media completely ignored it, after roasting Clinton for his MTV "didn't inhale" comment.And it's known that Bush has been on one or more anti-psychotic meds since he's been in office.  I think this has been confirmed as well, to total media silence.  Don't even get me started about the pretzel incident.  He was so high he couldn't even sit up.
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Comment #4 posted by sam adams on March 07, 2007 at 08:30:06 PT

Well, we know where this paper stands. They lionized two of the legislators that voted against it, and they joined the LEO's in lying about the bill - it clearly CANNOT be overruled by the feds, they've tried in the SC a few times now and it is not legally possible to stop state-level protection laws. "Thousands of seriously ill people in 11 other states have found relief and legal protection under the new laws". That would be the truth. 
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Comment #3 posted by FoM on March 07, 2007 at 07:44:54 PT

Thank you for saying something nice about Senator Obama. I have been following his blog very closely and people just love him. I hope and even pray he is as wise when he is asked about marijuana. The time will come. I sometimes feel like people don't like Democrats and I have no idea why.
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Comment #2 posted by dongenero on March 07, 2007 at 07:40:18 PT

What does Obama's past drug experimentation and current cigarette smoking say about the man?It says he is human.......good, that's a requirement for being President.It also says he's not lying about his past nor is he trying to dodge his past. What are the important virtues of a President? Honesty and humanity go a long way I think.Lying, evading the past such as Bush has done and even Clinton to a lesser extent, are not Presidential virtues in my opinion.

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Comment #1 posted by FoM on March 07, 2007 at 06:30:12 PT

Off Topic Article
Coke and a Smoke for Obama
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