Ashcroft Hits The Bongs 

Ashcroft Hits The Bongs 
Posted by CN Staff on March 05, 2003 at 11:08:48 PT
By Taylor Clark
Source: Willamette Week 
High-ranking government officials are such buzz killers sometimes. Last Monday, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft ordered a massive nationwide sting on Internet distributors of drug paraphernalia, including pipes and glass bongs."Operation Pipe Dreams" yielded millions of dollars worth of seized goods and 55 busts--including two in Eugene.
Pot smokers have been buying their gear legally at head shops for decades, under the subterfuge that the 10-foot water pipe they're lugging to their VW van is for use with tobacco only. "The line between legal and illegal has always been really fuzzy with this stuff," concedes Brin Levinson, a Portland glass blower who, until Monday, made bong stems for a local paraphernalia distributor. "The whole shop where I worked is basically out of business right now." Mark Herer, co-owner of The Third Eye Shoppe, insists he isn't doing anything illegal by selling bongs at his head shop. "It's not my job to figure out what people are putting in their apparatus," Herer argues. "Let's shut down Radio Shack for selling alligator clips." But Thomas O'Brien of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's Seattle office sees a big difference between something with a legitimate legal use and something made exclusively for smoking weed. "If people have arts and crafts, that's OK," says O'Brien. "But anyone selling things used for inhaling controlled substances, that's illegal." He says his office is working with local police agencies and warned that feds won't overlook places like Third Eye much longer. But until Ashcroft knocks on his Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard door, Herer plans on conducting business as usual. "We're still walking the walk and talking the talk according to the rules they set up," says Herer. "We're not changing the way we do business." Source: Willamette Week (OR)Author: Taylor ClarkPublished: Wednesday, March 05, 2003 Copyright: 2003 Willamette WeekContact: mzusman wweek.comWebsite: Articles:On the Role of Government: Wasted on Pipe Dreams Twist, Feds Grab Internet Domain Names Powers Move Into Your Browser Weed Out Drug Paraphernalia Sites 
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Comment #2 posted by paulpeterson on March 05, 2003 at 21:14:14 PT
Ashcroft is the antichrist, and you heard it first here. You see, Christ got killed because 1) he learned in India just how powerful a medicine marijuana was (and still is, I think, yes?), 2) he came home and started healing the poor & sick with this stuff, 3) he got the chief priests pissed off because he took their own private label (they used that as an "annointing oil" to give special "discernment powers" to kings and chief priests) and used it on commoners, 4) HE EVEN BROKE THE NO WORK ON SUNDAY "BLUE LAWS" by doing his healing when nobody was supposed to even poop on Sunday & most important: 5) HE DIDN'T CHARGE FOR HIS EFFORTS (so those priests and tax collectors couldn't TAX THE PROFITS)-translate this to the present: lawyers and drug companies would lose profits also!OK, so now back to the Ashcroft as ANTICHRIST RANT: When that dude got innaugerated (one n or two?)he "annointed" hisself with KRISCO OIL (just like those priest dudes used hash oil on the kings & chief priests, translate to Bush & Ashcroft, the "chief priest" of the repression set, that is, if you get my drift!)The thing is, that Revelations book in Ashcroft's sacred text (at least he thinks it is sacred to him, but he needs to read it a bit more carefully for the "Kaneh Bosm" thingy that they have tried so hard for 3000 years to keep outa print) talks really clearly about the "false signs" that the antichrist dude will show out-I'm thinking that the use of a FALSE ANNOINTING OIL proves he is the false "profit" (Freudian slip, I think) that we should be more than a little Timothy Leery about, if you catch my drift?I mean, what more do we need, on top of Ashcroft's attempts to keep dying people in Oregon from dying with dignity (just because he believes in the "sanctity of life"), when he then tries to kill some 30 people his people think they shouldn't seek to kill, then he ruthlessly tries to criminalize people that are only trying to overcome the urge to die (because of the intractible pain that pot might help with, etc.).I also mean, what up? If you have a choice to call the death dude (to stop the pain) or to call somebody like Ed (to also stop the pain), wouldn't ASHCROFT rather have the latter, sooner than later, that is?Ashcroft is getting worse, not better, but that just shows his scales really clearly, don't it? Revelations talks about GOG & MAGOG, two groups of death givers that will give us some serious fight, and it appears real soon.Today I heard that a bunch of astrologers have estimated the last big date for WAR DRUMS as 4/8/03, the beginning of the conflagration or something! On that date, MARS will be the closest to earth it has been in 72,000 years or so (I'll have to accept their estimates, since I haven't been around near that long-hey, I don't even think I made the writing of Revelations, just a guess of course!)Oh yeah, about Revelations: a few years ago, with the aid of that ancient "annointing oil" that proved a help in "discerning" spirits for those high priests and such, I asked my buddy just what 666 meant (the mark of the beast, that is). John, the writer, stated that this will take some wisdom to discern and stated "this means a person". The answer? It was a trick question-you see, when the left brain (the "dos" program, algebraic, alphabetical, language, symbols in "word bits"-dominant in man since verbal communication and writing) was devised and became the digital "norm" for communication, it caused everybody to see the 666 as numbers. I figured I would look at it from the right brain language, and it just jumped out at me and quick like-too! Right brain sez: These are pictograms, not symbols, sort of like oriental letters (that each form a word "picture", that is). I took my finger and touched the page, made the sixes like a "squiggle" and immediately realized those are each CHROMOSOMES, twisted the wrong way! Universal language indicates that to turn to the right is divine (and left sided movements, like churning a caldren the wrong way).Then, since I had triggered some weird brain pathway I just hit with the three rules involved: to manipulate genes with bad "intent" ie: 1)to enhance prowess or image, 2) to clone for bad intent (like profit, etc.-and I can't think of a smiley face reason to clone anyway, right?), 3) to add animal genes to humans, you get the point, give us a good roadmap as to where we are in time, eh?I think we have already hit #1 & #2, we'll see #3 by 4/8/03, I think. That means we are just about a generation away from the end, in my opinion (and if anybody wants to hear more about the horrible things we will be seeing in our neighborhood soon, let me know, OK?).In other words, when "John" (the writer of Revelations, that is, not this ANTICHRIST JOHN) wrote that the "666" means a person, he meant that a person is comprised of chromosomes, not that "666" are symbols to identify him )actually these could be fingerprint squiggles to identify the BEAST (hey, anybody have a few good "prints" from John Ashcroft's mits, you know, from a booze glass he swilled, maybe from the KRISCO BOTTLE he borrowed from the local 7-11, or, hey, a good bonghit or two might rub off somehow, so we could see just how deviant his prints are-like if his mits have squiggles that twist the wrong way or something, right?And that, boys and girls, is where the punchline comes in-Please ask him to hit the bong so we can print the guy, you know, to know for sure just how far ahead to set your wayback machine for the big shibang, the finale, the fireworks, the end, you get the picture, eh?And thanks for listening, really! (Bongjohn Silver should leave us alone and LET MY PEOPLE GO-like my friend Moses used to say it, now that was a guy that really could discern-last time I saw him was up on the mountain with Jesus-I think Elijah showed up for the gig as well-Peter wanted to make some "shelters" from the storm for the three mean dudes shown in good light that night-oh does that take me back-oops, I'm blowing my cover right?)ASHCROFT, LET MY PEOPLE GO!
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Comment #1 posted by pokesmotter on March 05, 2003 at 12:02:51 PT:
clever title
thats all i have to say about this article. 
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