Congress Should Butt Out on Medical Marijuana

Congress Should Butt Out on Medical Marijuana
Posted by CN Staff on August 15, 2005 at 21:27:52 PT
By Toby Nixon, State Representative
Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Washington -- The balance between the powers of the states and the powers of the federal government was tipped toward the latter by the U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision on medical marijuana. As a state, Washington has the right to push back. And, as a state with a citizen-approved medical marijuana law, we should, if for no other reason than to assert our powers under the 10th Amendment to make our own decisions. We can begin by sending a formal message to Congress, and one is ready for my fellow legislators to consider.
The question isn't whether marijuana has medicinal value. Washington voters addressed that when a majority agreed with Initiative 692's position that "some patients with terminal or debilitating illnesses, under their physician's care, may benefit from the medical use of marijuana." For I-692 supporters and those who oppose all marijuana use, the real question is whether to resist the expansion of federal power the court ruling represents, on the grounds that states should decide what's best for the health and safety of their citizens. If a state chooses to defer to the feds on medical marijuana, fine. But Washington chose to try a medical marijuana law, and it deserves protection from federal encroachment like any of our laws, such as the 1996 "Two Strikes" law for sex offenders. Do we want the feds telling us our penalties for murderers or rapists are too tough? The issue's the same.The Supreme Court ruled in a California case that Congress' authority over interstate commerce lets the federal government prohibit Californians' use of medical marijuana even if it's grown inside the state in compliance with California law.Snipped: Complete Article: Seattle Post-Intelligencer (WA)Author: Toby Nixon, State RepresentativePublished: Tuesday, August 16, 2005Copyright: 2005 Seattle Post-IntelligencerContact: editpage seattle-pi.comWebsite: Article:Strengthen Medical Marijuana Law Medical Marijuana Archives
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Comment #3 posted by whig on August 17, 2005 at 00:45:53 PT
Bad link
try this one
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Comment #2 posted by whig on August 17, 2005 at 00:44:43 PT
Which aspect of God?
"Bush had never met an Amish person before, and he was clearly smitten with the group. He chatted with the women, and he tried on one of the men's straw hats. When he asked for their vote in November, one man told him that while not all members of the Amish church vote, the group would pray for him. According to one witness, the president teared up. Bush closed the session by reportedly testifying to having a very close relationship to God. 'I trust God speaks through me,' he said. 'Without that, I couldn't do my job.'"
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Comment #1 posted by The GCW on August 15, 2005 at 22:15:47 PT
Washington wants to be a sovereign state.
Canada wants to be a sovereign country.Washington wants to be a sovereign state.(this issue will help stop the Feds. ability to cage Emery if He comes to Washington.)It seems like the enemy of the State is the President.That is the same enemy of Young kids that don't want to be sent to Iraq as Bush's slaves to do His murdering.Bush is the same enemy of clean air, clean water and everything clean.Bush is also the enemy of freedom of religion.Cannabis prohibition is bastard law requiring the demise of religious freedom for its existence. THCU If Bush is stopped from removing "freedom of religion" He will be stopped from persecuting the sick.I think We are supposed to heal the sick, not cage them. Son.Washington has a freedom of religion problem and they don't know it yet.THCUTake away freedom of religion and force Us to follow the disobedient Christians in power?There was some mention of compassion... Compassionate conservatism...What a joke.Everyone has an interest in removing Mr. Bush from the President's seat, except disobedient Christians. It takes a disobedient Christian to support cannabis prohibition and caging sick people for using a God given plant. His base.Why do they call themselves the Christian Right?They work for the devil's spirits.Christ God Our Father and the Ecologician says to, 'love one another."Doesn't the Christian Right say, support Our troops?Doesn't the Christian Right say, they just want to legalize drugs.Bush didn't buy what Christ God Our Father, was selling for free.He may be a recovered alcoholic, but is isn't a recovered stumbler.The comparison and illustration of Bush denying Christ God Our Father starting on the very 1st page, also applies to killing and murder; HE CAN NOT UNDERSTAND DO NOT KILL, BECAUSE HE HAS ALREADY STUMBLED ON THE 1ST PAGE (denying God who said He created all the plants and said they’re all good!) AND NOT RECOVERED. BY THE TIME HE GETS TO PAGE 3 (Cain and Able) AND MURDER; HE IS LOST!!! He may be a recovered alcoholic, but He IS NOT A RECOVERED CHRISTIAN !!! BUSH IS A CLEAR DISOBEDIENT CHRISTIAN.That is not for Me to judge; that has already been judged.Just helping Us see.The Green Collar Worker
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