Medical Pot Clinic Will Open in Chico This Week

Medical Pot Clinic Will Open in Chico This Week
Posted by CN Staff on January 04, 2005 at 09:15:35 PT
By Melissa Daugherty - Staff Writer 
Source: Chico Enterprise-Record 
Health professionals at a Chico medical clinic can suggest its clients use cannabis products, but they won't be handing out any samples.MediCann, a fledgling organization with a string of clinics in the state, is opening its ninth location on Nord Avenue Wednesday. There, qualifying patients will be issued a doctor's recommendation to legally use medical marijuana.
While those who are determined eligible may be advised to use cannabis, the clinic's director wants residents to know it isn't distributing products of the plant."We're definitely not a dispensary," said Jonathan Arbel, MediCann director of operations.And that's a good thing since medical marijuana distributors aren't welcome in Butte County. While authorities in places like San Francisco may look the other way, advocates who try to set up shop locally aren't so lucky, said District Attorney Mike Ramsey. "When people ask, we inform them that it's against the law," he said. Giving a recommendation to use medical marijuana is a different story. Ramsey said it falls within the guidelines of Proposition 215 so long as the recommendations are legitimate. But after studying its Web site, Ramsey is a bit skeptical of MediCann. The company sounds like a business as opposed to a medical operation, he said.The fact that clients must pay the fee in cash and are given a 50 percent discount if they don't qualify for the recommendation were a couple of red flags he spotted.Physicians who specialize in medical marijuana evaluations have occasionally set up branch offices locally, but Ramsey said anyone can go to their own doctor to get the recommendation.Arbel described MediCann headquartered in Oakland as a chain of alternative medical clinics dedicated to the care of patients who have been failed by traditional medicine. "We're more of a compassionate company," said Arbel, adding that the $100 fee for services is much less than other similar clinics charge.The fee, he said, pays for a year's worth of visits that include an evaluation by a trained medical professional either a licensed medical doctor or a physician's assistant and follow-up appointments. People suffering from chronic pain, cancer and AIDS make up many of the clinic's clients. They cover all walks of life, from grandmothers to rabbis, Arbel said."They're like you. They're like everybody," he said.Those who are deemed eligible to use medical marijuana are given a signed and dated document recommending that they do so.But that doesn't mean everyone qualifies, Arbel said. Staff are always on the lookout for malingerers people who exaggerate or fake illness to get the recommendation.Further, he said, those who do receive the recommendation are encouraged to use cannabis edibles such as oils and butters rather than smoking marijuana."We do try to steer patients toward other treatment," Arbel said.Acupuncture and massage therapy are also recommended.MediCann is opening a clinic in Chico because many of its clients in the Bay Area were traveling from the north state.Source: Chico Enterprise-Record (CA)Author: Melissa Daugherty - Staff Writer Published: Tuesday, January 04, 2005 Copyright: 2005 The Media News GroupContact: letters chicoer.comWebsite: Cannabis Research Links Medical Marijuana Archives
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Comment #5 posted by FoM on January 04, 2005 at 19:15:47 PT
I wish the very best for the Kubbys. They've gone thru so many serious battles. If anyone can win the Kubbys can I believe.
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Comment #4 posted by mayan on January 04, 2005 at 18:22:52 PT
From FoM's link in comment #2..."What Mr. Kubby alleges does not amount to persecution," Dauns wrote. "He was prosecuted for a breach of a law of general application."He is arguing he will be denied medication, not that he would be tortured while incarcerated."Being denied life saving medication is being tortured!!!More on Ohio...Sen. Boxer to Challenge Election? There One Senator Who Will Stand Up for Black Voters?
Democrat Senators on the Hot Seat...Again: Up, Senator: should object to Ohio vote - by Jesse Jackson: to object to Ohio vote count, certification: Update:
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Comment #3 posted by Taylor121 on January 04, 2005 at 14:02:01 PT
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Comment #2 posted by FoM on January 04, 2005 at 10:33:05 PT
This is a Snipped Source for CNews
Marc put it on his forum. Here it is.***Court to Hear U.S. Man's Refugee Case
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Comment #1 posted by FoM on January 04, 2005 at 09:18:42 PT
Related Link To Above Article
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