Police Defend Shootings of 2 Men at Rainbow Farm

Police Defend Shootings of 2 Men at Rainbow Farm
Posted by FoM on September 06, 2001 at 08:29:54 PT
By Mark Hornbeck, Detroit News Lansing Bureau
Source: Detroit News 
Tom Crosslin, who had been holed up in his house at Rainbow Farm campground for four days in a standoff with police, crested a hill dressed in camouflage gear late Monday and walked into a wooded area where a three-man FBI observation team was set up. Crosslin raised his .22-caliber semi-automatic rifle to shoulder height and was fatally shot by two agents from a distance of about 25 feet. 
The following morning, Rolland Rohm set fire to the L-shaped house about 6 a.m. and was seen about 45 minutes later pointing a similar rifle at a State Police officer on a hill near the burning property. He was gunned down from long range. Two State Police officers fired their weapons.  That's the story police and FBI agents related to reporters and camera crews Wednesday during a walk-through at Rainbow Farm, about two miles northeast of Vandalia, a tiny farming town in southwest Michigan.  There were four shooters, police said. They declined to say how many bullets medical examiners found in the victims, who were wanted on drug and weapons charges and who drew the attention of authorities last Friday when they started burning buildings at the camp ground and firing at a TV news helicopter.  The two State Police officers are on administrative leave pending a state investigation. Two FBI agents have been relieved of their weapons during a federal probe but remain on the job. The actions are standard practice, officials said.  FBI and State Police officials refused to release the names of the agents and officers involved in the shootings.  The FBI report will be turned over to the Cass County prosecutor's office, which will decide whether the Crosslin shooting was justified. State Police officials said they're not certain yet where they will send their report on the Rohm shooting or what action might be taken.  The investigation so far has concluded that both Crosslin and Rohm were carrying loaded weapons. Police said they're still at a loss to explain why Crosslin and Rohm decided to hole up in the house and raise their weapons rather than surrender.  "The weapon Mr. Rohm had was fully loaded, with a round in the chamber and the safety off," said State Police Capt. Richard Dragoner.  All 10 structures in the compound have been reduced to stone foundations and smoldering cinders. FBI and State Police evidence teams accompanied by trained dogs were sifting through the ashes Wednesday. They found several guns and rifles, a pipe bomb and more than 100 shell casings. No drugs or marijuana plants were found at the scene.  "We suspect that any drugs that might have been here were burned in the fires," said John Bell, special agent from the FBI office in Detroit.  "Law enforcement did not set the fires," Bell added. "And there were no overt or aggressive actions taken by law enforcement."  More than 120 FBI agents, State Police officers and Cass County Sheriff's deputies were at or near the scene during the standoff.  Relatives of Crosslin and Rohm and supporters of the marijuana legalization effort they espoused said they're wary of internal police and FBI investigations.  "The only witnesses were police and victims, who are now dead," said George Colwell, uncle of Crosslin. "I don't think we'll ever know the whole truth about these shootings." Note: Investigators found several guns and rifles, a pipe bomb and more than 100 shell casings. No drugs or marijuana plants were found at the scene. Relatives of pair say they doubt version of fatal standoff. You can reach Mark Hornbeck at: (517) 371-3660 or mhornbeck detnews.comSource: Detroit News (MI)Author: Mark Hornbeck, Detroit News Lansing BureauPublished: September 6, 2001Copyright: 2001, The Detroit News Contact: letters Website: Related Articles & Web Site:Rainbow Farm Campground Inside The Campground Saw One Escape: Death's Passions Led To Downfall
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Comment #21 posted by tdm on September 07, 2001 at 06:35:39 PT:
reach out to Rohm's son -- crosspost
After listening to Richard Cowan's analysis (link below), I was struck by his comments regarding Rohm's son. This boy is now without a family. I read that his grandparents were going to try to gain custody, but that does little to ease the pain he must be feeling right now. Imagining what he must be going through at age 13 is painful. My father died when I was 16, but that seems to pale in comparison.My thought -- we need to let this boy know he has an extended family of thousands, if not millions. Two ideas came to me: 1) If we can find out how to reach him, we can all send him a word of encouragement in a card or letter, letting him know he is far, far from alone in this world. 2) We can show the world the love and compassion in each of us by establishing a trust fund for his ongoing care, wherever he may end up. Imagine if everyone who ever inhaled sent just $1. A $70,000,000 trust fund might just do the job. I'm sure that's not exactly what would happen, but we can sure give it our best shot.I'd like to hear comments. And anyone who has the expertise to set up such a fund, please contact me and I will do everything within my power to help see that it happens. Likewise, if you know how we can get cards and letters to the boy (anyone know his name?), please post the information here. We can then spread the word to the entire online community.
Richard Cowan - POT-TV
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Comment #20 posted by Dankhank on September 06, 2001 at 19:47:03 PT:
thanx Lookinside
I could never do what FOM does, and I so appreciate her tireless work.My site is like me, strident and erratic at times. But that's what makes me so likeable .. :-)I'll archive your kind offer, been a while since I was on the west coast. I want to do it again ... never know ...Peace and Love to all ... 'cept the cops ... confusion to them ...
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Comment #19 posted by mr.greengenes on September 06, 2001 at 18:07:58 PT
Grover T. Crosslin Nov. 10, 1954 - Sept. 3, 2001 VANDALIA  Grover Thomas "Tom" Crosslin, 46, of 59896 Pemberton Road, died Monday when he was shot by an FBI agent on the perimeter of his property, The Rainbow Farm Campground. Cass County Medical Examiner Dr. Robert Knox is investigating. Survivors include a son, Robert Rohm of Vandalia; his mother and stepfather, Ruby and Luther Batey of Niles; his father and stepmother, Grover and Mae Crosslin of Vandalia; a sister, Shirley DeWeese of Elkhart; and two brothers, Larry of Elkhart and Jim of Vandalia. Services will be at 11 a.m. (Indiana Time) Saturday in Walley-Mills-Zimmerman Funeral Home, Elkhart, where friends may call from 3 to 8 p.m. Friday and one hour before services Saturday.
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Comment #18 posted by lookinside on September 06, 2001 at 17:15:58 PT:
nice website...i bookmarked it and will go back to seewhat's new...let me know if you're ever near sacramento oroakland...i'd be happy to buy dinner...that goes for all thegood folks who post here regularly...even dddd...LOL!
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Comment #17 posted by Dankhank on September 06, 2001 at 16:02:18 PT
I'm coming .....
I am coming from Oklahoma bringing at least one friend and hopefully a couple more ;.....PS, My website does explain why it is black!
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Comment #16 posted by rabblerouser on September 06, 2001 at 13:52:46 PT
out of context?
"The actions are standard practice." Officials???  said.
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Comment #15 posted by FoM on September 06, 2001 at 13:44:49 PT
So far it has been hard for Richard to get anyone on the grounds. If Richard finds anything out he'll let me know and I'll post it. If anyone is from the area it would be nice for help with information for those who will try to attend. I don't know about hotels in the area. I'm not sure how far people will be traveling but that information would be very helpful. Thanks.
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Comment #14 posted by pissedonandoff on September 06, 2001 at 12:53:14 PT
what did he say
There were no avert or aggressive actions taken by law enforcement. What the heck is he smoking. Killing two people is extremely aggressive in most people's books. Why didn't the FBI film everything? A good digital camcorder is only $500 and it could tell the true story. Oh, that is why the FBI did not film everything. Nevermind.We need to vote every Congressman in Washington out of office. Support the MJ litmus test and vote. 
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Comment #13 posted by Dankhank on September 06, 2001 at 12:32:57 PT
I have links to Pres bush, senators/congressmen/women, Gary Johnson , and the ONDCP.
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Comment #12 posted by Cannabis Dave on September 06, 2001 at 12:21:20 PT
Isn't it obvious?
I didn't know either of them personally, but based on what I've read about it seems obvious to me what happened. They were two righteous people whose beliefs are stated on the Rainbow Farm website for the world to see. He knew they were planning on taking his farm, and after they took their son they decided to sacrifice their lives for the causes they believe in. It says here that they both had .22 caliber rifles which hadn't been fired, which isn't going to do any good against the body armour they were up against anyway - they knew that. The media makes it sound like they KNOW they fired at the aircraft, but they don't really know that, and I kind of doubt it. They never fired a round because they never intended or wanted to hurt anyone - they committed suicide to help the causes they believed in, and those of us who share their values should be very greatful to them. They are both heros, and those who participated in their murder are the criminals. Isn't it obvious?
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Comment #11 posted by hempsterdude on September 06, 2001 at 12:06:31 PT:
extort and execute
this country`s law enforcement used to have the words"to protect and serve"engraved on their badges. now it says"to extort and execute"
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Comment #10 posted by Rock-N-Roller on September 06, 2001 at 11:12:50 PT
Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your right.
In order to bring more media attention to this tragedy we need to make a lot of noise. We need the likes of Gary Johnson, Jessie Ventura, and Normal to attend the funerals and deliver the eulogies. We need to have thousands of people, attend the services, just like the police and firemen do. If this could happen the media cannot completley ignore this. If we get more media attention it can possibly help to educate the ones who need it. E-Mail Gary Johnson's office, and Normal, lets try to get them there. This will show to the nation and the families of those who died, that the efforts of these modern day patriots will not be in vain. To sit and do nothing is what the opposition would like to see. They would love to just see it go away. I will make several posts of this comment. Do not be angry or surprised if you see this again. I will post it in other places to get more attention. I like the idea of the movie thing that people are talking about. E-Mail Hollywood also. Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your right.
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Comment #9 posted by FoM on September 06, 2001 at 11:04:16 PT
Dank Hank
Good question. I'll email Richard and post where people will meet after the funeral as soon as I find out.
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Comment #8 posted by Dankhank on September 06, 2001 at 10:55:32 PT
Funeral in Elkhart, then to where?
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Comment #7 posted by ekim on September 06, 2001 at 10:51:10 PT:
Anyone happen to notice one thing missing?
Rainbow was one of the biggest supporters of PRA in Michigan. Iv read every story I can and have not read one honest effort to relay this fact to the readers. I wonder if the reporters were told to not talk as the only witness left was told to do. please anyone that is interviewed should mention Rainbows PRA efforts to the reporter. People all over the world have read these articals I wonder how many know about PRA. 
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Comment #6 posted by FoM on September 06, 2001 at 10:38:07 PT
Confirmed Funeral Arrangements
I waited to post the funeral arrangement until Richard Lake confirmed them and he just did. Here they are.Funeral for Tom and Rollie SaturdayThe funeral service for Grover (Tom) Crosslin and Rolland Rohm will be held at Walley, Mills, & Zimmerman Funeral Home, 700 E. Jackson Blvd., Elkhart Indiana.Visitation is 3 pm to 8 pm (4 to 9 Mich. Time) on Friday.Funeral Service will commence at 11:00 am (Noon Michigan time) on Saturday.Phone Numbers for Flower Shops in Elkhart:219-389-1551, 219-294-2441, 219-674-9316, 219-293-9699, 219-294-2208, 219-293-5657, 219-264-1930, 219-293-4741, 219-264-3536, 219-295-7465, 219-264-3112or see
Tom Crosslin & Rolland Rohm Memorial 
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Comment #5 posted by MDG on September 06, 2001 at 10:35:27 PT
Good point Greenfox.
Reading your comment, I didn't even notice the "Don't move" until after the BOOM! and I went back to the "orders". Sad thing is, that this happens in reality.On a lighter note ('cause we could all use a laugh, not that this is really very funny), but Greenfox also mentioned the police "scarring the shit out of the kids in the car". The irony is that they most likely were scarred emotionally. Scared, too. :)
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Comment #4 posted by E. Johnson on September 06, 2001 at 10:33:51 PT
Cops care more about bears than humans
I am in Colorado right now and there is bear shit everywhere you look. Last week some woman came home and found a bear in the process of destroying her home. How did law enforcement respond? Hey you cannot kill a bear here, because the animal rights people freak out and practically riot.No they can't kill bears. People would get upset. So they have tranquilizer guns that can drop a bear from a safe distance. The bear survives the confrontation until it can go to bear court and have its final fate decided away from the heat of the moment.The bears get much more humane treatment from law enforcement than people do. That is sick.
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Comment #3 posted by E. Johnson on September 06, 2001 at 10:11:52 PT
This really needs to be explained on film
People cannot understand SWAT teams when they are described in print. Most people have never had the energy aimed at them or seen it aimed at anyone else.The only way to explain this to people is on film. This is what the art of cinema was made for. This is why we have movies.
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Comment #2 posted by greenfox on September 06, 2001 at 10:11:21 PT
Right to bear arms? Hahaha...
It's been a long time since I have posted, but once again the government has gone to great lengths to piss me off; thus helping me overcome my apathy and forcing me to write "my two cents". In any event, this is where it stands:The government can do as it pleases, with impunity. They can and WILL kill you, if you stand in the way of anything they deem important. Also: I was at fall Hookahville (again) this year and made some very important observations. I was talking to an old hippy couple, (very nice and honest people,) and they told me a story. Keeping in mind it IS heresay, but in light of the fact that these people have absolutely no reason to lie about something like this, I take it to heart. Anyway, it went a little something like this:They (this nice hippy couple) were at a Rainbow gathering in New York I believe. In any event, they claim that after the gathering, everyone got sick. Upper respitory infections, bladder problems, the whole nine yards. After being checked out by a doctor, the doc says it had something to do with the watter they had all been drinking. Now keeping in mind I really don't have first hand information or details, but I DO know that EVERY rainbow gathering attracts people in the HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS. In any event, it was concluded that ALL of these people became sick because of the water source. The site they were at was "supposedly" clean, (as good hippys drink natural water, etc, etc,) and so their source of water for the weekend was a nearby stream. Tell me folks,how is it possible that an ENTIRE group of people get sick at the same time?And of course on the way out this same couple were driving, (clean might I add because they had kids and had brought their children with them,) they were stopped by the local PrO-lice (state) and were treated like felons. After scarring the shit out of the kids in the car, detaining the people for OVER TWO HOURS, and tearing their car apart limb by limb looking for the evil weed, (and finding nothing,) they were let go. No apology. No nothing. Just an "honest mistake".Peter McWilliams was an "honest mistake", but the government takes no blame. And the mother & her infant in the plane. And COUNTLEsS (thousands) of others. The government CAN and WILL take your home, search you and your effects, take your children, and yes, our oh-so-civilized government, (one of the last in the world to still practice this, might I add,) can and WILL put you to death. Do we CONDONE MURDUR? of course not.RIP Tim McVeigh. (And no I'm not endorsing what he has done. Let me tell you folks, it's much more punishment to spend the rest of your life in prison than it is to end your life, but that's another story completely.) What's the whole point? It's kind of funny, because this year's hookahville was held at Buckeye Lake, (which is outside of Columbus, OH in a semi-rural area). I remember tripping my balls off and sitting in the distant campground. And just one fence over there was a pasture of sheep. It's so amazing how close they resemble the average american. Baaaha......baaaah... and they will run from anything that scares them. At the time, (when I was tripping,) it was quite a few laughs. Looking back at it now, it almost brings me to tears of sadness.Oh well, right? Land of the free? Land of the free.(and please hold me free from my nasty language habbits, FoM, as I mutter the next IMPERSONATION. Not for shock value, not out of anger, but to illistrate the daily truth. I don't ask for exceptions often, but imagine...)3:30AM. Neighbors are asleep. YOU are asleep. Two plants in the closet.BOOM!"GET DOWN ON THE FUCKING GROUND! PUT THOSE FUCKING HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM YOU LOW LIFE SON OF A BITCH! WHERE THE FUCK IS THE MARIJUANA? DON'T MOVE OR I WILL BLOW YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF!"(in fear the man shuffles to put his still-shaking hands above his head) "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!" "I TOLD YOU NOT TO MOVE MOTHERFUCKER!""What happened here?""Suspect was reaching for a gun."(second man looks for weapong, finds nothing). "No gun.""Well, the motherfucker was reaching for a gun.""Don't worry, seargent, we will explain this one later. For now, bag the body and grab the dope.""Yes sir."----------Land of the free?Land of the FREE?LAND OF THE FREE?No freendom for McWillims, Foster, McAnn, Peters, Karaffa, etc, al infin.,.....sly in green, foxy in kind, drowning in sadness,greenfox.......
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Comment #1 posted by schmeff on September 06, 2001 at 09:34:34 PT
No overt or aggressive actions taken by LEOs
A hundred SWATstikas hiding and trespassing on your property aiming a hundred guns at you. But this is not considered overt or aggressive.But should you aim a gun at THEM, that is overt and aggressive enough to warrant your execution.This pretty well sums up who are the masters andd who are the slaves in the land of the pee.
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