Medical Marijuana Remains in Legal Limbo 

Medical Marijuana Remains in Legal Limbo 
Posted by CN Staff on November 06, 2006 at 08:38:10 PT
By Jeff McDonald, Union-Tribune Staff Writer
Source: San Diego Union Tribune 
California -- Paul Cody has titanium rods jutting up either side of his spine. Without them, he couldn't sit upright in his wheelchair. Over the years, doctors prescribed Vicodin, Valium and a medicine chest of other drugs to soothe his constant pain, but the narcotics killed his appetite and kept him awake at night. Until he started smoking marijuana, Cody could barely sit still for a movie.
Ten years ago, 56 percent of California voters decided that people with medical problems like Cody's should be able to grow and smoke marijuana on their physician's recommendation. But the potential of Proposition 215, which conflicts squarely with federal laws that classify marijuana among the most dangerous drugs, has never been realized. Thousands of California patients have no legal access to medical marijuana. Thousands of others worry they may be found out and arrested for cultivating too many plants or storing too much dried pot, because most cities and counties haven't passed the laws needed to regulate the dispensation of marijuana used for medical purposes. Unscrupulous and profit-minded dispensary operators have taken advantage of the absence of uniform rules, opening storefronts anywhere they can and selling marijuana to unqualified patients. Two years ago, drug agents raided Cody's house in Jamul and uprooted his tiny garden. “They took 'em – three lousy plants,” said Cody, 32, who was paralyzed in a 1991 motorcycle crash. This year, he harvested his modest crop weeks before it matured for fear of losing it to another bust. It was no secret that most of the law enforcement community opposed the medical use of marijuana when the issue landed on the state ballot in 1996. Lesser known, however, is the detailed and coordinated assault many federal, state and local officials conducted once it passed. In the past decade, police departments in dozens of California cities have joined federal drug agents in more than 100 raids on medical marijuana farms, cooperatives and dispensaries. After a July sweep across San Diego County, U.S. Attorney Carol Lam and San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis used a news conference to issue a warning to dispensary operators: Close or face the consequences. They all closed, and the local marketplace for medical marijuana dried up almost overnight.  Snipped: Complete Article: San Diego Union Tribune (CA)Author:  Jeff McDonald, Union-Tribune Staff WriterPublished: November 6, 2006 Copyright: 2006 Union-Tribune Publishing Co.Contact: letters uniontrib.comWebsite: Articles: Gathering Will Mark 10 Years of Medical Pot Use Marijuana at a Crossroads 10 Years Later
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Comment #4 posted by museman on November 07, 2006 at 10:32:13 PT
where is the power?
"Ten years ago, 56 percent of California voters decided that people with medical problems like Cody's should be able to grow and smoke marijuana on their physician's recommendation." And 6 years ago, 52% of the entire country voted for Al Gore. He got the 'majority' of the vote.The powers that be only play the 'democracy' game when it suits them. When it doesn't go their way, they change the rules. EC (Electoral College) NSA, WPA, BLM, DEA, FDA - all agencies, or 'legal acts' set up to deal with situations where the choices of the people interfere with the choices of the ruling class.These brain dead alcoholics that gleefully go after the weak and infirm, stealing their goods, their time, and their labor -usually laughing at their victims while they go through their houses like patient burglers, are the scum of America. The fact that the powers that be empower these 'protectors of the status quo' is just another one in the growing list of crimes against America, the earth, and humanity."Tax the rich, and feed the poor,'til there are no rich no more."Ten Years After "I'd Love to Change The World"
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Comment #3 posted by doc james on November 07, 2006 at 06:36:59 PT:
the truth about marihuana
These bastards that watch over us could care less about someones daily misery and what it is like to live in fear of being imprisoned for using a plant as a medicine. I wish apon them the daily pain of my existence, may they feel it in every waking moment and whilst trying to sleep as well. Regardless of mans law which is contrary to gods law, I am going to consume the holy smoke as needed. Their backward laws will not stop me, only imprisonment or in death will the have to pry my tds meter from my cold dead hands, Grow on my brothers, fudge the bastards!
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Comment #2 posted by jasgrave333 on November 07, 2006 at 05:42:04 PT:
Dangerous to WHO exactly? - Cannabis 4-ever!
And to Quote:ahem;"
 ...that classify marijuana among the most dangerous drugs, has never been realized. 
"Errrrm compared to what?Do you mean, the FDA approved pharmacutical 'drugs' that have killed ~11,000 people? ......or maybe that the so called 'most dangerous of "drugs"'-Cannabis, has actually killed 0 Zero people?sigh... who let these fear mongering greedy money loving people get in charge any way? It's definately dangerous to people who want to hide the TRUTH and keep secrets...One of these judges; so called, Just-is(ice) of the peace: presumes to judge over something that maybe they have never tried or studied/researched, looked into......or suffered in the same way as many of us are... who don't want to end up Prozack Zombies or rattled Ritalin basket cases... let it grow :D Let the 1 love fill the soul.
33 years of suffering... now cured daily, by the herb
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Comment #1 posted by afterburner on November 07, 2006 at 05:18:14 PT
San Diego County Government
Vampires!Let it grow.
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