Alterna Funds 1st Hemp Plot in USA since WW11

Alterna Funds 1st Hemp Plot in USA since WW11
Posted by FoM on July 07, 1999 at 17:49:03 PT
In Support of American Farmers! 
Source: Internet News Service
Press Release: July 7, 1999LOS ANGELES, CA - Alterna Applied Research Laboratories, maker of hemp hair care products, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the nation's first hemp test plot in over 50 years in conjunction with the University of Hawaii.
In the wake of the hemp legislation passing Hawaii's House and the Senate in May, Governor Benjamin J. Cayetano will sign the hemp bill into law at the State Capitol in Honolulu on Wednesday, July 7. Alterna will present the $200,000.00 check, made from Canadian hemp paper, at the Capitol Building at 11:00 a.m. The grant money will be used to plant THC (drug) free industrial hemp seeds in cooperation with the University of Hawaii to conduct the research needed to initiate the recovery of this crop in the United States. Esteemed plant geneticist Dr. David West, Ph.D., the only plant breeder in the U.S. actively involved in reestablishing industrial hemp, directs the hemp seed variety trial research in Hawaii.Hemp farming is of integral importance to Hawaii as the state's economy is still suffering from the loss of its main export sugar cane. Hawaii Governor Benjamin J. Cayetano has said, "My administration supports stimulating Hawaii's economy and keeping our agricultural lands productive. Industrial hemp could meet both of these objectives." Once the DEA removes its restrictions on growing industrial hemp freely outside of the test plot trials, the vast economic and ecological benefits will make themselves known in Hawaii. Like Hawaii, thousands of American farmers are suffering from the declining profitability of crops they produce. Farmers have a dearth of options. The plight of the American farmer is aggravating for Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative president Andrew Graves who spearheaded the lawsuit filed against the DEA last year, in an effort to allow Kentucky tobacco farmers the right to grow industrial hemp in lieu of their diminishing tobacco crops. "It makes no sense that the same government that encouraged and paid my father good money to grow hemp 40 years ago during WWII, is restricting me from saving my ailing tobacco business by forbidding me to grow the exact same plant." Despite the domestic demand for hemp-based products, American farmers are still forced to import hemp from any one of the 30 industrialized nations that grow the crop. All members of the Group of Seven Industrialized Nations permit hemp cultivation except one--the United States. Education is the key to enlightenment and the recent passing of pro-hemp legislation in Hawaii, North Dakota, Minnesota and soon to be Virginia, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Maryland, Iowa, Vermont, Tennessee and Montana has fueled a deluge of media coverage-blatant evidence that hemp education is working. The California Democratic National Party has adopted a resolution supporting hemp at its state convention last March, which is the first time in history that a major political party has embraced drug-free hemp. Dollars speak the loudest, however, and the exceptional global resurgence of hemp bears witness to the powerful commercial potential of this crop. Worldwide hemp sales figures were only a few million dollars in 1993 but in 1997 sales surpassed $75 million and sales for 2,000 are projected to be in the billions. Sixty years ago Popular Mechanics magazine called industrial hemp the "new million dollar crop." If legislation continues to pass across the nation, it's safe to say that hemp will be the multi-billion-dollar-crop of the new millenium.Since incorporating hemp seed oil into its products as of January of 1998, Alterna has undertaken an aggressive national hemp education campaign, called LEARN MORE, which is designed to dispel myths and misinformation about the marked differences between hemp and marijuana. Proactive in its approach to educate the nation of hemp's many environmental, economic and cosmetic benefits, Alterna holds fast to two proven facts: hemp is not marijuana and hemp is not a drug. A consummate education advocate, Alterna conducts hemp essay contests in high schools across the nation awarding college scholarship funds. The sponsorship of the historical hemp test plot in Hawaii is a demonstration of the company's continued commitment to the hemp movement. "Alterna feels a responsibility to help support America's farmers and affording them the opportunity to grow industrial hemp for American made products is our ultimate goal. Funding the test plots in Hawaii is an honor for us, " explains Mike Brady President of Alterna Applied Research Laboratories. Unconventional in its approach, Alterna consistently sets new standards in the beauty industry in the fields of advanced formulation and product performance. The first professional hair care company to harness the power of nutrient-rich hemp seed oil, Alterna continually redefines itself as an industry innovator. Press Release July 7, 1999
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