International Cannabis Coalition UK!

International Cannabis Coalition UK!
Posted by FoM on May 06, 1999 at 11:25:48 PT
Source: ICC
No Victim - No Crime Questions and answers on cannabis:May 1st 1999Question: I don't smoke so why should I be interested? Answer: Think of a friend, a relative or yourself suffering from a medical condition with a known successful cure but being denied the right to it's use because it is illegal. This is is what is happening with cannabis in Britain today and all over the world.
Cannabis is the world's most valuable medical and industrial raw material. It is possibly the most widely researched herb on the planet. 'International Commissions' on cannabis from the 1894 'Indian Hemp Drugs Commission' onwards have consistently failed to find any harmful effects from recreational use in moderation while reporting countless medical and industrial uses. It is in your interest to be interested.Question: Don't we need the cannabis laws to save people from drugs?Answer: The current cannabis laws are putting people in all levels of society in far more danger than if it was legally available in a regulated market. The Prohibition of cannabis simply does not work; it costs the tax payers millions, encourages the spread of addictive drugs and brings the law into disrepute. The laws on cannabis need to be changed as soon as possible to save us all a lot of time and money.Question: Is it not true that the cannabis issue is very trivial in comparison to say ... saving the environment, stopping the war with Serbia or ending poverty & starvation?Answer: Only the practice of tolerance will save us from war and strife. The prohibition of cannabis is blatantly the practice of intolerance, the practice of oppression and the practice of those who create war and suffering. We should free ourselves from intolerance and those that practice it - and free the weed as proof that we are free.Cannabis Prohibition is a 'lynchpin' issue - free the restrictions on it's use for medicine, for industry and for simple pleasure & relaxation and much else follows. The vested interests who profit from cannabis prohibition are many; oil companies, drug companies, the cotton industry, the banks, the arms trade and organised crime. They are not trivial people; their profit seems to be everyone else's loss.The only way humanity can expect to have a sustainable presence on this planet is to change it's use of raw materials; the cannabis plant is the most useful & eco friendly plant known to humanity yet it's cultivation and use is banned all over the world. Something strange is going on .... these issues effect all of us.The use of locally produced hemp oil and fabric & building materials, medicines and food could mean a third world country's debt would never have existed - but they have been forced to ban it's use; a handicap of huge consequences. Billions of people are effected.The policy of prohibiting the most useful plant known to humanity helps to ensure no local economy can be even close to self sustainable. This is what 'globalisation' is really about; creating the environment for world domination by the real poison pushers. Why is it that the people who don't want cannabis always seem to be involved in selling something far more likely to cause health problems.If there is a future for humanity on this planet, it will be a future that includes the cannabis plant as part of it's survival, a survival which will require self sustainable economies and tolerant social policies; it will need in part to be a cannabis culture to survive. Of course the survival of humanity is trivial.Question: What is the connection between cannabis and the European elections in Britain?Answer: For the first time European Elections are being fought with proportional representation. Drug policy in Britain is effected by Europe's decisions. Currently none of the three main political parties have a rational drug policy; they seem afraid to honestly address the issues. The Green Party has a policy of ending drug prohibition and the war on drug users. A 9.2% vote in the European Elections is all that is required to get a Green MEP and there could be more. Drug policy will be an election issue now, and in the future.Question: Drug testing at work for cannabis must be a good idea ... after all would you want a pilot or a surgeon on cannabis?Answer: Drug testing is just part of prohibition, prohibition does not work and neither does drug testing. There are several ways to get round the drug tests and they may actually encourage hard drug abuse. As has been shown in British prisons, drug tests have encouraged a switch from cannabis to heroin use because the tests are easier to evade for heroin.Someone on a hangover after a weekend of drinking is more likely to be dangerous than someone who has smoked a few joints. We know of no mishaps attributable directly to the use of cannabis - whereas accidents related to alcohol make up a similar bodycount to a medium sized war on an annual basis.Cannabis use in moderation during non-working hours could actually improve the performance of many people by helping them relax.An employer should require a professional attitude and openness - not regulation tactics like drug testing which simply create evasive tactics - often creating a more dangerous situation. Would you want a surgeon or pilot who has evaded the drug tests?A more mature, open and educated attitude to 'drug' use should be encouraged but this can only be achieved in an atmosphere of trust and respect - the exact opposite of that created by drug testing.Question: Is this really a worldwide movement?Answer: There were Mayday events in more than 27 cities worldwide at the last count ... and we've just heard a thousand people protested on Mayday about the cannabis laws in Tel Aviv! You can see the full list at: What are you doing next? Or are you all going to go and get real jobs?Answer: Our real job, as always, is to learn from our mistakes, which is what the government needs to do on it's policies towards cannabis! 'Free Cannabis Week' will be a 'local-goes-national' event marking the biggest mistake in British legal history; the prohibition of cannabis on September 28th, 71 years ago. Protest events are being organiser locally by the cannabis action groups that have 'flowered' all across the country. You can expect something interesting all over Britain around that time.Other things are also being discussed; the worldwide campaign is on the move until prohibition of cannabis is ended worldwide. Our main task is to quicken the pace towards that change.
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Comment #5 posted by Tony Macaroni on May 23, 2001 at 08:57:22 PT:
GREENMAN CANNABIS SONGA quirky funky pop tune which tells of the virtues of hemp (cannabis sativa), and how it can (believe it or not...)save the planet. Food, fibre, fuel and medicine: over 25,000 uses and growing. Light-hearted and funny, Green Man reveals the truth behind the smoke screen that covers this mighty medicine plant.Greenman sounds like a young version of Ian Dury who pulls no punches in his celebration of the properties of hemp. It's a Sing-along-a-cannabis-song! Greenman will be performing on the main stage at 2pm at the Cannabis Festival, Brockwell Park, Brixton, London, on the 16th of June. His record will go on sale that day on the net at
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Comment #4 posted by smiler on May 22, 2001 at 15:37:15 PT
hmmmm...not many of you dopeheads ever actually sign here do you? ;)
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Comment #3 posted by Martin Askey on October 13, 2000 at 16:42:03 PT:
phantom limb pain
i have sufferd chronic pain from a nerve injury since 1959. paralysis of arm and hand was a traumatic experience alone, but to endure agony for 43 years, with no workable current treatment, makes life pretty unbearable at times!
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Comment #2 posted by Terence Corness on July 13, 2000 at 07:55:06 PT:
hello, can you tell me if there are any pro-cannabis action groups in or around Henley-on-Thames. I am bored of sitting around waiting for the long haired radicals to get something done and want to get involved so that we can one day all sit around and get stoned, whilst sipping a cool one without fear of being labelled criminals.  TC
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Comment #1 posted by Pat on March 19, 2000 at 04:44:01 PT
world wide corruption
we need to keep the large multi national corparations in power along with there suck up governments. Otherwise there will be anarchy. legalize weed every where :)
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