The Effects of Bhang!

The Effects of Bhang!
Posted by FoM on December 28, 1998 at 20:18:57 PT
This article is hard to believe!
NairobiCannabis use can lead to irreversible brain damage, as the victim can kill, rape, torture or commit suicide without the slightest emotional = remorse. 
 Marijuana also known as cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, weed, bhang, pot, grass, tea, hashish, Mary Jane, kif (Morocco), dagga (South Africa) and Indian hemp is a tall nettle-like plant that grows wild in hot places. It has been known and used for about 2,000 and valued as medicine, ecstatic and euphoriant, by several cultures in the Orient. Active principles of the flower are present in the resinous exudate and are isomers of tetrahydracannabinol (THC) - C21H3O02. Cannabis is obtained from the fruits and flowering tips of the plant from which the resin has not been extracted. It may be eaten as sweet meat and is often called 'pot' or 'tea'. It is also smoked in cigarettes or= pipes. The resin distilled from cannabis is more active. It is powdered and sifted to form hashish, which may be made into small balls, which are crumbled and smoked in cigarettes. It exudes a strong distinct smell. What are the effects of marijuana? Marijuana is a psychotropic substance that alters the mind by inducing an unnatural state of intoxication but when used a lot or regularly, it produces a state of lethargy and disinterest in work. Drugs produce harmful as well as beneficial effects. It has been recognised increasingly that they produce other kinds of unwanted effects, such as interference with fetal development (teratogenesis), or long term genetic damage that may make a person susceptible to the development of= cancer. Psychological effects of the use of marijuana are profound and develop within a few minutes. The subject loses his/her concentration and his/her judgment is impaired, imagination increases and a dream like world often with visual hallucination results. Cannabis produces a few mild physical signs to the subject, reddening of eyes, a dry mouth; as the responses in the body cannot reach the salivary glands in the mouth and an increase in appetite. Excessive doses may cause anxiety, restlessness, depression, visual and auditory perception and eventually sleep. Blood pressure and heart rate both increase. The pupil of the eye becomes dilated and the extremities of the body become cool. Some people smoke marijuana and feel no effect, others feel relaxed, sociable, tend to giggle a great deal and have a profound loss of sense of time. Still others experience a wide range of emotions including feelings of persecution, fear, megalomania, elation, love and anger. Occasionally the drug produces acute panic reactions or even transient psychoses. Scientists have also found out that marijuana is useful for lowering internal eye pressures in persons suffering from glaucoma and in alleviating nausea caused by chemotherapeutic drugs used to treat cancer. Africa News ServiceCopyright 1998 The Nation. Distributed via Africa News Online. 
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Comment #1 posted by Grass Man on February 09, 1999 at 18:41:57 PT
Lazyness and lack of attation
If you ask the U.S. ARMY they will prove that marijuana dose not cause lazyness or lack of attationI say if you are not responcibe to use it don't use it
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