Hemp Ruling Hailed

††Hemp Ruling Hailed

Posted by CN Staff on February 07, 2004 at 09:46:30 PT
Sentinel Staff and Wire Report†
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel †

Rejecting one front of the governmentís drug war, a federal appeals court ruled Friday the United States cannot ban the sale of food made with natural hemp that contains only trace amounts of the psychoactive chemical in marijuana.The decision overturns the Drug Enforcement Administrationís ban on the domestic sale of hemp food products. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had suspended the prohibition so judges could hear a challenge from the hemp industry, which has been allowed to sell its products while awaiting the courtís decision.
On Friday, the court said that though the DEA has regulatory authority over marijuana and synthetically derived tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the agency did not follow the law in asserting authority over hemp food products, too."They cannot regulate naturally-occurring THC not contained within or derived from marijuana," the court ruled, noting itís not possible to get high from products with only trace amounts of the mind-altering chemical.The Hemp Industries Association, which represents more than 200 companies, had challenged the legality of the ban and applauded Fridayís decision."It validates what weíve been saying along, that hemp foods have nothing to do with the drug war," said David Bronner, president of Dr. Bronnerís Magic Soaps and chairman of the HIA food and oil committee. "Now we can concentrate on marketing a tremendous nutritional product without the government out there harassing the marketplace."The DEA was still reviewing the decision Friday and would not comment, spokesman Bill Grant said. Department of Justice spokesman Charles Miller said federal lawyers will review to "make a determination about what the next step should be in near future."Hemp is an industrial plant related to marijuana. Fiber from the plant long has been used to make paper, clothing, rope and other products. Its oil is found in body-care products such as lotion, soap and cosmetics and in a platter of foods, including energy bars, waffles, milk-free cheese, veggie burgers and bread.The popularity of hemp-based foods may not be as high now as a couple of years ago, but in an area like Santa Cruz County they remain consistent sellers, area grocers say."Itís pretty popular in Santa Cruz," said Rich Seibert, general manager at Staff of Life. "The health benefits are impressive."New Leaf Community Market in Felton keeps supplies of such products as hemp nuts, butter and oil regularly stocked, said Kirsten Farson, assistant manager."They sell consistently, but I think the price is a little more prohibitive," Farson said.Both said they have not necessarily been keeping an eye on the case as it wound through the court system, but agreed the ruling was good news.Fridayís decision is the culmination of a complex case.In October 2001, the DEA first declared that food products containing even trace amounts of THC would be banned under the Controlled Substances Act. The DEA ordered a halt to the production and distribution of all goods containing THC that were intended for human consumption.But in March 2002, just before those products were to be destroyed, the 9th Circuit suspended that order to decide whether federal law can classify hemp food as an illegal controlled substance like heroin.In April 2002, DEA attorney Daniel Dormont argued for the ban, telling a three-judge appeals panel that "thereís no way of knowing" whether some food made with hemp could get consumers high.Hemp food sellers say their products are full of nutrition, not drugs. They say the food contains such a small amount of the active ingredient in marijuana that itís impossible to feel any drug-like effects.In June 2003, the court first overturned the DEA ban after finding the agency didnít provide enough warning or allow public comment before imposing it. In that decision, the court did not decide the banís legality ó only that the government didnít follow proper bureaucratic procedure.But by March 2003, even before the court had made its first ruling, the DEA had solicited public comment and issued a new ban. It was the legality of that second ban the appeals court ruled against on Friday.Hemp industry officials said the decision would likely boost sales because many retailers had been reluctant to sell hemp products."Their ban was a real setback for the industry initially," said Eric Steenstra, president of the lobbying group Vote Hemp. "But I think this ruling makes it clear that hemp food is here to stay."The case is Hemp Industries Association v. Drug Enforcement Administration, 03-71366.Complete Title: Hemp Ruling Hailed; Court Rules DEA Cannot Regulate FoodSource: Santa Cruz Sentinel (CA)Published: February 7, 2004 Copyright: 2004 Santa Cruz SentinelContact: editorial santa-cruz.comWebsite: Articles & Web Sites:HIA News Hemp Links Foods Get Court OK Court Limits Ban on Hemp Products Breathes Easier with Looser Hemp Policy

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Comment #16 posted by goneposthole on February 07, 2004 at 20:00:19 PT
The FCC can grant broadcast communication licenses to the DEA to broadcast 365/24/7. Why don't they? It would be great. Night and day, we would be able to tune in or view the complete propaganda that they have to offer. Can't consume hemp foods. Can't smoke pot. Can't do anything that pertains to the cannabis plant whatsoever. Nothing, nada, nichts. Night and day. Up to the New York minute, the computer nanosecond reports on any and all drug raids. Give everybody the lowdown and get it all online. EverythingThey would be able to finally achieve what they have been all along. One ridiculous, cheesy outfit that has plumbed the depths of man's inhumanity to man.I wish they would do it for all to see.They can do it. They, the DEA, can be there. They're in there. It would be killer. Reefer Madness in it's purest state. How about it DEA, forget the broadcast networks and give your all. You could do it just the way you want it done.Just remember who has been suckered into paying your way.Hey, thanks... but... no thanks 
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Comment #15 posted by FoM on February 07, 2004 at 19:22:33 PT
Kucinich Video on Drugs
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Comment #14 posted by mayan on February 07, 2004 at 18:28:43 PT
Age of Enlightenment
Hs anyone heard the Yes album that came out a couple of years ago called "Magnification"? It was their first to be recorded with a symphony orchestra if I remember right. I highly recommend it to all. Anyway, it is basically a concept album dealing with our relationships with others and everything else in the universe. It was kind of prophetic in that in the inner sleeve there was a drawing of an ancient fictional device which allowed it's users to achieve a state of enlightenment. I kind of think of it as an analogy to the modern-day internet. The inner sleeve said something like, "We are entering an age of enlightenment". I can't remember the rest but it is just amazing how much has changed and how much we've learned since that album came out. These are truly amazing times! Below is a link to a statement from Ron Paul. He is right in that not only should Bush be held accountable for the preemptive war, but Congress should also. They are the ones who gave Bush the authority to wage an unconstitutional war and now they are criticizing him for their mistake. After all, many of those in Congress will still be there long after Bush is gone unless we decide differently! We must clean the entire House...and the Senate!!!Hon. Ron Paul Of Texas: Congress Abandoned its Duty to Debate and Declare War: MMJ...Medical marijuana bills introduced in the Illinois Legislature!
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Comment #13 posted by global_warming on February 07, 2004 at 16:39:22 PT
Where's The Beef?
While they pick at the rotting carcus of humanity,
These buzzards, inspect the :LAWThey are an angry lot,
Like insects swarming,
The Hive has been breached,
They sing and gather,
For the time is coming,The Honey that they have claimed,
That rymes with money,
Belongs to all life,
On this planet, and to this universe.When awareness comes,
The soldiers in this war on our brothers and sisters,
Will seek to drown and end,
There forsaken souls,
These souls that carry such a burdenThe "decivers" will carry empty sacrifices to their alters,
The blemished and indolent souls,
Shall be forgiven
But the deeds and blood
Cannot be forgotten,
They shall be answered
For the Night has an infinite appetite,
The stars and the galaxies,
Forever remain in gratitude,
That we all were given lifeWhen you see the Moon,
Direct your prayers towards its reflected light
For your prayers shall be reflected to God,
The Sun is but kith and kin,
To our life and salvations.With each small step
We walk back to God
The path is covered in fog,
A fog that has been carefully placed,
By the decievers, that seek to control,
That seek to maintain their powers,Know this:God loves us all
Our children
Our pets
OurselvesI pray for the day
That in my short time
I may grow all living "Plants"
In my garden..-gw
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Comment #12 posted by Truth on February 07, 2004 at 15:05:00 PT
The walls
I think part of the reason the walls are a tumblin' is cause we have heavyweights like Garcia helping from the other side of the Golden Gate.Look for a 2 part summer tour by The Dead coming to a town near you.
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Comment #11 posted by Virgil on February 07, 2004 at 15:00:38 PT
I see a Great Awakening
The problems of America are systemic. I always advance the my opinion that corruption of the entire system is the problem before us. I am not going to play ping pong with two parties when they demand turns at the trough. It is time for change and not status quo. This political season is really ripe for change.Under the issue of corruption we can bring up the prime examples we see in the WOD. With CP we can show how lies were used to bring it about with the bat story and Anslinger testimony. Refer Madness is at pot-tv for all to see. Now that America has seen it is all a lie and a grand disillusionment people will search for truth.There is no magic pill or messiah for CP or America. A long slumber that has us awakening with a nightmare will end. There will be a Great Awakening and lies will not easily be neglected. No more ping-pong. No more games. Seek reality and fix the things that are broken. Cut the entertainment. There is work to do. Of course we can first sing- Free Cannabis For Everyone
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Comment #10 posted by Nuevo Mexican on February 07, 2004 at 14:39:36 PT
Warren Haynes with the Dead! Channeling Jerry!
Hope you have an excellent time! Say Hello to Warren if you get a chance, and mention Cannabis, maybe he'd like to comment, or post his observations on the connection of music and Cannabis? He has my ultimate respect as a musician, as he has to fill shoes that noone can really fill, but he does the impossible! Warren channels Duane Allman spirit, if you've ever seen either, and now he let Jerry speak! Just my observation, not to far fetched for Jerrys Kids though!Imagine the show you're about to see, it should be unbelievable! The first time I saw the Dead was the last nights performance by keyboardist Brent Midland, who went first to set up the studio upstairs for Jerrys arrival! LOL!Not to change the subject, but do I hear the walls of prohibition falling simultaneous to bushes and the dinosaur regimes self-created extinction?Hemp up, bush down:I couldn't find a photo of the white wash sign behind bush shot, but this photographer went out of there way to avoid it, and still captured the smirk in a state of confusion, the story is a first for the New york Times, shapes of things to come?Administration's Message on Iraq Now Strikes Discordant NotesRather than uniform and disciplined, their answers have been ad hoc and inconsistent. And the result is that the president appears very much on the defensive just at a moment when his aides thought he would be reaping the political benefits of ridding the world of Saddam Hussein. "It's been a bit of a cacophony," one national security official at the White House acknowledged Friday. "Maybe the naming of the commission will smooth it out." of Britons want Blair to quit:
(Can we ask bush to 'quit', and not have to do impeachment, Censure, trials, Elections and just get it over with now, pleeease?)LONDON - Just over half of Britons think Prime Minister Tony Blair (news - web sites) should resign and 54 percent believe he lied to the nation about the threat from Iraq (news - web sites), a new poll showed Saturday.  The survey highlights the political damage the Iraq war and its aftermath have done to Blair, President Bush (news - web sites)'s staunchest ally overseas. Fifty-one percent of those questioned by polling firm NOP for the anti-war Independent newspaper said they agreed that "it is now time for Tony Blair to resign." Thirty-five percent disagreed. The survey also found 54 percent believed Blair exaggerated the prewar threat from Iraq, while 31 percent did not. Headline story, this will not stand! Don't believe me, read the story. out of this world!Co-Chair of bush WMD panel part of far-right NetworkWASHINGTON - President George W. Bush's choice to co-chair his commission to investigate intelligence failures prior to the Iraq War is a long-time, right wing political activist closely tied to the neo-conservative network that led the pro-war propaganda campaign. Federal appeals court Judge Laurence Silberman, who will share the chairmanship with former Virginia Democratic Senator Charles Robb, also has some history in covert operations. a day for the bush administration.I wonder if they still think they have time to pursue the war on cannabis, (formerly the war on drugs) when children are being kidnapped and murdered directly because of misguided budgets and priorities.Rapists and murderers go free, while Art Garfunkel is arrested for cannabis. If so, it can't be for long, the damn is about to break, right FOM!
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Comment #9 posted by FoM on February 07, 2004 at 12:55:18 PT
Have a great time. We will be seeing Neil Young's Greendale soon again. This time I know the songs. 
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Comment #8 posted by Truth on February 07, 2004 at 12:41:11 PT
ok FoM
Martha and I are off to see The Dead at the Warfield Theater on monday so we're all excited. Warren Haynes from the Allman Bros. is joing them for the next year : )
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Comment #7 posted by FoM on February 07, 2004 at 11:01:39 PT
I'll let your comment posted so people will know where the posts went. That link is so funny. Thanks.
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Comment #6 posted by Truth on February 07, 2004 at 10:28:53 PT

sorry bout the repeat, I had the link wrong, maybe you could remove the first post of mine and this one. Thank you FoM.Also, heads up on bush speaking on Face the Nation tomorrow, a whole hour, unscripted, could be good.
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Comment #5 posted by Truth on February 07, 2004 at 10:26:26 PT

hemp pretzel
pretzels to the rescue
pretzel face
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Comment #2 posted by E_Johnson on February 07, 2004 at 10:13:01 PT

Still more major scandals from California prisons
The Governator is asking that the US DOJ busy themselves with cracking down on the evil corrupt leadership in the state prison system:,1,7468877.story?coll=la-home-headlines SACRAMENTO ? Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger asked the U.S. attorney here Friday to investigate allegations that officials at Folsom State Prison orchestrated a riot two years ago and then conspired to cover it up.Facing a wave of troubles in all corners of California's far-flung penal system ? the nation's largest ? he moved on several other fronts as well. 
The governor said he was reversing an earlier decision to greatly reduce the state's lone correctional watchdog agency and would instead restore its funding and give it new law enforcement powers, including the authority to issue subpoenas and seek search warrants.In a third move, administration officials announced plans to phase out the use of steel-mesh cages to confine unruly juveniles in the California Youth Authority. The cages, used only in California, were singled out recently as dehumanizing by experts who studied the juvenile system.
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Comment #1 posted by FoM on February 07, 2004 at 10:04:47 PT

Poll On Issues
Presidential Issues Sunday is the day that Maine Democrats will go to caucuses across the state to voice their preference for the party's nomination for U.S. President. Republicans have been holding caucuses already to select convention delegates. When it comes to choosing a Presidential candidate, which issue is the most important?AbortionDeath PenaltyEconomy/TaxesEducationEnvironmentFarmingGay RightsGunsHealth CareImmigrationIraq WarMedicinal MarijuanaTradeClick Here To Vote:
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