Some 750 Canadians Apply to Grow Hemp!

Some 750 Canadians Apply to Grow Hemp!
Posted by FoM on May 20, 1999 at 17:12:52 PT
Source: Map Inc.
OTTAWA, Canada's health department says it has received some 750 applications from farmers across the country to grow industrial hemp, and has approved more than two-thirds of them.
The federal government announced last year that it was lifting a ban on growing industrial hemp, which is related marijuana, the narcotic variety of the Cannabis sativa plant, but does have the narcotic content. The government decided to lift the ban as hemp has wide industrial uses, including the production of a tough fiber from the stem, which can be used for the manufacture of strong fabrics, such as those used for sails. Health Canada officials said today the lifting of the ban had proved popular among farmers, but most chose to delay submitting their applications until "the last couple of weeks," though they have had since Jan. 1 to do so. As a result, there has been a big pile up in the applications, and the department has been able to approve 530, with about 90 more set to be approved shortly.Growing the narcotic variety of cannabis is still a criminal offense, and industrial-hemp growing in Canada is expected to be closely monitored as industrial hemp bears a close resemblance to the narcotic plant. Some 40 of the applications were to grow industrial hemp for research purposes, and 25 of these have been approved. Health Canada recently received parliamentary approval to carry out clinical tests for the medical use of marijuana, and is expected to make an announcement on the subject shortly.News article found by Cryote!Thanks Cryote!
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