The Munchies Crackdown

The Munchies Crackdown
Posted by FoM on February 06, 2002 at 10:30:37 PT
By Andrew Curry 
Source: U.S. News & World Report
Cannabis sativa is perhaps America's most recognizable and controversial plant. Its distinctive nine-part leaf has been a counterculture symbol for decades, and its buds and leaves--the source of marijuana--still account for the biggest chunk of the federal government's war on drugs. But hold on. Cannabis is also hemp, a hardy plant that's been grown for fiber and food all over the world for centuries. The past few years have seen a surge in interest in more-legitimate uses for the cannabis plant, from clothes and moisturizers to food. 
Nutritionists say the hemp plant's seeds are full of essential fatty acids and polyunsaturated fats--the "good fats" doctors recommend to help reduce cholesterol and heart disease--along with easily digested proteins, vitamin E, and antioxidants. The seeds are being added to health foods ranging from hemp chips and granola to oil, most made from hemp grown in Canada. Growing hemp is illegal in the United States.The buzz. The botanical connection between hemp and marijuana has brought this increasingly popular health food under the scrutiny of the Drug Enforcement Administration. An interim DEA decision in October placed "foods and beverages that contain THC"--the psy- choactive compound in marijuana--in the same category as heroin and LSD and gave manufacturers and retailers un- til this week to get rid of their stocks. The hemp industry is upset. Producers and retailers point out that in terms of drug content, poppy seed bagels are closer to heroin than a hemp granola bar is to a joint. Though both come from the same species, "they're distinct varieties," says hemp manufacturer John Roulac. Today, the industrial hemp seeds used to produce hemp oil, granola bars, cereal, and tortilla chips lack all but trace amounts of THC. "It's like the difference between a bell pepper and a chili pepper," Roulac says. "One's got a huge oomph, and one doesn't."The industry recognizes that the DEA has had reason for concern. Before hemp farming was legalized in Canada in 1998, most industrial hemp was imported from China, where processing standards were low and THC levels were easily detectable and often quite high. People sometimes failed drug tests after eating hemp foods, and others used hemp foods as an excuse for positive marijuana test results.Manufacturers say they've cleaned up their act--and their seeds. Improved processing and new hemp strains have cut THC content to less than 5 parts per million, compared with 50,000 to 200,000 parts per million in marijuana. Major health food chains like Wild Oats and Whole Foods say they plan to keep hemp foods on their shelves, provided the manufacturers' independent lab tests don't turn up THC. Meanwhile, the agency considers any THC in food "subject to potential enforcement." Says DEA Administrator Asa Hutchinson: "We're not against the hemp industry. We're against the THC."And that has manufacturers worried. "Everyone's afraid the DEA is going to shut down a multimillion-dollar industry," says Nature's Path founder Arran Stephens. "It all depends on how ridiculous they want to be." But for now, health nuts are likely to keep munching. Note: The feds go after hemp in power bars and chips.Source: U.S. News & World Report (US)Author: Andrew Curry Published: February 11, 2002Copyright: 2002 U.S. News & World ReportContact: letters usnews.comWebsite: Articles & Web Sites:FTE' s Hemp Links Users Prepare To Fight DEA Rule Without Hemp Foods: Why Should We Care? Does Homework on Hemp Foods After Rule
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Comment #5 posted by Lehder on February 07, 2002 at 04:42:38 PT
hip hip hooray 
Congratulations to you, p4me, and my compliments for holding true to your own positive values. You're a person to be admired for using his time constructively and contributing to peace and the advance of civilization. You've made many positive and insightful comments, you've put them into practice, and I know that you must have much happiness and a good conscience. You've given this stargazer a great beginning to the day, and our planet is the better for you. 
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Comment #4 posted by p4me on February 06, 2002 at 14:29:19 PT
its been said before
I wish I did better at keeping links. If I had it I would refer to a posting citing the exemption for seeds that has been put up before. The DEA is writing laws and not interpreting anything. The DEA is out of control and needs to be reeled in like the IRS was under Clinton. I sliced two potatoes for lunch and had 15 sliced fries. I always think of Tom and Rollie when I peel potatoes to think how lucky I am to be alive and well. I think of the ten pounds of potatoes that cost $1.69 and the thrift of cooking your own fries. McDonald's had their 29 cent burgers today and normally I would buy the limit as an encouragement for them to be price sensitive to us people that live on the edge of the economy. Instead I said I will just fix three more potatoes and it will be another thrifty meal.I will restate the question that Vigil did in the Art of Poetry: "What is the value of a thrifty meal?" In my case it helps me to deprive the government of the resources it needs to fight a two front war- one with the American citizens and one with everyone else. I am not going to volunteer to help any organization, I am not going to work and pay taxes until I absolutely have to, I am not spending money on gas or wearing out my car. It allows me to keep the door closed all day and keep my electric bill down. When I eat a thrifty meal I think of all the Afgans who love to have some french fries with black peeper and ketchup. I think I am answering the call to correct a serious defect with our government. I am out to kill the Schedule One Lie and if I am at home instead of McDonalds I am abiding in my decision to be committed to bringing MMJ to North Carolina and the whole world.I have had enough thrifty meals in front of my computer to know that the government should not have the influence it does over the media in restricting anything cannabis. The country will not run if the people do not support the economy. When the country feels the shortage of red ink the will have to rethink the wasted money and the WOD. My car has not moved since the Superbowl and I am fighting my government's lies and corruption by keeping it still. Well, Richard Cowan, that is what I did for freedom today.If anyone has read the Art of War they might remember
a mention of depriving the enemy of his resources. It says that every one thing you can get from the enemy is like ten that you have to acquire somewhere else. I am tired of the lies. Admit that marijuana has a multitude of medical purposes and it has the added benefit of being able to reproduce itself over and over because it is a plant. Respect science and common sense and begin researching on the best strains for specific ailments. What is the best strain for getting sick and tired of a completely irrational policy of the government that affects the health, well-being, and freedom of all Americans.Please vote against all incumbents in the primaries. Send the message that you are out to get the incumbents that perpetuate this war on liberty. And if you have a newspaper please consider cancelling it.
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Comment #3 posted by FoM on February 06, 2002 at 13:56:09 PT
They Sure Are! Go Get Em!
Canadian Company Will Sue To Prove Hemp is Not Pot
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Comment #2 posted by TroutMask on February 06, 2002 at 13:32:15 PT
Canada is suing
maleksalem, Canada is suing for that reason. FYI. -TM
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Comment #1 posted by maleksalem on February 06, 2002 at 12:28:39 PT:
Unfair business practices
I think that the corporate cannabis growers in Canada and Mexico need to file NAFTA chapter 11 law suits against the US claiming that the controlled substances act violates their right to profit. NAFTA was created to protect multinational corporations from democracy and chapter 11 was written to allow these corporations a legal arm against unfriendly (to corporate greed) laws and regulations. I think there exists the possibility that the same rules that are being implimented in NAFTA, by multinational corporations, to subjugate Mankind could be used against them.
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