Medical Marijuana Use Is Not Going Away

Medical Marijuana Use Is Not Going Away
Posted by CN Staff on July 29, 2005 at 09:23:57 PT
By Larissa Lytwyn
Source: Easton Courier
Connecticut -- A few months ago I wrote a column advising readers not to underestimate the dangers of marijuana use. The topic was inspired by my coverage of a school and community sponsored event on a variety of familial social issues, including substance abuse.The keynote speaker was DEA agent Thomas Pasquarella, whose presentation included raw footage of individuals mixing rat poison and house cleaners with the "club drug" ecstasy.
Pasquarella also discussed the importance of underestimating the issue of marijuana use, stating that it could easily lead to experimentation with harder drugs.In the column, I noted, "many people praise activist efforts to legalize marijuana in the U.S., purportedly for medical use." The hackles on many hemp-friendly readers rose considerably at this statement. I received dozens of critical emails from people across the country. My column was also the subject of many blogs; an Internet search connecting my name to the phrase "marijuana" scored numerous hits. While much of the feedback was laced with vitriol, some of it was useful. I was moved to do more research on the topic of medical marijuana use.Before I explore that issue, however, allow me to make clear that I am still very much against recreational marijuana use.I know lots of people do it and still hold illustrious careers. But the point is that smoking marijuana harms lungs as much as tobacco, inhibits short-term memory and, according to voluminous studies, can easily lead to harder drug use.An aspect of considerable debate is whether marijuana is truly addictive.In a study conducted by the University of Vermont published in the 2001 "Archives of General Psychiatry," researchers concluded that the withdrawal effects of heavy marijuana users (using marijuana more than once a week) was "similar in type and magnitude" to nicotine withdrawal.Now, let us move forward to the issue of marijuana use for medical reasons.Medical marijuana advocates often cite research suggesting that marijuana is effective in treating the side effects of serious ailments including AIDS, glaucoma, cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and chronic pain. While the American Medical Society opposes legalization of the sale and possession of marijuana, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana lists more than two dozen allied medical and health groups that support it; including the AIDS Action Council, the American Public Health Association and the Connecticut Nurses Association. THC, marijuana's core psychoactive ingredient, is now sold in pill form as the prescription drug Marinol. But, according to the Connecticut chapter of the Marijuana Policy Project, a medicinal marijuana advocacy group, patients have complained that they absorbed too much or too little of the substance.In a panel discussion on medical marijuana held a few years ago, Avram Goldstein, M.D., of the National Institute of Health stated, "The bio-availability is generally very good by the smoked route, and generally very predictable, while the oral route [pills] is both not good and not predictable. By the smoking route, the person can self-regulate the dosage."While I generally do not advocate smoking marijuana, I believe an exception could be made for a critically ill person who has their doctor's authorization.After all, a groundbreaking 1999 study conducted by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) noted that it would still be "several years" before a safe cannabinoid delivery system, such as an inhaler, would be available for patients. This year, a Connecticut bill that would have protected medical marijuana patients from arrest and punishment passed the Senate 19-15 but was unable to garner a House vote because time literally ran out in the legislative session.While the House could have sent S.B. 124 to Gov. M. Jodi Rell's desk, it chose not to. The bill's sponsor was State Rep. Penny Bacchiochi (R-Somers), who bought marijuana off the street 20 years ago for her husband, who was dying from bone cancer.She has publicly asserted that the marijuana was the only thing that eased his pain.Science suggests benefits; if the substance is properly prescribed and monitored, I believe it would be prudent the legislature to bring this bill up again next spring.In the meantime, our sister state, Rhode Island, is on the brink of joining Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington, D.C. in approving medical marijuana laws that remove state-level criminal penalties on the use, possession and cultivation of marijuana by patients who possess written documentation from their physician advising that they might benefit from the medical use of marijuana.While Rhode Island's legislature passed a medical marijuana bill this spring, Gov. Donald Carcieri vetoed it. The Rhode Island Senate voted 28-6 to override it; now the House is expected to follow suit.While I want to make clear that I do not condone the recreational use of marijuana, the issue of medical marijuana is a compelling one. At the very least, there are countless testimonies from severely ill adults who deserve our lawmakers' open minds and hearts. This column reflects the opinion of Editor Larissa Lytwyn and does not necessarily represent the views of Hometown Publications. Source: Easton Courier (CT)Author: Larissa LytwynPublished: July 29, 2005 Copyright: 2005 Easton Courier Contact: eastoncourier add-inc.comWebsite: Articles & Web Sites:NORML Policy Project Marijuana Act Passes State Legislature't Underestimate The Danger of Marijuana Use
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Comment #51 posted by jose melendez on August 02, 2005 at 21:26:48 PT
thank you, whigsee also:
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Comment #50 posted by whig on August 02, 2005 at 20:49:20 PT
As long as we're referencing Wikipedia, might take a look at this.
Wikipedia article on Cannabis (spiritual use)
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Comment #49 posted by jose melendez on August 01, 2005 at 13:04:54 PT
please tell us more E_J!
Thanks sniper, Johnson! You have the pen equivalent of a 50 cal, baby!Please elaborate, so others including yours truly may learn from the experience. What did young Ms. Lytwyn offer in response, if anything? She sounds pretty smart, but once upon a time, some of the brightest were brainwashed into believing that it is reasonable to apply the death penalty to those who dared believed that the sun did not revolve around the earth.Could you discern any sense that she recognized she had been lied to, and did she offer up any logical fallacies (straw [wo]man arguments, false dilemma, appeal to consequences, causality)?Were there any new (of course disputable) claims from the prohibitionists about we should know? - - -from: die Nazis die Kommunisten holten,habe ich geschwiegen;ich war ja kein Kommunist.Als sie die Sozialdemokraten einsperrten,habe ich geschwiegen;ich war ja kein Sozialdemokrat.Als sie die Gewerkschafter holten,habe ich nicht protestiert;ich war ja kein Gewerkschafter.Als sie die Juden holten,habe ich nicht protestiert;ich war ja kein Jude.Als sie mich holten,gab es keinen mehr, der protestierte.
TranslationFirst they came for the communists,I did not speak outbecause I was not a communist.When they came for the social democrats,I did not speak outbecause I was not a social democrat.When they came for the trade unionistsI did not speak outbecause I was not a trade unionist.When they came for the JewsI did not speak outbecause I was not a Jew;And when they came for me,there was no one left to speak out. - Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) 
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Comment #48 posted by E_Johnson on August 01, 2005 at 11:34:17 PT
Thanks Hope
I am a truth sniper. I neutralized Mr. Pasquarella with a few well placed shots of truth. Like Jude Law hunting Nazis in that movie about Stalingrad.
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Comment #47 posted by Hope on August 01, 2005 at 10:20:01 PT
E_Johnson comment 46
That's wonderful!Way to go!
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Comment #46 posted by E_Johnson on August 01, 2005 at 10:08:40 PT
I had a nice conversation with this woman
I told her about the studies going back to 1976 showing THC was a potent anti-carcinogen and informed her about Tashkin's recently announced conclusion that there is no causal link between marijuana smoking and lung cancer.
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Comment #45 posted by Jim Lunsford on July 30, 2005 at 10:54:45 PT
The question isn't why aren't we impeaching these idiots. At least in my opinion. Perhaps it should be, why are we even acknowledging this government? The whole process has served it's time. Maybe we are finally close to a point of inevitablitlity of choice. It seems as if our entire system is based upon a choice of seperating ourselves from nature, and even viewing her as the enemy. Perhaps now, we have evolved enough, as a society, to understand that we are simply parts of a whole and form our society to embrace and nurture, nature. And yes, I'm medicating myself at the moment, but I hope this made sense. Reverend Jim
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Comment #44 posted by unkat27 on July 30, 2005 at 08:51:56 PT
The Gateway Theory
Re: Cannabis as a Gateway DrugNonsense. The only real reason why it acts as a 'gateway' to harder drugs is because it is illegal and being sold by dealers who are only interested in making a lot of quick easy cash, so they 'push' harder drugs on cannabis users whenever they get the chance. The reason why they like to deal in harder drugs is because harder drugs are easier to smuggle, easier to conceal, and usually can yield much more profit per pound than cannabis.Solution: If cannabis were legalized, it would be taken out of the hands of careless drug dealers and put into the hands of responsible drug dealers who would have to abide by the law and would not be able to sell harder drugs.
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Comment #43 posted by boballen1313 on July 30, 2005 at 06:42:37 PT:
Another Bali bomber got four years easy. Shapelle Corby is in an Indonesian Prison for twenty hard years for cannabis! WHY IS IT SO HARD TO FOCUS ON THE REAL CRIMES BEING COMMITTED AGAINST HUMANITY? So Walters tells the World another fib. 
Emery is busted on a whim from the corrupt Bush regime.
SO FOCUS! International crime is still fucking CRIME!
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Comment #42 posted by charmed quark on July 30, 2005 at 05:53:09 PT
Bad Science Filtering
I was sidetracked by the Emory story. What a ridiculous thing.I had wanted to make a comment on the editorial here and ask that people write the editor. I don't think the editor was trying to be objective. He apparently "cherry picked" a few studies indicating cannabis was a gateway drug and that it was as addictive as nicotine. You can basically find a study to support any position, especially in an area that is politically rather than scientifically driven. As we know, the government would not fund any study that showed benefits or minimized the harm of cannabis.The Institute of Medicine went to a lot of trouble to review ALL of the science that had been done on cannibis. Esentially a meta-study. Why this editor rejected most of the IOM study is beyond me, assuming he doesn't have an agenda. The IOI said there was no indication of any pharmocological effect that would make cannabis a gateway drug:"There is no evidence that marijuana serves as a stepping stone on the basis of its particular physiological effect"(chapter 3). It also said that cannabis was not very physically addicting, certainly NOT like nicotine, which ranks in the area of heroin:"A distinctive marijuana and THC withdrawal syndrome has been identified, but it is mild and subtle compared with the profound physical syndrome of alcohol or heroin withdrawal.31,74."Please ask the editor, as I will, to read the IOI study more carefully and try to distinguish bad science forced by political agendas and real science.
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Comment #41 posted by jose melendez on July 30, 2005 at 05:18:53 PT
because they are corrupt
Just as it is impossible not to taste the honey (or the poison) that finds itself at the tip of the tongue, so it is impossible for a government servant not to eat up at least a bit of the king’s revenue. Just as fish moving under water cannot possibly be found out either as drinking or not drinking water, so government servants employed in government work cannot be found out while taking money for themselves.
Kautilya, Arthasastra, (India, fourth century BC)The Feedback Loop: How Drug War Pays security. Right. Challenges from Industry Undermine Scientific Evidence and Public Health Protections
PDF: Corruption and Development: A Review of Issues - by Bardhan
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Comment #40 posted by E_Johnson on July 30, 2005 at 00:11:47 PT
Save yer seeds kids
This is really horrible. I wish Marc the best. He is one brave man.
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Comment #39 posted by FoM on July 29, 2005 at 20:41:33 PT
I'm sorry to read your post. Please let us know how it is going. If I understand correctly you are saying she is ok. That is good news. 
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Comment #38 posted by siege on July 29, 2005 at 20:30:23 PT
The Dr. here said that it came back and they where going to have to give the Granddaughter the radiation treatment
and I took her back across the pond to the dr. there, they said it was not her Xray that they where working with and she is fine they give a full cat scan, So I have lost all trust in the U S Dr.
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Comment #37 posted by FoM on July 29, 2005 at 20:04:31 PT
I just want to say it's good to see you. I've been wondering if you were ok.
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Comment #36 posted by siege on July 29, 2005 at 19:53:17 PT
Thank you! I get one right once in awhile.Art
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Comment #35 posted by unkat27 on July 29, 2005 at 19:11:27 PT
DEA in Vancouver
Re: DEA in VancouverIt's that piece of excrement Paul Martin's fault. According to my sources, he's a good buddy of Emperor George and loves his big corporate shipyards full of 100-foot yaghts (armed to the teeth with anti-terror tek). After he became the head honcho, he opened the door wide for the DEA.Haven't got any direct links, but Cowan's covering it quite well at
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Comment #34 posted by FoM on July 29, 2005 at 19:09:42 PT
Max Flowers 
I am trying to figure this whole thing out but I'm not getting very far in my mind. I just found this article. It appears that he sold seeds in the states and that's why both countries are involved. That makes it way more of a legal issue I would think.***Excerpt from article: Emery claims to make $3 million a year from selling marijuana seeds online and by mail, along with equipment for grow operations and instructions on raising pot plants, authorities said. He was arrested in Nova Scotia by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 
Prosecutors say three-fourths of Emery's seeds are sent to the United States and have been linked to illegal grow operations in Indiana, Florida, California, Tennessee, Montana, Virginia, Michigan, New Jersey and North Dakota.American authorities said Emery's arrest followed an 18-month undercover investigation during which he sold seeds to Drug Enforcement Administration agents, by mail and in person.
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Comment #33 posted by Max Flowers on July 29, 2005 at 18:36:28 PT
What am I missing here?
The US does not have jurisdiction in Canada.What is with the requests for Vancouver police?? Are they (DEA) not flouting jurisdictional boundaries?This is seriously wrong.
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Comment #32 posted by ekim on July 29, 2005 at 18:23:26 PT
this fine peice from Seige. 
Hillary Clinton-----------------
 stop starvation it takes good seeds to raise a Family.HEMP SEED: the govt don't want us to know
(nutritional foods or substances which prevent disease) The Chinese enjoy
snacks of roasted seeds and in South Africa babies are weaned on a hemp
"Pablum". In fact, the medicinal properties of hemp seeds in ancient Chinese
pharmacopoeia are substantial. No other single plant source can compare with
the nutritional value. Both the complete protein and the essential oils
contained in hemp seed are in ideal ratios for human nutrition. Hemp seeds
have an established place in history as a nourishing and delicious food.
Cultures from around the world have their local recipes. Russians make
porridge, sweets and a delicious butter said to be superior to peanut
butter. HIGH FIBRE - little "colon cleansers" Although little has been
written about the fibre content of hemp seeds in North America they continue
to be the most popular remedy for constipation and hemorrhoids in China.
IDEAL VEGETABLE PROTEIN! A pound of hemp seed would provide all the protein,
essential fatty acids and dietary fiber necessary for human survival for two
weeks. The protein in hemp contains all eight amino acids essential to life
and is easily digested. For this reason it is used in many parts of the
world for treating rnalnourishment.
DANGERS of "low fat" and "no fat" Recent trends to produce "low fat" and "no
fat" foods present untimely dangers to human biology. In an effort to reduce
the intake of saturated fats which typically provide little nutritional
benefit and are attributed to excess weight gain, food manufacturers are
producing products that contain no source of essential fatty acids. An ideal
fat source needs to contain a balance of essential fatty acids (EFAs). They
are known as Omega-3 or alpha linoleic acid and Omega-6 or linoleic acid.
Hemp foods and hemp oil will be at the head of the "good fat" line, since
they contain 80% EFAs. Fats and oils provide a carrier for the fat-soluble
vitamins A, D, B and K. They also produce energy. As the trend towards
"nutraceuticals" (nutritional foods or substances which prevent disease)
continues, the increasingly sophisticated consumer will turn to hemp seed.
Nutritional Analysis of Hemp Seeds Protein 22.5% Carbohydrates 35.8%
Moisture 5.7% Ash 5.9% Calories 503 per 100g Dietary fiber 35.1% (3.0%
soluble) Fat 30%Essential Fatty Acid ProfileOmega-3 (Alpha Linolenic) 20% Omega-6 (Linoleic) 57% Omega-9 (Oleic) 12%
Stearic 2% Palmitic 6% Carotene (Vit A) 16,800 IU per pound Thiamine (B1)
.9mg/100g Riboflavin (B2) 1.1mg/100g Pyridoxine (B6) .3mg/100g Niacin (B3)
2.5mg/100g Vitamin C 1.4mg/100g Vitamin D 100 IU/100g Vitamin E 3 mg/100gESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS EFAs absorb sunlight and keep membranes fluid. Their
tendency to disperse gives biological systems the power to carry substances
such as toxins to the surface of the skin, intestinal tract, kidneys, or
lungs, where these substances can be discarded. EFAs absorb sunlight and
keep membranes fluid. Their tendency to disperse gives biological systems
the power to carry substances such as toxins to the surface of the skin,
intestinal tract, kidneys, or lungs, where these substances can be
discarded.EFAs are involved in producing life energy in our body from food substances,
and moving that energy throughout our systems. They govern growth, vitality,
and mental state. They hook up oxygen, electron transport, and energy in the
process of oxidation. Oxidation, the central and most important
moment-to-moment living process in our body, is the 'burning' of food to
produce the energy required for life processes. EFAs are involved in the
transporting of oxygen to all our cells. EFAs can be likened to oxygen
'magnets' that pull oxygen into our body. Linoleic Acid and Linolenic Acid
appear to hold oxygen in our cell membranes, where it acts as a barrier to
viruses, fungi and bacteria.EFAs substantially shorten the time required for fatigued muscles to recover
after exercise. They facilitate the conversion of lactic acid to water and
carbon dioxide. This is especially important to athletes.EFAs increase metabolic rates. They increase the metabolic rate and burn
more fat into carbon dioxide, water and energy sometimes resulting in weight
loss.Linolenic Acid and its derivatives can lower cholesterol hy up to 65%. It
also produces smooth, velvety skin, increases stamina, speeds healing,
increases vitality, and brings a feeling of calmness. It reduces
inflammation, water retention, platelet stickiness, and blood pressure. It
also inhibits the growth of tumors and enhances some immune functions,
reduces the pain and swelling of arthritis, and completely reverses
premenstrual syndrome in some cases. It has been known to kill malaria and
has been used successfully to treat bacterial infections."This article is excerpted from: Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill, Udo Erasmus,
© Alive Books, December 1993.
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Comment #31 posted by FoM on July 29, 2005 at 17:51:41 PT
DEA Video
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Comment #30 posted by goneposthole on July 29, 2005 at 17:36:14 PT
oh yeah
"While I generally do not advocate smoking marijuana, I believe an exception could be made for a critically ill person who has their doctor's authorization." - Larissa LytwynI'll make another exception: Anyone who desires to use cannabis for any reason whatsoever may do so.It's ok.It's your mind, stupid.Do you think George Bush's mind is functioning properly? Does he avoid life or embrace life?I mean, come on, this stuff must stop. Marc Emery in custody is a good start. I hope he gets burned at the stake with bales of marijuana all around him. St. Mark Emery Cannabis Club has a special ring to it, don't cha think?And then, after that, those who have the rule of law at their command could start killing even more marijuana users. Just for fun. The 'Good Americans' could cheer like the drunken Romans did in the Colosseum way back when. You can see it all if you visit Mr. Peabody's laboratory and experience the thrall of his 'Wayback Machine.'I'm glad that the Great Satan Marc Emery is being chopped down like a big old tree. The DEA should be happy as clams netting a big fish like St. Mark. Good for them.Let Reefer Madness reign supreme. GO DEA(th) GO DEA(th) GO DEA(th)The US government is tired of killing Iraqis all of the time; it costs too much. Gots to concentrate on those evil marijuana users. It's a no brainer.Your mind is like a kidney or a heart, it must function properly to be sentient. Otherwise, you're whistling in the dark.End reefer madness. End prohibition. Free your mind.
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Comment #29 posted by FoM on July 29, 2005 at 16:26:31 PT
Just a Comment
I have Direct TV and because of what has happened up north I turned on News World International. They always had news on about situations like this. I was surprised to see that NWI is signing off after many years. I guess we won't see anything down here on the news now.
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Comment #28 posted by FoM on July 29, 2005 at 16:19:30 PT
Thank you for the update. It doesn't look good for Marc Emery but he must have known what he was doing and I'm sure he isn't surprised by this happening. I am not up on his business or what he does but if he sold seeds to people in the states that could put him in jail for many years. Messing with the USA isn't smart to do nowadays.
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Comment #27 posted by freedom23 on July 29, 2005 at 16:07:38 PT
Marc Emery update
from :Well-known Vancouver pot activist arrested in extradition bid by U.S.July 29, 2005 - 18:35VANCOUVER (CP) - Police raided a business run by a well-known pot activist on Friday based on a search warrant requested by the U.S. government, which wants Marc Emery extradited to face charges related to the sale of marijuana seeds on the Internet and by mail.Emery, who is also leader of the B.C. Marijuana party, was not at the store when it was raided but U.S. justice officials said he was arrested earlier Friday in Nova Scotia by the RCMP.Authorization for city police to conduct the raid was given Thursday by Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm of the B.C. Supreme Court under the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act.Several officers, some in plain clothes, some in uniform, raided the marijuana seed and paraphernalia store on West Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver that is run by Emery, who the search warrant also described by his alias "The Prince of Pot."The search warrant said Emery, Gregory Williams and Michelle Rainey-Fenkarek are wanted in the U.S. to face charges of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana, conspiracy to distribute marijuana seeds and conspiracy to engage in money laundering.Williams and Rainey-Fenkarek were arrested by police in Vancouver, Jeff Sullivan, chief of the criminal division of the U.S. Attorney's Office, told a news conference in Seattle.Sullivan said the United States is seeking the extradition of Emery, Williams and Rainey-Fenkarek on the charges after they were indicted by a federal grand jury in May following an 18 month investigation by American police into the sale of marijuana seeds on the internet and by mail.Rod Benson, the special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Agency in Seattle, contended at the news conference that Emery showed "overwhelming arrogance and abuse of the rule of law," which he said "will no longer be on display or tolerated.""The message here is clear," he said, "those engaged in the cultivation, and trafficking of illegal drugs will eventually pay a steep price."None of the accused has had an opportunity to respond to the charges, which must still be proven in court.A conviction on the charges carries a sentence ranging from 10 years to life in prison, said Sullivan.Emery, who is in his mid-40s, was released from jail in Saskatoon last October after three months in jail for passing a joint at a pot rally in the city earlier in 2004.While it was Emery's eleventh drug-related conviction, it was the first time he had been sentenced to jail.The store that was raided, named Toker's Bowl, is adjacent to the New Amsterdam Cafe where people have been smoking marijuana openly for years.Several people gathered outside the store to protest the raid, many holding anti-American signs.Police sealed off the store and covered the windows with paper while they conducted their search.The search warrant sets out a long list of requests made by the United States to the Vancouver police department.It asks police to seize cash and receipts, client lists and other records identifying purchasers of goods from Emery, and employee records, including applications for employment. It also asks for business and company incorporation documents, leases, rental agreements, computers, hard drives, diskettes and CD-ROMS.
"Bullsh*t: Penn & Teller" vs the War on Drugs
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Comment #26 posted by FoM on July 29, 2005 at 15:34:07 PT
That's good about the LP. I wish them luck. Maybe it will wake up the major parties. I think the Democrats are closer to understanding then the Republicans.
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Comment #25 posted by FoM on July 29, 2005 at 15:30:32 PT
I have no idea what we can do. I am not surprised by this raid at all. I thought it was only a matter of time and the time has come.
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Comment #24 posted by Taylor121 on July 29, 2005 at 15:16:57 PT
Emery; Libertarians to campaign for medica mj
First I wanted to say I am shocked that Emery was finally taken down, but Sam is right, we shouldnt be. Emery was obviously a powerful force in Canada, although some of his comments may have been too far for the U.S. Nevertheless, I admire what he has done for the movement and how he sarcraficed himself like that. Hopefully the people of Canada are willing to demand he be released and push for cannabis reforms.I just got a letter in the mail. Looks like the Libertarian Party are starting some type of campaign for medical marijuana. They included a slip to send to your U.S. Rep saying you support the medicinal use of marijuana being legal. It is good that more and more groups are seeing this as a priority. Hopefully we can eventually put an end to the insanity.
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Comment #23 posted by OverwhelmSam on July 29, 2005 at 15:08:56 PT
Why Are We Surprised?
Marijuana prohibition has always been a political war from the begining. The governmnet is intent on burning any advocate of marijuana that it can, just to support Capitalism. Emery is one the most advanced advocates of marijuana that we've seen. Of course they were going to take him out. Question is, what can we do about it.
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Comment #22 posted by FoM on July 29, 2005 at 14:57:29 PT
I really am sorry about this. It doesn't surprise me though. This is the way it is since 9/11 and the current administration. 
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Comment #21 posted by global_warming on July 29, 2005 at 14:37:57 PT
Another Sigh..
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Comment #20 posted by FoM on July 29, 2005 at 14:20:30 PT
More On The Events in Canada
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Comment #19 posted by freedom23 on July 29, 2005 at 14:17:39 PT
DEA logic
"The keynote speaker was DEA agent Thomas Pasquarella, whose presentation included raw footage of individuals mixing rat poison and house cleaners with the "club drug" ecstasy."This sounds like a good argument for the legalization and regulation of ecstasy rather than keeping it in the control of the criminal underground. One could easily concur that any product that is: in high demand, has a very high profit margin, requires little capital or skill to manufacture and carries no liability concerning defective manufacturing will be made as quickly as possible with little thought for the safety of the end consumer. That's why governments regulate safety standards for automobiles, furniture, children's toys, medications, etc. The sad thing is is that there are many within the DEA that realize legalization and regulation are the only ways to help stop "individuals mixing rat poison and house cleaners with the 'club drug' ecstasy" and not the current system of prohibition.Sigh ...
"Bullsh*t: Penn & Teller" vs the War on Drugs
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Comment #18 posted by JackBnimble on July 29, 2005 at 14:03:52 PT
Trust me
I AM infuriated.I seldom de-lurk. As FOM can attest to. I really only stop in to add colour to articles pertaining to Canada. I have lived in the US but it was years ago, and therefore try not to comment on US issues here.This is a HUGE issue for Canada, but more acutely, Vansterdam,The potBlock, and the legality of seeds in general.Thankfully the press is still awake in PST 
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Comment #17 posted by mayan on July 29, 2005 at 13:44:50 PT
Puppet State
From the link JackBnimble posted...Police raided a marijuana seed store run by the B.C. Marijuana Party leader in Vancouver Friday, apparently at the request of U.S. authorities in Seattle.As an American I'm totally disgusted. If I was a Canadian I would be absolutely infuriated!!! FREE MARC EMERY!!!
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Comment #16 posted by dongenero on July 29, 2005 at 13:25:26 PT
Bush and company
When the hell are we impeaching these ding-a-lings anyway!!???
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Comment #15 posted by dongenero on July 29, 2005 at 13:23:15 PT
They are talking about Emery being extradited to the US.
I sure am sick of this administration. I hope the good people of Canada revolt.
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Comment #14 posted by JackBnimble on July 29, 2005 at 13:16:07 PT
Well from CTV news....there's more info
Hey FOM, Much Respect for you (as usual)official (well form a news site :-) truly isn't nice. 
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Comment #13 posted by FoM on July 29, 2005 at 13:11:34 PT
I'm sorry to read that. Please let us know more as you find out.
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Comment #12 posted by JackBnimble on July 29, 2005 at 13:08:08 PT
sorry all off topic..
BCMP headquarters raided. Marc Emery arrested in Halifaxrumours of DEA involvement.
oh oh in Canada
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Comment #11 posted by knowhemp on July 29, 2005 at 12:45:57 PT
vaporizer or not, cannabis smoke is simply not as harmful to the lungs as tobacco! this is a common myth that even cannabis advocates seem to have a hard time dispelling. tobacco has a constricting effect on the capilaries wereas cannabis causes them to expand and often times cannabis will break up and bring up the junk thats sitting there deep in the bronchial tubes. Hence the fact that cannabis can ease an asthma attack. Anyone who's ever tried both can tell you that after years of tobacco use your lungs will feel like they've collapsed and you'll experience shortness of breath; not so with ganja. Not to mention that ganja is apparently attacking tumors and cancer cells in the lungs and brains of it's's for the love of life!
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Comment #10 posted by mayan on July 29, 2005 at 12:36:57 PT
She's Comin' Round!
As Big Dawg pointed out, Larissa Lytwyn must still support the caging of recreational users who harm nobody else's person or property.She still includes some bogus info such as the "gateway effect" but at least she did a little honest research this time! Jose, I think Joyce has been on the "dark side" too long to see the light. She'll likely go to her grave in pain condemning the plant that could help ease her pain. How sad.THE WAY OUT...Former British MI5 Agent Says 'Many Similarities' Between London Bombings And 9/11:' Hometown paper Discovers 9/11: Emergency Truth Convergence Photo Album:
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Comment #9 posted by dongenero on July 29, 2005 at 12:24:13 PT
oh yeah
Darned short term memory.......I meant to mention that I now vaporize rather than smoke and as a hobby, I compete in athletic endurance events which are based on cardiovascular fitness. My abilities are what they were before I began using cannabis again, 5 years ago. Despite the fact that I'm older as well.This is experiential fact however, not based on "voluminous studies". 
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Comment #8 posted by dongenero on July 29, 2005 at 12:16:49 PT
Okay Larissa,
You get a star on your paper today because you are making some progress. Keep doing your homework'll work your way through the issue eventually.You are still buying into a number of old myths and propoganda regarding gateway theories and addiction.
Let's recap a couple of issues...the gateway IS prohibition...and the potential for addiction is not equal to nicotine. I quit cigarettes 20 years ago...really tough to do. I needed the help of a group program.
I quit smoking cannabis 25 years problem.
I now use cannabis again, for relaxation in the evening....most evenings. I can also stop for any number of days if I choose without any difficulty. The urge for cannabis is no greater than the urge to have an ice cream or a nightly cup of yogurt. Nothing like cigarettes.
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Comment #7 posted by VitaminT on July 29, 2005 at 12:10:39 PT
Every Kid has a blog these days.
It doesn't appear that she invites comment but you can e-mail posts to her.I'd like to ask her to produce the "voluminous studies," [that Marijuana] "can easily lead to harder drug use."She's still steeped in ONDCP propaganda but at least she is educable on the issue as is clear from parts of her article. Of course it bears repeating, again: She's "still very much against recreational marijuana use." Thank god! the world remains safe from all mis-conceptions stemming from her wild foray into the debauchery of MARIJUANA policy!Go easy on her.
Larissa Lytwyn's blog
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Comment #6 posted by jose melendez on July 29, 2005 at 11:30:05 PT
light twin
I think the author deserves congratulations for looking into the truth far enough to see that her previous stance was based on misinformation. Surely we all have a reflection that with time will also change.All use is medical, whether we admit it to ourselves (or enjoy it) or not . . .Kudos, Ms. Larissa. Eventually even Joyce may see the light.
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Comment #5 posted by FoM on July 29, 2005 at 10:42:16 PT
I Agree BigDawg
Just a tad more...
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Comment #4 posted by BigDawg on July 29, 2005 at 10:35:45 PT
Recreational use
While changing her stance on MMJ, she still does not condone recreational use.Does that mean she condones throwing adults in prison for for something less harmful to the individual and society than legal substances?She needs to think this thru just a tad more...
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Comment #3 posted by FoM on July 29, 2005 at 10:22:19 PT
Max Flowers
I put the link in the article. Here it is.
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Comment #2 posted by Max Flowers on July 29, 2005 at 10:09:05 PT
If I recall her correctly
What I just posted there is based on my memory that Larissa Lytwyn was the one who published at least one clueless opinion piece criticizing medical cannabis from a naive, myopic Just Say No stance...?
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Comment #1 posted by Max Flowers on July 29, 2005 at 10:06:12 PT
I was pounded by scores of angry responses from people who know much more about medical cannabis than I do, and it made me actually look into it instead of firing off canned anti-drug hyperbole, and now I see that I didn't know what the heck I was talking about and I have some regret. Maybe I should research such matters before spewing knee-jerk anti-drug speeches.
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