Hemp for Fun and Prophets!

Hemp for Fun and Prophets!
Posted by FoM on May 27, 1999 at 17:33:11 PT
Source: W.H.E.N.
Kolly Davie and her husband, Ken, and their son, Peter,grew the first legal industrial hemp crop in BritishColumbia, in a town called Delta which is about 10 milessouth of Vancouver, B.C., Canada. 
On September 26, 1998,Ken and Kolly had their "Harvest Day", and three WashingtonHemp Education Network (W.H.E.N) Board of Directors, Jeanne (Magic) Black-Ferguson, Allison Bigelow, and myself, Eve Lentz, traveled there together to see their crop. Little did we know how powerful it is to see this magestic field of Industrial Hemp, growing about and hour north of where we live. Unfortunately, we had to go to another country to do it!The smell of the field was hypnotic and mentally intoxicating, although the Canadian Government tested the fields and certified the crop as having THC levels that were too low to be considered intoxicating in any form!! Running through waves of wonderful hemp stalks, I felt so free!!!The taste of the seeds, were so incredibly awesome, thatI could never explain the taste in words! According to Kolly, one third of their hempfields were devoured by birds of all kinds. You can just imagine where those seeds landed when the birds flew south for the winter!!Allison Bigelow and myself, Eve Lentz, took alot of great pictures that day, and many of them are on my webpage on the website: I will be doing an interview with Kolly & Ken, to go with the pictures to be published in (hopefully) a hemp or hemp friendly magazine.Any offers will gladly be accepted. Contact me at eve, or write me at P.O. Box 231, Mount Vernon, WA 98273. I do not yet have a phone number, but I will be getting one soon. Any questions answered by phone will be at the W.H.E.N. number, (360) 956-0769 or you can go to the W.H.E.N. website: found by DdC!Thanks DdC!
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