Johnson, DEA Head Debate Monday

  Johnson, DEA Head Debate Monday

Posted by FoM on September 09, 2001 at 09:27:10 PT
By  Steve Terrell, The New Mexican 
Source: Santa Fe New Mexican 

As state legislators continue wrangling over redistricting, Gov. Gary Johnson will once again take the national spotlight to espouse his views on a topic that has caused strife in the state Republican Party - drug-law reform.On Monday, Johnson will debate Asa Hutchinson, the new head of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, on a national radio show. The debate is scheduled for 4 p.m. Monday at The University of New Mexico's Continuing Education Conference Center, 1634 University Blvd. The event is free and open to the public.
The debate will be broadcast sometime in the fall on Justice Talking, a weekly show on National Public Radio hosted by radio journalist Margot Adler. It also will be available over the Internet.Since the special redistricting session of the Legislature began, Johnson and his aides have stressed the governor's loyalty and commitment to the Republican Party, promising to veto any redistricting plan he feels is unfair to the GOP.Johnson's legislative liaison Dave Miller has talked openly about how state Republican National Committeeman Mickey Barnett and Mark Braden, a national redistricting consultant from the RNC, have "camped out" in the governor's office for the special session.Not surprisingly, Republican lawmakers at the special session have been enthusiastic about defending Johnson in this regard in the face of frequent criticism from Democrats.However, the drug issue in recent months has shown that the state Republicans are not always one big happy family. It has caused several instances of bad blood and public feuding among Republicans.The issue spurred U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici to rally other New Mexico GOP congressional representatives to lambaste state Republican Chairman John Dendahl for publicly supporting Johnson's drug-reform initiatives during the last legislative session.This led Rep. Ron Godbey of Cedar Crest - Johnson's staunchest critic about drug issues - to launch an unsuccessful campaign to wrest the state party chairmanship away from Dendahl.Drug reform also was the underlying issue in the much-publicized spat in June involving Godbey and House Republican Whip Earlene Roberts of Lovington on one side and Rep. Dan Foley of Roswell - who supported some of Johnson's drug measures - on the other.Godbey said last week that he thought Monday's debate could reopen these wounds "depending on how the press plays it.""I understand it's going to be broadcast at a later date," Godbey said. "If the press doesn't give it a lot of coverage, it probably won't have much effect."But Godbey was not concerned that the drug debate could derail Republican unity during the special session. "It's bad timing," Godbey said. "But I don't think it will do much more damage than already has been done."Godbey said he was going to make an effort to attend the debate.Miller said last week that he doubted the debate would prompt much criticism. "Who would throw stones at such a prestigious forum?" Miller said.Johnson has appeared in several national forums over the past two years, calling for liberalization of drug laws.Until taking the DEA job this year, Hutchinson was a congressman from Arkansas. On the drug issue, he is Johnson's polar opposite.Hutchinson recently called for increased enforcement of federal marijuana laws in states that allow the medical use of marijuana. Johnson backed legislation in New Mexico that would have set up a medical-marijuana program.According to a news release from the Lindesmith Center, "The debate will cover a broad range of drug-policy issues, including mandatory minimum sentencing, incarceration versus treatment, legalization of certain substances and quantities, and whether our federal government should emphasize prevention and education or drug interdiction."Following the drug debate, Justice Talking also will tape a discussion about Indian sovereignty. One scheduled speaker is former Bureau of Indian Affairs Director Kevin Gover.This debate also is free and open to the public and is scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. Source: Santa Fe New Mexican (NM)Author: Steve Terrell, The New MexicanPublished: September 09, 2001 Copyright: 2001 The Santa Fe New MexicanContact: letters sfnewmexican.comWebsite: Articles & Web Sites: TLC - DPF Talking Gary Johnson's Home Page To Debate Medical-Marijuana Laws on Radio Chief Tough on Medical Marijuana

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Comment #25 posted by FoM on September 10, 2001 at 21:06:26 PT
Patrick your welcome
I can't wait for Mike to catch his breath and write more. Hopefully there will be something in one of the papers but as of a few minutes ago nothing. Maybe in the morning. I can't wait to hear or see this event! Way to go Governor Johnson!PS: You all know I am associated with Mapinc. They totally support and maintain Cannabis News for me. I still marvel at that. What I have learned has been so beneficial. I hope anyone that wants to Newshawk that you do. If anyone has any questions about how to set up an article to send in or anything along those lines I'll sure help you. I enjoy hawking. It's fun and you get this friendly competition going which makes it interesting. Really cool people. They keep me on my toes.
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Comment #24 posted by Patrick on September 10, 2001 at 20:54:23 PT
Good news! For a change! Thank you for sharing FoM. Smiles all around from the sound of it.
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Comment #23 posted by Poisoned11515Days on September 10, 2001 at 20:51:45 PT
Thanks President BUSH
The fact that President Bush allowed hisDEA HEAD to debate Johnson says he iswilling to entertain debate which may movethe public's opinion on the drug war.One the public's opinion moves sufficientlyit will be safe for the politicians to moveon the drug war too. So it might bea good idea to withhold judgement onPresident Bush for the moment. After all, Johnson does get along well with BUSH andyou KNOW what Johnson is saying to him.
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Comment #22 posted by FoM on September 10, 2001 at 20:03:26 PT
Update on Debate Today
One of our MAP newshawks, Sledhead, was on the scene for the debate in NM. He called one of our editors, Beth, to report the following. Note: There was no live broadcast of the debate that we know of. It was recorded for future broadcast at an unannounced date. We will be sure to let everyone know when it is available. If anyone else out there was there, and has a report, I will be glad to forward it to a large number of interested folks on various email lists. - RichardFriends -Mike called and wanted you to know that:1. He's on his way home;2. He's not being followed; and3. The Guv KICKED HUTCH'S ASS FROM HERE TO ETERNITY!!!!(I think that's pretty much the way he described it...I'm sure we'll get a blow by blow once he gets his computer hooked up tomorrow :-)A few other tidbits -- the DEA suits stood along the wall but the rest of the auditorium, including the balcony, were reform-friendly- the protesters outside were reform-friendly- CSPAN was taping - unsure when it will air- Hemp TV was there - unsure when it will be available but probably fairly soon- Questions had to be written on cards and Mike's name wasn't called/chosen- Hutch carried the party line but was booed frequently- The Guv started out being pretty nice but by the end, there was something about him telling Hutch that the government was pissing in the wind!Okay - that's all I can remember for now. Suffice it to say, I could see him smiling across the phone lines!Look for the report from the man himself....he was on the road for home when he called me.His last words....NOT LONG!Reporting from the (far away from me) front,Beth
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Comment #21 posted by Patrick on September 10, 2001 at 15:50:46 PT
Copy of the email I received back after asking CNN to cover the debate between Johnson and Hutchinson.Thank you for contacting CNN Interactive. We appreciate your thinking enough of our news organization to share with us your story; however, this is not the correct location to send story ideas.  All suggestions for on air coverage should be directed to fax number (404) 827-4648. Please feel free to write us again if you have further questions! CNN Interactive offers a variety of message boards ( on topics ranging from the latest news issues, to special interest topics such as Entertainment, Books, and Travel. We also offer daily news chats ( as well as Chat Events with Special Guests. Thanks again for your interest and keep your browser pointed to Sincerely, The Community Staff -----Original Message----- Please cover the debate between Gov. Johnson and newly appointed DEA head Asa Hutchinson. I strongly want to understand why a congressman would give up his Seat to continue prohibition of cannabis? Thanks, Patrick
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Comment #20 posted by Lehder on September 10, 2001 at 15:30:02 PT
What the DEA Learned from "Traffic"
copied from kaptinemo's DEA link, believe the only reason why Asa mentioned his kid's RAVE invitation at that cop/media-only conference was because he was attempting to create a contrast between himself and Michael Douglas' wimpy character in "Traffic".Asa came off communicating that he nipped his potential drug-kid problem in the bud before his kid ended up with a black (er... African American) d**k up his a**... unlike Douglas' character who ended up with a black grandchild (this part was left out on the cutting room floor but ya'll will remember that intensely graphic scene in the movie where a black grandkid could have been conceived.)Never forget that Asa's core is in politics. We can only hope that Asa can get his Arkansas-slick political mind to work not just for himself at cop conferences but also for DEA's success!
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Comment #19 posted by FoM on September 10, 2001 at 11:15:09 PT

Hi Everyone, Sledhead is in contact with us from the hotel in New Mexico. He called the Governor's office and it is still on. He will be filling us in when it is over. This is really cool. We are in Mapinc. Staff e-mail. That's how I'm staying up with it. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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Comment #18 posted by kaptinemo on September 10, 2001 at 06:33:39 PT:

S'un T'zu said it best
"Know your enemy, and know yourself"That's the singular reason why I bother going to that site at all. The people who post there don't seem to have tumbled yet to the idea that they are not the only ones viewing those remarks.And those remarks have gotten very ugly in the past. Remarks about African-American agents and support personnel, for example; everything from mocking speech patterns to open derision and casting aspersions upon the levels of perceived intelligence. I wish I had started to post from them sooner, or copy those remarks, so that you could see for yourseves the caliber of personnel we are paying the salaries of. But given their natures, those who posted those remarks will soon repeat them or similar ones, so "stay tuned, folks!".El Toonces is quite correct in the appraisal of their content and tone. But given that that particular website is little more than a sounding board for low-level agents to blow off steam, it cannot be said to reflect the thoughts of those higher up the chain of command. Assuming, of course, that they are capable of any. But since this website does seem to accurately telegragh the p*ssing-and-moaning of the average agent, I can't help but smile. They really are a miserable lot, and only goes to support my theory that to be a DrugWarrior, you have to have a truly wretched soul to want to ruin the lives of those who've probably caused you not one bit of the abuse you suffered as a child to make you this way.If they weren't so dangerous, I'd be tempted to pity them.
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Comment #17 posted by el_toonces on September 10, 2001 at 05:23:49 PT:

DEAWatch is a strange bird, Kapt., but I do often 
use this AOL site which appears to me to be a support site for DEA agents --- also, a place where they can discuss their internal and petty disputes, though most certainly the bad attitudes and immaturity I have seen displayed in the internecine wars DEA agents sometimes get into on this site really make me sick sometimes. (Yes, I confess, I got to this site often, mostly to make fun of it, but I think I can justify this voyereurism as "keeping tabs" on the opposition.
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Comment #16 posted by dddd on September 10, 2001 at 04:59:53 PT

...just realized something about my careless ramble in comment #10,,inwhich I made the wreckless error.of referring to Hutchinsonas the czar,,,,dddd
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Comment #15 posted by quietcrusader on September 09, 2001 at 23:59:28 PT:

Official Name Change Alert:
DEA or drug Enforcement Administration to be changed toPEA or Plant Enforcement Administration. The new name will be more readily recognizable by the public and it just makes more sense. Gerry Mander: PEA Administrator inhouse memo: classified
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Comment #14 posted by Rock-N-Roller on September 09, 2001 at 21:26:42 PT

DEA cheating on themselves
This was found on Sep 2001, 22:44 PST, 5th Edition.They can't trust themselves, how can the public trust them to do the right thing"(Duplicate/fraudulent "Outstanding" votes received)":To all personnel:Over the past few weeks your editorial staff has noted an increase in "Outstanding" job performance votes being cast for certain individuals. Normally, duplicate votes are discarded prior to calculating totals. However, because a distinctively disturbing pattern was recognized it was decided to include an additional statement in this week's Job Performance Review acknowledging the fraudulent votes. Some of you may have noted the warning that has since been removed: "(Duplicate/fraudulent "Outstanding" votes received)".Our purpose for including this temporary statment in this week's Report was intended to determine probable cause for the duplicate, fraudulent votes. We suspected that the person(s) involved hoped to invalidate the Weekly Review not to demonstrate popular support for the Supervisor receiving the intended Outstanding vote, but rather to embarass the Supervisor as it is a common belief among some disgruntled individuals that anyone who receives an Oustanding vote 'must have voted (many times) for themself.'Our suspicions were confirmed over the past 30 hours when a similarly large number of 'Outstanding' votes were again cast for the same Supervisors, obviously with the hope that the cited Supervisors would be suspected by you of rigging their own Outstanding listings when a second Job Evaluation Report was published next week that included the same warning: "(Duplicate/fraudulent "Outstanding" votes received)".NOTICE TO BUTTHEADS: The Scheme Didn't Work.Fortunately, someone far smarter that us mortals incorporated a specific feature into human DNA that renders the criminal, dishonest mind also quite stupid and easily detectable using only elementary devices.We here at DEA Watch wish to apologize to the Supervisor's victimized by this dishonest attempt to scandalize your unblemished character. We have removed the special warning from your listing, and we provide this special warning to the perpetrator: Don't do the crime if you can't do the time... and you will, eventually, do time because a small act of dishonestly usually leads to larger acts of dishonesty. Over the course of your employment you have received multiple training sessions and debriefings informing you that a completely honest character is required to wear a United States Government law enforcement badge. If you are the type of person who will try to pull sneaky, underhanded, and dishonest tricks you are also the type of person who will soon graduate to serious acts of dishonesty. Those acts will, eventually, land you in total disgrace as you are marched off to a penal institution in handcuffs.Our warning to you is this, don't even start down a path of what you may consider insignificant in terms of real crime. All prisoners start out doing things they deem harmless and unpunishable. Unfortunately for those morons, they become addicted to testing how far they can go, and how much they can get away with before they are caught and find themselves crying like p***ies in a lockup.The Weekly Job Evaluation Survey is not only a report on your character analysis of those you evaluate, but also a 'report' on your character. If you view your weekly vote in both perspectives, and treat each on the up-and-up, you will obtain an honest report on your character as well as the Supervisor's character you evlauate.We here at DEA Watch can't emphasize enough that this is serious business. As you know, we're neither doing this service for profit or fame. We're doing it for you. If you play square and play fair, in the end you will win. Trust us... this is no fly-by-night, BS-tip we're handing you... the rules of the game were written long before you were born... we know because we were here long before you arrived.Do the right thing... always.-- Phill Coleman, Editor-in-Chief 
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Comment #13 posted by FoM on September 09, 2001 at 15:50:31 PT

What actually does that mean kapt?
I'm not good at reading between the lines but why can't we get marijuana legalized before other drug issues are addressed too heavily? I have never understood that. Maybe it is because most people just like Cannabis and are not interested in hard drugs that are activists. I don't know.
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Comment #12 posted by Rock-N-Roller on September 09, 2001 at 15:32:54 PT

kaptinemo's post
kaptinemo, excellent research, good eye. Keep digging this stuff up. It is hard to tell what it really is. Let's not forget that they declared a war, and all is fair in love and war. Propaganda and misinformation is a weapon used by many armies for centuries. Propaganda maybe? I hope so.  We need wealthy people also, to help end this stuff. Money is power (unfortunately). But remember, power easily turns to greed. Greed and Power are getting people killed and locked up.Something strange going on? Maybe it's their own power and greed destroying themselves from within. If that is the case, this is a weakness begining to show. Time to use it against their tactics. Inform the voting pubic what is happening. Information is vey powerful tool, and/or weapon.
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Comment #11 posted by kaptinemo on September 09, 2001 at 14:26:37 PT:

Related? You tell me...
I recently took a quick peek at DEAWatch; they had something that caight my eye immediately.Whether this is reverse propaganda (a trap designed to catch roving eyes and taken back as a time-delayed bomb) is left to the reader. But something's going on...from DEAWatch:"While perusing through some documents recently I came upon one that mentioned an individual known to be associated with DEA Watch. I can't say who the document was addressed to, nor who wrote it. But I can say that it was a most impressive document formerly of the highest classification (now declassified but still restricted). Special thanks should have been conveyed to the DEA Watch individual mentioned prominently in the document from no less than the president of the United States. However, given the president at the time this document originated, and his history of (alleged) drug use, it is no surprise to me that proper thanks were neither sent to the individual or made public, according to the Transmittal Sheet attached.About all I can say is that our country is indebted to an individual for work done at great personal expense and sacrifice. Any individual who convinced George Soros to redirect funding marijuana legalization, especially after his astounding successes in California and Arizona, deserves this nation's highest honor.After reading this highly detailed document I am now a firm believer in backchannel diplomacy. And I now have a greater respect for those who truly believe in our country but ask for neither publicity or reward. Although I have been known for my criticism of CIA and NSA I have since learned that spookdom (nothing ethnic implied) has tremendous value when the right people are involved. For a small group of people led by a single person to accomplish the awesome feat of removing the major source of funding and credibility from the marijuana legalization operation has put the entire drug legalization movement in complete Limbo. Sir, my hat is off to you. Keep up the excellent work you are doing. Perhaps this story will one day be told so that all will know what only a few know.Reading between the lines, it appears as if the un-named source is implying that the DEA has the means to blackmail George Soros. And is doing so.Following this, another statement by another denizen of the DEAWatch:"What is this about George Soros changing his funding for medical marijuana??? He may not have any $$ on the plate for this right now, but it's only because he and his buddies are funding ballot initiatives in Florida, Michigan, and Ohio. These initiatives basically decriminalize all drugs, making simple possession an event with no consequence. For example, in California if you're caught with any drugs you have to go to rehab. Sounds reasonable, no?? Except there is no drug testing or mandate that you stay clean or stick with the program. Get caught again, more mandated rehab. The second time also includes no drug testing because that's prohibited by the proposition. Get caught a third time, maybe you'll get 30 days in jail. Maybe. So, this California propostition was funded by Soros etal, and this is what he is trying to spread across the country. It's more insidious than any medical marijuana movement because it completely removes any accountability for using illicit drugs, unless you consider two rehab sessions a month some sort of accountability."And further on..."I would like to respond to the 10:02 writer, if I may. I am assuming that this writer is (or was) DEA. If that is true then this writer has glaringly pointed out just how detached some of our DEA agents are from reality, and why operatives outside of DEA are far more productive than we are working their end of the field.To begin, the original author said nothing about "medical marijuana", which the 10:02 writer began with. Secondly, this writer put foot in mouth when agreeing with the original writer by saying, "He (Soros) may not have any $$ on the plate for this right now...". Duhhh, wasn't that what the original writer stated was accomplished?Bottomline, what the 10:02 writer appears to be saying is he or she agrees that some kind of operation to remove Soros money from the drug LEGALIZATION movement was highly successful, but that the writer feels "Soros etal" is now helping to fund the drug DECRIMINALIZATION movement since his legalization efforts were defrocked. My research hasn't come up with any Soros money tied directly to drug decriminalization anywhere around the country. Fringe efforts by wackos such as drug decriminalization, flag burning and permitting sex with minors are a permanent part of any full democracy.I, for one, congratulate our brother agencies for doing what DEA has failed to do. And misaimed arrows fired out of jealousy by some of us in DEA doesn't alter reality. We are not the only people working to eliminate drugs. When another agency does something to be congratulated for we should be gracious and give credit where credit is due. Perhaps if we were more successful in holding up our end of the drug war we, too, would be congratulated. But so far all we have really accomplished in the last six years is becoming expert at processing S&L paper... and I don't see anything changing for the next three and one-half years, at least.Something very strange is happening at DEA.
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Comment #10 posted by dddd on September 09, 2001 at 13:30:02 PT

hard to believe...... actual to the public?....This is unheard ofand a somewhat encouraging thing for the newly crowned czarto participate's the kicker;>"Godbey said last week that he thought Monday's debate could reopen these wounds "depending on how the press plays it.""I understand it's going to be broadcast at a later date," Godbey said. "If the press doesn't give it a lot of coverage, it probably won't have much effect."Of course,,,,the media coverage is a main concern.....I doubt we wiil be seeingmany major stories about this in the national media.....dddd
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Comment #9 posted by Jose Melendez on September 09, 2001 at 13:04:25 PT:

the truth comes out...
See:,6903,548884,00.html... and Gary Johnson PLEASE point out the truth about such "legal" drugs as Ritalin, which, it turns out works in the same way as cocaine, only *. Just because such psychoactive drugs are not designed to be abused should not let them off the hook...Then again, perhaps the drug companies are simply responding to demand, as was Fabio Ochoa. Prohibitionists DO recognize that their actions increase demand, which is why they should be fought at every step in the courts, on the editorial pages and in the voting polls...We must resist even harder because our opponents not only know they are lying, but also they profit from the trade they encourage to flourish. That means easier and safer work for cops and guards who bust and babysit potheads instead of violent criminals. Notice in Miami that crooked cops there are getting only ten years, not life. But if they catch a spic like me with enough pot, those same cops or their replacements get overtime and bonuses.
* Ritalin proven stronger than cocaine
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Comment #8 posted by rabblerouser on September 09, 2001 at 12:46:31 PT

great debate, political affiliation
I can't say or write it better than this guy can. Read it and see what he has had to say.
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Comment #7 posted by FoM on September 09, 2001 at 11:59:52 PT

You're Welcome Rainbow
I wasn't sure if they would work or not but it did. A Mapinc. Newshawk called Sledhead is going to the debate. He will be taking notes and if he has a chance he will ask questions. I sure hope he gets a chance.
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Comment #6 posted by rainbow on September 09, 2001 at 11:39:46 PT

Thanks for making it easy FoMRainbow
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Comment #5 posted by FoM on September 09, 2001 at 11:25:14 PT

Trying to make the emails clickable
Keeping my fingers crossed.C-Span: events c-span.orgCNN Contact: cnn.comFeedback:
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Comment #4 posted by kaptinemo on September 09, 2001 at 11:15:30 PT:

And don't forget C-SPAN
You can email them at events c-span.organd request that they televise this first-ever debate between an elected official and a Bush Cabinet functionary on the DrugWar. It's still not too late. I STONGLY SUGGEST THAT EVERY READER OF CNEWS DO THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
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Comment #3 posted by The Offspring on September 09, 2001 at 10:53:24 PT

E-mail CNN
I want everyone who reads this to E-mail CNN and tell them to take interest in this debate which is important to Americans. If they get alot of e-mails they may cave in.
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Comment #2 posted by FoM on September 09, 2001 at 10:12:47 PT

Medical Marijuana Debate
What concerns me is it looks like they might talk about other drug issues too. There isn't enough time in debates to cover it all so medical marijuana gets pushed to the side. I really hope this doesn't happen. The truth is medical marijuana is the one topic that is 100 percent winnable and the others aren't in my opinion. 
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Comment #1 posted by Robbie on September 09, 2001 at 10:04:54 PT

I hope Gary is very well prepared. He'd better nail Hutchinson here, but I bet we'll see, either, pre-scripted questions and answers, or, the questions will all be softball and won't cause much contention.I hope we see more, but I'm not going to hope.By the way, this is another example of how attitudes really aren't changing! There may be more of the common folk of this country against the war and against the institutionalized harms, but not the Republicrat core...they still lap up the party line while they stay at home and snort their other line.
Get Under the news
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