Transcripts: Buchanan and Press’ - Aug. 6th, 2002

Transcripts: Buchanan and Press’ - Aug. 6th, 2002
Posted by CN Staff on August 07, 2002 at 08:21:29 PT
Partial Transcripts
Source: MSNBC
BUCHANAN: OK, I would not have gone to Crawford, Texas. I’d of said, sir, I need to cover the White House. OK, coming up folks, what are they smoking in Nevada? They’re thinking of legalizing pot, they’ve got it on the ballot. And, quite frankly, it looks like it’s going to do fairly well. Even the Republican governor is not opposed. We’ll be back.    (COMMERCIAL BREAK) 
PRESS: We’re BUCHANAN & PRESS live from the nation’s capital. I’m Bill Press here with Pat Buchanan. And now to one of the hottest stories in the country, and certainly the hottest story in the state of Nevada. There’s a big initiative on the ballot this November called Question 9, which would actually legalize the use of marijuana in Nevada and set up a state-regulated system for selling marijuana and taxing it, and of course, giving some tax money to the state.    Well, that’s big news. But the even bigger news today is, believe it or not, the chief law enforcement organization in the state of Nevada, called the Nevada Conference of Police and Sheriffs, actually came out- yes, folks, you heard it right-in support of Question 9, in support of legalizing marijuana.    As you say, Pat, what are they smoking in Nevada? Let’s find out. We’re joined by two guests from Las Vegas. Billy Rogers is the campaign manager for Question 9, the man who put it on the ballot. And Andy Anderson is the head of the retired policemen and the head of the Nevada Conference of Police and Sheriffs.    Gentlemen, thank you both for joining us.    BUCHANAN: Thanks very much, gentlemen. Let me take my question to Andy Anderson. Andy, is your view pretty much held by the law enforcement people who are on active duty now in Nevada? And what is the point, that you’re wasting an awful lot of time busting kids and others for tiny amounts of marijuana, when you ought to be doing other police work?    ANDY ANDERSON, RETIRED POLICE OFFICER: Well, that’s-my board voted to endorse the proposal. And there’s nine people on my board and they’re all active employees. They’re the union leaders of their respective organizations. And they voted 9-0 to support this initiative.    We feel that our priorities should be changing. I mean, we shouldn’t be spending a lot of time making simple marijuana arrests. We should be out there using our time to address more serious incidents. We should free up a little more of our time.    As a police officer, I’ve been involved in a lot of marijuana arrests, just strictly possession of marijuana. And it takes you off the street for several hours. And on occasion, you can burn up half your shift making a simple arrest.    BUCHANAN: Well, let me ask you, Andy Anderson, one more quick question. Aren’t you going to make Nevada pretty much a haven for every pothead in the United States of America going through there? I mean, you guys are going to be in violation of federal law. And you’re going to-you’re going to have a lot of entertaining situations on your hands, even if you don’t do the arrests.    ANDERSON: You know, if you read the initiative, we’re not endorsing the use of marijuana. What we’re saying is, we should prioritize our use of police time. And we still have the law saying it’s illegal to drive under the influence. I think we should strengthen our punishments on anybody that’s caught selling it to our kids.    We should spend our time putting those kind of people away, and not so much concern with just people showing up having a possession of marijuana charge against them that are basically law-abiding citizens.    (CROSSTALK)    BUCHANAN: Go ahead.    PRESS: Billy Rogers, let me ask you. You put this initiative on the ballot. I have to tell you, if I were a citizen of Nevada, I would vote for it. But I’m not going to move there to do so. But let me ask, you’ve got a little problem. It’s across the street from us here. One’s called the United States Congress, the other is called the Supreme Court of the United States.    The law of the land is that marijuana is an illegal substance. So your initiative, on the face of it is unconstitutional, no?    BILLY ROGERS, NV FOR RESPONSIBLE LAW: That’s not correct at all. Federal law and state law conflicts on a variety of issues around the country. When the drug czar was here just last week, he said that the federal government would not enforce the possession laws in the state. So I think it’s clear that if Nevada passes this initiative, that the federal government is going to leave Nevada alone.    PRESS: I don’t know how you have come to that conclusion. You know, California passed an initiative a couple of years ago allowing the medical use of marijuana-which I know you’ve also have in Nevada-and they’ve had nothing but federal agents coming in to San Francisco and other places where these clinics, trying to shut them down. The drug czar was out there making a big campaign out of this. Do you think he’s going to leave you alone?    ROGERS: That’s what the drug czar said. This initiative allows adults to possess up to three ounces of marijuana without facing arrest. It also allows the state to license establishments to sell small amounts of marijuana. And again, the drug czar was asked that question point blank when he was in Las Vegas last week. And he said the federal government would not crack down and would not arrest people for small amounts of marijuana.    BUCHANAN: OK, we’ll be back here with our two guests, who argue that we ought to legalize marijuana in Nevada. They’re leading the campaign out there. The campaign looks very strong. It’s going to be the most dramatic referendum probably in America in November of 2002. And we’ll be back with both guests and more on legalizing pot in Nevada.    PRESS: Meanwhile, let’s take a quick check at the market. Here’s your money minute. And everything looks up, up and up. Good news.    (COMMERCIAL BREAK)    BUCHANAN: Welcome back. Should pot be legalized in the state of Nevada? That’s what’s going on the ballot this November. And we’ve got two guests, one Bill Rogers who is leading the campaign. And Andy Anderson, who is a police officer who leads a law enforcement group which has endorsed the idea of legalizing three ounces of pot for every adult, in November.    Let me ask you, Mr. Rogers. You know, looking at my notes, you know, back in the Depression or in Al Capone’s day, the numbers racket, prostitution, gambling, booze and drugs, were all run by Al Capone. If you guys win in Nevada, they’re all going to be run by the state. Isn’t the state, basically, you’re taking over something which used to be considered criminal activity, and making money off it?    ROGERS: Well, in terms of what the system for retail would look like, that’s up to the legislature to determine. The state conceivably could be in the business of licensing shops. In fact, they would be licensing shops. But whether the state would actually be growing it and selling it, that’s really up to the legislation to determine.    PRESS: Andy Anderson, the latest poll that I saw-and, Billy Rogers, you may want to jump in on this, too-but, Andy, let me start with you. The latest poll that I saw on Question 9: should it be legal to possess three ounces or less of marijuana? Yes, 44 percent. No, 46 percent. Undecided, only 10.    So, Andy, you guys got into this thinking it will pass, or thinking just because it’s a good idea?    ANDERSON: We got into it thinking it was a good idea. And, you know, we’re not jumping in there. We’re jumping in there because there’s a misperception that police officers are against this. And, you know, we get our police officers from the same population that you come from. And we’re not robots out here. We feel that we’ve been wasting a lot of time on these simple arrests that we could have better used. I mean, part of our job is to protect and to serve, just like it says on our squad cars.    BUCHANAN: Andy, let me ask you a quick question. Do you think it would be better for the country, the whole United States, if simple possession of marijuana simply were not an arrest, prosecutable offense, so that police officers and cops and others could focus on far more serious crimes?    ANDERSON: You bet. You’re exactly right. I think we should be concentrating on something more serious. I mean, we’ve got limited resources now. The slowing economy has generated some of my smaller departments, and they’re not replacing some of the officers that have been retired or quit. And so with those limited resources, I think we’ve got to start prioritizing what we’re aiming at.    BUCHANAN: Should you treat it like, sort of a guy drinking too much, and you take him in, hold him, and just let him go?    ANDERSON: Well, that or you just regulate.    BUCHANAN: Get somebody to take him home.    ANDERSON: Right. And the thing is, as long as we keep it away from our kids, that’s the same concerns that I have. I don’t want my granddaughter being exposed to it. And so let’s just strengthen those kind of laws and put those people in prison.    PRESS: Billy Rogers, I have to ask you this, and somewhat seriously, at any rate. But here’s a state that has legalized prostitution, that has all kinds of legalized gambling. And now you want to legalize marijuana. Have you ever heard of Sodom and Gomorrah?    BUCHANAN: Las Vegas and Reno!    (LAUGHTER)    ROGERS: Well, first of all the state did vote for George Bush in 2000. And...    BUCHANAN: Maybe that’s why you got...    (CROSSTALK)    PRESS: Go ahead, Billy. Yes.    ROGERS: Well, I think you’d be surprised. I mean, if you get out in Las Vegas, I mean, the perception around the country is that Las Vegas is nothing but casinos and resorts. But if you get out around Las Vegas, you’ll see that it looks like any other city around the country. And the people in Nevada have the same concerns that people have in other states across the country.    The most recent poll, by the way, shows this race, according to the “Reno Gazette Journal,” that 48 percent to 48 percent. So we’re definitely moving in the right direction.    I think ultimately though, when people realize that this initiative protects responsible people but punishes those people who are irresponsible — I mean, anyone who sells marijuana to a minor under this provision will go to prison. There are strict safeguards to protect the general public. And when people understand what this initiative does, I think we’re going to win this election.    PRESS: The only caveat here, guys, is you cannot import any water from California to irrigate those marijuana fields in Nevada. All right?    ROGERS: It’s pretty dry out here.    BUCHANAN: Get to Colorado.    PRESS: All right, Billy Rogers, Andy Anderson, thank you for joining us from Las Vegas.    BUCHANAN: Thank you very much.    ROGERS: Thank you.    ANDERSON: Thank you.    PRESS: There it is, Question 9, to legalize marijuana in Nevada.    Pat, I’ll bet it passes. Transcription Copyright 2002 FDCH e-Media - f/k/a/ Federal Document Clearing House, Inc.Source: MSNBC (US Web)Published: August 6, 2002Copyright: 2002 MSNBCContact: letters msnbc.comWebsite: Articles & Web Sites:NRLE Policy Project Ballot Issue: Police Back Legalization Support Pot Initiative Voters Evenly Split on Pot Issue Becomes Marijuana Battle Ground
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Comment #45 posted by FoM on August 08, 2002 at 12:59:57 PT
I use a gif on this page about Alice and the Catepillar. A E I O U !!! I think that's what he said when he exhaled smoke.
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Comment #44 posted by FoM on August 08, 2002 at 12:56:57 PT
Hi Rambler
Thanks that's it! I always loved that song. 
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Comment #43 posted by Rambler on August 08, 2002 at 12:38:00 PT
White Rabbit
White Rabbit
(Grace Slick) One pill makes you larger 
And one pill makes you small, 
And the ones that mother gives you 
Don't do anything at all. 
Go ask Alice 
When she's ten feet tall. 
And if you go chasing rabbits 
And you know you're going to fall, 
Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar 
Has given you the call. 
Call Alice 
When she was just small. 
When the men on the chessboard 
Get up and tell you where to go 
And you've just had some kind of mushroom 
And your mind is moving low. 
Go ask Alice 
I think she'll know. 
When logic and proportion 
Have fallen sloppy dead, 
And the White Knight is talking backwards 
And the Red Queen says "off with her head!" 
Remember what the dormouse said: 
"Feed your head. Feed your head. Feed your head" 
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Comment #42 posted by canaman on August 08, 2002 at 11:34:22 PT
It's no secret
"We are the people our parents warned us about". Or Grace's updated version,"We are the parents our parents warned us about".
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Comment #41 posted by Zero_G on August 08, 2002 at 06:57:33 PT
The Airplane
gave "Dancin' in the Streets" a whole new meaning - "Hey we're dancin' down the street - Gotta Revolution!"Gotta Dance,
Gotta Revolution,
See you check out the new Jefferson Starship website -
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Comment #40 posted by kanabys on August 08, 2002 at 06:12:35 PT
yep, I believe it was Pat Robertson I was thinking of. Dammit, I can never get those two morons straight. thanks all :)
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Comment #39 posted by BGreen on August 08, 2002 at 02:22:24 PT
Bush said he supported state's rights
If we can't believe the king, can we really trust the court jesters?
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Comment #38 posted by BGreen on August 08, 2002 at 02:18:04 PT
It's easier to catch sick people
They don't run as fast, and the Gov't knows they can seize their property and lock them up until they die and stop fighting.
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Comment #37 posted by E_Johnson on August 08, 2002 at 01:56:42 PT
It's only the California potheads they're after?
When the drug czar was here just last week, he said that the federal government would not enforce the possession laws in the state.Um HELLO?So it's only California that has the feds worried?Oh I get it -- Ashcroft thinks Nevadans all sleep with Satan anyway so why bother.
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Comment #36 posted by Nuevo Mexican on August 07, 2002 at 22:51:22 PT
Blows Against The Empire!
Remember how the Starship(Paul Kantner) took off, out of the side of the airplane, Jefferson that is. What a great album! Look how prophetic it was at this junction of history (Nixon and Adolph must be proud). Thanks for posting some of their greatest lyrics!
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Comment #35 posted by Zero_G on August 07, 2002 at 22:04:58 PT
Album cover art
just isn't the same on CD's somehow...I'm glad there seems to be Airplane fans amongst us. Don't ask me to clear up two heads, one is hard enough, thank you, but, I can say that on the same album she does ReJoyce, which draws on James Joyce, which means it draws on everything...Chemical change like a laser beamyou've shattered the warning amber light
Make me warmlet me see you moving everything over
smiling in my roomyou know you'll be inside of my mind soon.There are so many of you.White shirt and tie, white shirt and tie,white shirt and tie, wedding ring, wedding ring.Mulligan stew for Bloom,the only Jew in the roomSaxon's sick on the holy dregsand their constant getting throw up on his leg.Molly's gone to blazes,Boylan's crotch amazesany woman whose husband sleeps with his headall buried down at the foot of his bed.I've got his armI've got his armI've had it for weeksI've got his armSteven won't give his armto no gold star mother's farm;War's good business so give your sonBut, I'd rather have my country die for me.Sell your mother for a Hershey bargrow up looking like a carthere are;All you want to do is live,all you want to do is give butsome how it all falls apart!
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Comment #34 posted by Industrial Strength on August 07, 2002 at 21:09:42 PT
Sometimes I wonder if it's a trade for Yuca mountain. Setting up regulated dispensary's would obviously generate alot of revenue for the state. Nevada is certainly a curve ball.
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Comment #33 posted by karkulus on August 07, 2002 at 20:40:46 PT
Not to kill any buzzes but:
  I'm wondering if there's not any ulterior motive to "letting" Nevada vote to legalize; I've heard Bill Bennett on some show say something like;"Maybe it could be tried(legalization)in some part of the country as an "experiment", to see if it works."Doesn't it seem like the're making a bigger deal out of San Franciso then Nevada?I wonder if they won't have a"C.I.A." type sabotage effort:ie;enticing biker-gang warfare,setting people up to do weird stuff-you know,to cite as "bad examples"
  It's just something to look out for and expose if it does happen.           
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Comment #32 posted by BGreen on August 07, 2002 at 19:11:43 PT
The Today Show on NBC this morning
had the inventor of an implant, originally developed for animals, that uses GPS technology, and they're hoping they'll be used in kids to help find them if they're kidnapped.This is exactly the theory hypothesized here a couple of weeks ago.
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Comment #31 posted by FoM on August 07, 2002 at 18:40:06 PT
Hi el_toonces 
Gosh I'd try to answer you but I don't know what the word erudite means. Good to see you!
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Comment #30 posted by el_toonces on August 07, 2002 at 18:35:38 PT:
Streaming video.....
Now, this banter I want to see on streaming video. Oh, and could someone please explain the erudite G. Slick references?:)
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Comment #29 posted by Nuevo Mexican on August 07, 2002 at 16:10:02 PT
Remember the drawing inside After Bathing at...
Baxters? Thanks for the words to Two Heads, definately one of my favorite albums of 67-68, still have it! When we all get together to celebrate full legalization, we will have to have a vinyl party! I've replaced most of my lost or misplaced, loaned albums with better replacements! (how about Clear Spot by Capt. Beefheart) The Airplanes ABAB's was my way of getting high, before I ever did! Kinda like listening to 'Tommorrow Never Knows! To live through those times, and experience the greatest music ever made, and knowing it at the time, was the greatest blessing in my life, and has shaped my world view, and a few others here it seems, and I am thankful! Paul Kantner and Grace Slick always hit the political nail on the head, probably due to their location, Haight-Ashbury, and look at the legacy/effect it has had on San Francisco! Eternal, and compassionate, enlightened and unafraid!
Thanks to all of those great seer/musicians from the day, you have made your mark and it will be talked about hundreds of years into the future. NM
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Comment #28 posted by The GCW on August 07, 2002 at 14:53:59 PT
& the Chrome Nun.
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Comment #27 posted by The GCW on August 07, 2002 at 14:52:56 PT
Paul Kantner, Grace and David Freiberg
made, Baron Von Tollbooth & The Chrime Nun, with David Crisby. Probably my fav. by them.White Boy ( Transcaucasian Airmachine Blues)
Across The Board
Sketches of China
the whole thing...This music is a part of the Sports car factor, where in 1973 & 1974, exposed some of the best sports cars and rock n roll, of all time.'73&'74Grace Slick made a soundtrack named Manhole, for the movie (I think), that was awesome, but has still not made it to CD and the turntable is long gone... truely awesome.
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Comment #26 posted by FoM on August 07, 2002 at 14:09:53 PT
Thanks Zero_G 
I didn't know that. My favorite song was White Rabbit.
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Comment #25 posted by Zero_G on August 07, 2002 at 13:45:08 PT
After Bathing at Baxter's
is considered by some to be one of 1967's trippiest albums, 
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Comment #24 posted by FoM on August 07, 2002 at 13:08:54 PT
That must have been one heck of an acid trip she was on!
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Comment #23 posted by FoM on August 07, 2002 at 13:06:34 PT
You said: Quite a 'hot' summer we are having, no? For the antis, it's positively...nuclear.(Evil grin)You Bet! I second the evil grin! LOL!
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Comment #22 posted by Zero_G on August 07, 2002 at 13:05:27 PT
Two Heads
I don't know if she has a one track mind, but she once wrote:Two Heads Grace SlickYou want two heads on you body
And you've got two mirrors in your hand.
Priests are made of brick with gold crosses on a stick
and your nose is too small for this land.
Inside your head is your town
inside your room your jail
inside your mouth the elephants trunk and booze,
the only key to your bailCoda:
Want two heads on your body
and you've got two mirrors in your handTwo heads can be put together.
And you can fill both your feet with sand.
Noone will know you've gutted your mind
but what will you do with your bloody hands?
Your lions are fighting with chairs,
your arms are incredibly fat;
Your women are tired of dying alive
if you've had any women at that.Wearing your comb like an ax in your head
List'ning for signs of life;
Children are sucking on stone and lead
And chasing their hoops with a knife;
New breasts and jewels for the girl,
Keep them polished and shining;
Put a lock on her belly at night, sweet life,
For no child of mine. (Go to Coda)
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Comment #21 posted by FoM on August 07, 2002 at 12:46:51 PT
kaptinemo and Nuevo Mexican 
I'm glad you understood what I meant. Grace Slick too! I wonder if she has a one track mind. I know I do even though a million things can be going through my mind at the same time.My husband had a major truck breakdown yesterday. The water pump blew. He just called me and the truck and trailer were going to have to be towed I thought but they put pepper in something and he drove it home to our local garage. He said that was an old timers trick. Well, see some good wisdom does come from way back then! I just had to share that. The call made me very happy.
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Comment #20 posted by Nuevo Mexican on August 07, 2002 at 12:17:36 PT
Yes FOM, it is getting late!
I understand what you're saying, in fact, I forgot to mention, Grace slick of 'White Rabbit' fame, Jefferson Airplane etc. is also a Scorpio!
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Comment #19 posted by kaptinemo on August 07, 2002 at 12:00:40 PT:
It makes PERFECT sense, FoM
Think about this, friends; what could the United States have done with all the taxpayer dollars flushed down the DrugWar toilet?I live in an area that's pretty well kept up, road wise. Good hospitals, good schools, etc. There's still jobs and need for people to fill them...for now. But what about areas of the country not so blessed? What about areas where Our Fellow Americans may actually be going to bed at night hungry? Because the money that could have been used to feed them was spent on all manner of expensive toys for DrugWarriors...and places for them to incarcerate you.Don't get me wrong; I am no one's idea of a socialist. But I've been in poorer countries like Holland where they try to take care of their own, no matter what...and do a fair job of it. Are we willing to say that we can't do something Holland can?Most of all, are we willing to say we cannot afford to? With our budget?There's so much we could have done in the last 20-30 years with the monies spent on this insane DrugWar. Yes, FoM, it is 'late' for us as a country to start taking care of our own. Lest we find out that those gunships the Feds bought to mow down campesinos in Colombia are needed at home to protect fat-cat legislators at home who were too stupid to realize that they've created an entire underclass with blood in it's eyes, hatred in it's heart...and scores to settle.Many of us are old enough to remember the Riots of the 1960's...and thought those days were behind us. But...the LA Riots were only ten years ago, people. Think it can't happen again when everybody else wakes up to the fact that the Korporate scandals have dealt this country a massive blow to our economic, and therefore social, health? We have only just begun to see the fallout from this; it will take months before the full impact sets in, when the lines at the unemployment office get suddenly longer. Lines full of people who trusted the government to keep watch on the chicken coup...and turned out the watchdogs cut a deal with the foxes.They are now destitute. And angry. And, as one line from a favorite book of mine pointed out, 25 yaers ago: "No place is more than three missed meals away from a revolution."Yes, it's 'time' for a lot of things.
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Comment #18 posted by FoM on August 07, 2002 at 11:33:04 PT
Nuevo Mexican 
What can I say. I'm flattered to say the least. Neil Young is a Scorpio! I just love Neil Young. My husband isn't the lucky one because I am.I keep thinking of the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland as I write this. I feel his urgency. He says: I'm late, I'm late for a very important date. No time to say hello goodbye I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!There are many issues that need serious attention and we must get this finished so we can try to do good things in other important areas.That's what I am late for if this makes sense?
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Comment #17 posted by kaptinemo on August 07, 2002 at 11:28:38 PT:
A little pit of poetry in order
(No, don't worry; I wouldn't subject you to any attempts on my part at that)A Dream Deferred by Langstone HughesWhat happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--and then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags like a heavy load
Or does it just EXPLODE?Our 'deferred' dream, like Hughes's dream of racial equality long denied, is about to explode with a force that terrifies Feds. It's been held down too long, and the pressure has built like steam inside a boiler with the relief valve shut off.Nevada is the surprise "X factor" that has caught the antis with their pants down. Think about many of us had been following what's happening out there until fairly recently? I have to admit to my shame that I hadn't. Now imagine how the antis must feel when, not only does this ballot look like it has a chance to win, but the police are telling them, in essence, to pack up their snake oil and go home. All they can do now is stand outside the voting booths and shriek their lies at the passing voters...who couldn't be anything but further annoyed by their assumption that Nevadan voters need their hands held and noses wiped. And in retaliation, vote for us out of spite to the Fed-supported antis.Quite a 'hot' summer we are having, no? For the antis, it's positively...nuclear.(Evil grin)
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Comment #16 posted by dimebag on August 07, 2002 at 11:27:29 PT
Too Good To be True?
Yeah, this almost seem's too good to be true. But im crossing my fingers that Every Nevada Smoker that can vote will be out there voting. Lets just hope that when it is regulated and sold to the general public the prices are cheaper, otherwise they will have solved nothing. The Black Marcket will still be there and Nevada wont make any money. If the Prices are higher then street value then a whole lot of Grow-Ops will spring into action. So lets just keep praying.
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Comment #15 posted by Nuevo Mexican on August 07, 2002 at 11:11:57 PT
Get out your Astrology books kids!
I've been putting everyone here on notice that the planets have deemed prohibition over, and that the shift would be unexpectedly quick, shocking and massive! Everything is based on cycles, and prohibition has a birth date and an expiration date. Everything in life is a learning experience, and if we haven't learned the lesson, we are doomed to repeat it until we figure it out. Looks like shrub is doing everyone a favor as a catalyst for change, involuntarily so, but nevertheless, it is happening! Plan it, Planet, Plant it! Get It! By the way, Pat is a Scorpio, like Dennis Miller, my wife and FOM, they come in two types, the desert scorpion that stings its prey, and the eagle that rises from the ashes and transmutes bad into good, getting above it all. FOM and my wife are from the second category, and Miller and Buchanan are always trying to get 'off the ground' as their wings are weighed down with silver and gold coins! Others Scorps in this category, Neil Young, Bill Gates, Tom Delay. Women always seem to fly well with this sign, like Julie Roberts and Goldie Hawn! Great Comedians and people of high integrity! Tell your husband I said he's a lucky man FOM!
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Comment #14 posted by The GCW on August 07, 2002 at 10:47:31 PT
BIG picture insight.
Bush and US Congress declare potential war on Holland Pete Brady (06 Aug, 2002) President signs "Hague Invasion Act."One Dutch commentator said that "the US must have some expectation that it will commit war crimes.""They are quite eager to have the ICC go after Saddam Hussein and others who they say are war criminals," the commentator said, "but they don't want the same standards and scrutiny applied to their own actions. Why?"(The spirit of error in action)
 They do have war crimes against them, (internationally)include against citizens caged for using cannabis. Perhaps We should write to the Hague, and inform them of Our reasoning...Is the whole Bush family super bad for earth or just the corporate political ones?
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Comment #13 posted by Darwin on August 07, 2002 at 10:19:15 PT
Cheney heckled
A little bit ago MSNBC showed Cheney getting heckled at a press conference. A bunch of people in the back started chanting "Cheney is a corporate crook" They had to stop the press conference to escort them out. It was fun to watch.
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Comment #12 posted by VitaminT on August 07, 2002 at 09:55:52 PT
no confusion.
Pat takes many far right positions espoused by religous fanatics. He's hardcore on abortion for example, but he's also a pragmatist and I think he sees himself as a populist.Also, He was in the Nixon White House - I'm sure he had access to the Schaefer Report - I disagree w/ many of his positions but he's a smart man.And please don't shoot me but I think the same about Newt Gingrich. How either of these bona-fide conservatives go along with prohibition is a mystery to me, but then so is politics.
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Comment #11 posted by Zero_G on August 07, 2002 at 09:48:09 PT
You might be right, there, in terms of "which Pat is kanabys refering to?", both are pretty fundamentalist, though.After the short speech, the candidate took questions from the audience on topics ranging from the European Union to the role of religion in government. On the latter, he said the U.S. Supreme Court has become too hostile toward religion in public life, saying that church and state must be separate but "God and country cannot be separate." From
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Comment #10 posted by dddd on August 07, 2002 at 09:28:45 PT
..I beg to differ...
...I think you're thinking of Pat Robertson the religious freak.....dddd
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Comment #9 posted by Zero_G on August 07, 2002 at 09:21:19 PT
BTW, is Pat Buchanan the religious dude?The very same...
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Comment #8 posted by kanabys on August 07, 2002 at 09:04:42 PT
I can't get excited yet......
but I hope it passes, with all my heart I do! 
If they do grow it there to sell in licenced shops, you will know Nevada weed, just turn out the lights and watch it glow. :)BTW, is Pat Buchanan the religious dude?
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Comment #7 posted by FoM on August 07, 2002 at 09:03:39 PT
Pat Buchanan 
I busted up laughing when Buchanan said on another program, when Keith Stroup was on, about San Francisco that they want to have little marijuana factories! I never heard a garden called a little marijuana factory!Everyone laughed.
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Comment #6 posted by qqqq on August 07, 2002 at 08:58:27 PT
..Sam Adams...
..I've always kinda liked Pat Buchanan too......I remember when I first saw him,,years ago when he was on The Mcglaughlin Group.................
 ...however,,,I think Bill Press sucks.
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Comment #5 posted by scott on August 07, 2002 at 08:56:01 PT
I'm with Druid
Don't forget that in Nevada ballot issues must be voted on and passed twice before they become law. It does sound like the first half is going well though!
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Comment #4 posted by Darwin on August 07, 2002 at 08:50:35 PT
nuclear backlash
What do you expect from a state forced to swallow the bitter pill of nuclear waste. The rest of the country has decided against their wishes that Nevada should be a nuclear landfill, This is the blowback from that decision.
The feds are the only people speaking out against the reeferendum, but they have lost all support from the populace because of Yucca mountain. 
Plus--- the polls show 48 to 48, and anybody who understands these polls, knows that they don't represent the disenfranchised voters or the teenages voting for the first time. Unlike the Simpson's episode, the smoker's ARE going to come out in droves to vote for this, and they are NOT being called for polling. 
That is why we see only the feds speaking against this. Most know this is going to pass. If they denounce it beforehand, they will be on the wrong side of the fence come the day after election.
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Comment #3 posted by TroutMask on August 07, 2002 at 08:41:34 PT
...that's what this ballot issue is. I'm getting so excited that I've got butterflies in my stomach!First, I can't believe that it's getting so much support in the polls. Then the Nevada Conference of Police and Sheriffs endorses it by a vote of 9-0. Now we've got this show with apparently 4 people all for it. Arrrgh! (But it's a GOOD Arrrgh!)Just the publicity that this is generating is priceless. But if it actually passes I will cry tear of much progress in so little time after so many years of injustice.-TM
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Comment #2 posted by Sam Adams on August 07, 2002 at 08:39:39 PT
I confess....
I always liked Pat Buchanan."Crossfire" isn't even close to what it was back when it was Buchanan vs. that guy with dark hair & glasses, can't remember his name.
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Comment #1 posted by druid on August 07, 2002 at 08:34:30 PT:
I am amazed
I just can't believe how much support this is getting. It is almost like I am dreaming or something! :D Anyway being in a state that borders Nevada I know where my wife and I will be taking our future vacations when this passes. 
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