Chinese Hemp Industry has Boundless Potential 

  Chinese Hemp Industry has Boundless Potential 

Posted by FoM on November 05, 2001 at 09:01:46 PT
Business News 
Source: People's Daily 

As world fashion increasingly moves toward simplicity, comfort and health protection, experts point out that hemp, a major economic crop in China, could have great market prospects after the nation's entry into the World Trade Organization. Xia Jingyuan, a senior official with the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture in charge of the extension of agricultural technology, said that the annual output of Chinese linen is worth over 10 billion yuan (about 1.2 billion US dollars). 
According to Xia, the ongoing upgrading of China's agricultural industry has given Chinese hemp a great opportunity. Environmentally friendly, high value-added and versatile, Chinese hemp products could be a major money-maker in market both here and abroad, said Xia. For example, ramie, once used as forage, could provide a new type of vegetable protein for livestock and boost stockbreeding of southern China. Red hemp used in paper making could prevent the felling of forests while clothing made from hemp is particularly comfortable to wear and poses no health hazard. Being one of the earliest fabrics used in China, hemp's heyday can date back 4,000 years when only nobles and royal families could afford to wear finely spun linen while coarse linen were favored by commoners. The production technology of linen has undergone constant improvement. In 1984, the country made a breakthrough in the degumming technology, bringing worldwide attention to linen products. Analysts say that to establish a modern linen manufacturing and processing system with Chinese characteristics, China should double its efforts in scientific research and international cooperation, because each breakthrough in relevant technology will greatly boost the sector's upgrading.Source: People's Daily (China)Published: Sunday, November 04, 2001Copyright: People's Daily OnlineWebsite:'s Hemp Links Hemp Archives

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Comment #15 posted by Hope on August 08, 2011 at 20:04:13 PT
I miss these peoples' comments on whatever article or subject at hand.They enriched my life. Thankfully, some, like ekim, still do.
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Comment #14 posted by Lehder on November 06, 2001 at 07:53:33 PT
thanks for the link, New Mexican
The interview you found with former Special Forces Sergeant Stan Goff expresses my misgivings about the war on terrorism far better than I have. In the link to his original article,, he writes:
Goff cites two premises that should not, that must not, be accepted at this hour without more convincing proof: "One, there is the premise that what this de facto administration is doing now is a 'response' to September 11th. Two, there is the premise that this attack on the World Trade Center
and the Pentagon was done by people based in Afghanistan. In my opinion, neither of these is sound."
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Comment #13 posted by freedom fighter on November 05, 2001 at 23:38:57 PT
New Mexican
thanks for the link..Saw a movie called "Uprising".. It was pretty interesting film about Warsaw Jews in Poland back in 40's. Back then, few enlightened folks have had problem telling others that things were getting worse. There were some 350 thousands jews and when 300 thousands were gone, the 50 thousands started the "Uprising".Common theme of this show, was "Can a moral man remain moral in an immoral world?" Which bring me to this point about the link that you posted. Just when does one realize that a country is a facist country? Just when does one realize that a country is a psueofacist country? In the article, Sgt. was saying that we can try to head off the path of facism but it was interesting to note that he also mentioned that our country became radicizled. Anyhow, these oil boys deserve one thing. It would not require finest hemp ropes. They do not deserve that. Only thing they deserve is to be forced feed with black oil.. But can a moral man be moral in this immoral psueofacist world?I do not know..I think smart americans already are fleeing this country..ff
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Comment #12 posted by dddd on November 05, 2001 at 22:03:32 PT
Yup..The Chinese are Partying down..
..and making the cheap fun over the idiocy of the US governments war on terror,and grotesquely portraying the 9/11 tragedy....yes,,the Chinese are loving it.dddd
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Comment #11 posted by New Mexican on November 05, 2001 at 19:16:04 PT
The bushladen Connection, cheney, powell etc....
Read the whole thing and post your comments as this will surely be the nail in the coffin for any doubtters. This article needs to be widely circulated as it reads well, is convincing and has the ring of truth to it. If you feel the same way as most here seem to, expand upon these additional insights. This is Shakespearean plus, not shocking to us, but adds lots of details and fills lots of blanks. I hope everyone enjoys reading this as much as i enjoy the comments here. 
Master Sgt. Stan Goff is the 
Author of 'The so-called evidence is a farce":
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Comment #10 posted by E_Johnson on November 05, 2001 at 18:06:25 PT
America is more paranoid than the COMMIES????
The People's Daily is the official mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party.The Chinese Communist Party is an organization that was founded on Maoist paranoia. If the Chinese Communist Party is not afraid that the microscopic amount of THC in hemp is going to turn Chinese workers into rebellious reeferheads and slothful stiffs with spliffs, well then, that makes the American DEA look like a pack of paranoid sissies then, doesn't it?
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Comment #9 posted by The GCW on November 05, 2001 at 17:18:40 PT
Joe Citizen
Do some more searching, there is plenty of mind boggling info.
Those that compete with hemp and cannabis are the same that would stand to loose great profits from any and all forms of legalization.
Be sure to tell every one.
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Comment #8 posted by freedom fighter on November 05, 2001 at 15:41:34 PT
ekim, drink Coors beer and be happy..
I went to a social gathering down at Coors Brewery down in Golden CO.. I was bit suprised to find out that Coors company did not just make beer. They also produce ethanol gas which is sold by Diamond Shamrock outlets.So, I find that statement "DOE has determined that the cost of converting biomass into useable form is a critical stumbling block to producing biofuels and chemicals from renewable raw materials." very flawed... This statement is desgined to stop hemp movement but at the same time, our beer makers are converting their byproducts into ethanol gases. ff
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Comment #7 posted by mayan on November 05, 2001 at 14:56:07 PT
Hemp Is The Future
The rest of the world is developing The technologies & the infrastructure for a more earth-friendly economy. They know that we have no choice. The leaders of the United States are in denial & don't want to admit that we have to change the way we consume. They don't want to admit that the hippies were right all along. Because of this stubborn ignorance, the U.S. is getting left behind. We will progress or perish. History will show who was right! Hemp will save us all! Hemp is the future! Save Hemp!
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Comment #6 posted by ekim on November 05, 2001 at 13:04:14 PT:
This is the right site. Where is Robert Redford and all the save the bio folks. How come no reports on Mr. Nader saying the growing Hemp is needed for Nat't Security along with Ex. CIA Dir. James Woolsey. And these gutless wonders on the hill are debating a energy bill with no mention of Hemp. 
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Comment #5 posted by ekim on November 05, 2001 at 12:58:53 PT:
Genencor Meets First Technical Milestone in Biomass to Ethanol Project Genencor Labs, Palo Alto, California 
Genencor International, Inc. announced that it has achieved its first technical milestone in its three-year contract with the U.S. Department of Energy Biofuels Program. Genencor developed and validated processes for improved cellulase enzymes that meet the intended objective at one-half the cost of currently available technologies. "Advances in molecular biology and functional genomics enable us to push the frontiers of commercial development and we're pleased to be making progress toward developing new enzyme systems to accomplish the goal of this project," said Michael Arbige, Ph.D, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer.
The goal of the program is to develop new enzyme systems for the economic conversion of plant matter into ethanol and other valuable materials. DOE has determined that the cost of converting biomass into useable form is a critical stumbling block to producing biofuels and chemicals from renewable raw materials.Specifically, Genencor and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory are working to deliver enzyme systems enabling a 10-fold improvement in the economics of breaking down cellulosic material (plant matter) and other complex carbohydrates into fermentable sugars. "The United States is the world's leader in agriculture and biotechnology and the Department's biomass research and development efforts take advantage of that position," said David Garman, the U.S. Department of Energy's Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. "The President's Energy Policy promotes the development of renewable energy sources and we look to biomass for significant contributions to reducing America's dependence on foreign oil."
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Comment #4 posted by Joe Citizen on November 05, 2001 at 12:46:44 PT
US Hemp potential could lead the world!
Articles on hemp clothing always make me think about starting my own business featuring hemp products. Anyway, I found the following link about hemp after reading this article and thought I would share. I start to read about all the wonderful things that hemp could provide, it becomes even less clear why the government, the pharmaceutical industry, agricultural industry, and corporate energy powers plotted in the 1930's to make this plant illegal rather than embrace it. What I would like to learn is exactly how and why there wasn't a hemp industry included in the national plan? Where were the greedy politicians and corporate power structures in the 30's demanding the right to grow hemp and profit? The alcohol and tobacco industries began to flourish unimpeded about this same time? One watched soldiers smoking cigarettes like freight trains on the nightly news during WWII. Supply sergeants, no doubt, scored a case of scotch for the men. During the same time, the low cost of hemp production, it seems, should have been enough to make even the greediest corporate raider see profit blindfolded in an Afghanistan sandstorm. Instead, our government has made this strong useful fiber an illegal substance. Its potential as cloth, fuel, food, and medicine has been suppressed since the end of WWII. It was good enough to produce during that war. I simply pose the question to the powers that be in the U.S., Why is hemp such a bug in your collective  ss? Especially, now that we see hungry, cold, and impoverished people the world over in need of clothing, food, and fuel, and medical assistance. Of course, I fully expect 70 years of propaganda to come flying back in my face! Especially, from the likes of Bob Barr, Mark E. Souder, and Doug Ose. They will basically say to the cannabis culture, shut up. And tell America to take the Ritalin, Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, or other pill approved for profit in my congress pocket. The only real answer is to vote them out of office.
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Comment #3 posted by JSM on November 05, 2001 at 09:46:21 PT

Hemp's economic value
While here in the USA, the omnipotent DEA has declared that there is no economic basis for hemp use. DUH...
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Comment #2 posted by The GCW on November 05, 2001 at 09:45:28 PT

chip in the wall?
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Comment #1 posted by Sam Adams on November 05, 2001 at 09:42:20 PT

This is great....
one of the most totalitarian regimes in the world now has a more liberal policy on industrial hemp that the U.S. Well, I guess we'd better get to used to it. Our only drug policy peers are now places like Singapore, Arab countries, etc.
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