Hemp, Hemp, Hooray!

Hemp, Hemp, Hooray!
Posted by FoM on July 20, 2001 at 16:30:47 PT
By Lewis Taylor, The Register-Guard
Source: Register-Guard
Jaya Lakshmi plans on getting very high at the World Hemp Festival in Harrisburg this weekend. As vocalist and keyboardist for the techno/world music act Lost at Last, Lakshmi won't need any mind-altering substances to reach her elevated state of consciousness. All she needs are music and an audience."I dance a lot on stage, and I do a lot of spiraling and spinning," Lakshmi said in a phone interview. "The idea is to kind of generate positive energy and for the audience to generate positive energy. ...
"After a couple of hours of really passionate dancing, things start feeling pretty intense. I get really high."With a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy, 75 security guards and an unknown number of undercover police officers sure to be roaming the grounds of this year's festival, dancing yourself silly is probably the best way to enjoy the three-day gathering.Hosted once again by Bill Conde, the controversial hemp crusader and lumber maven, this year's festival includes 22 bands, several speakers, a bunch of performance artists, vendors, craft booths, a beer garden and even a hemp fashion show. Along with Lost at Last, which will make its major label debut on RCA Records next month, the musical lineup features the Zen Tricksters, a New York jam band; and the Eugene-based Zimbabwean Afro-pop legend Thomas Mapfumo and his band, the Blacks Unlimited. Eugene's own Liquid Jeanie, Carmizin, Norma Fraser and Abakadubi also are scheduled to play."You guys better come out and take a look, because it's gonna be a great show," Conde said in a telephone interview. "It's an essential event."Ken Kesey will appear at the festival on Sunday, along with Ken Babbs and a bus full of pranksters. Molecular biologist Alan Kapular will speak about organics, microbiology and other subjects.The Dragon Tribe, a roaming circus of fire-eaters, will perform nightly and throughout the festival. Artis the Spoonman will be the master of ceremonies.One novelty at this year's World Hemp Festival will be Conde's attempt to launch a bid for the governorship. On Saturday, using a little-known provision called the "assembly of electors," he will attempt to gather the signatures of 1,000 registered voters in order to secure a spot for himself on the ballot. He said the idea came to him in jail last month, while he was serving a 15-day sentence for charges stemming from a 1999 hemp gathering.Running as a candidate for the new Environmental Peace and Freedom Party, Conde promises to legalize the industrial use of hemp, which he says can be used as an alternative to lumber composites. He said the decision to run for governor was impulsive, but very logical. "I'll admit it; I'm a C-plus student," Conde said. "But would you rather have a dishonest Rhodes Scholar or C-plus student you can trust as your governor?"I figure I can talk just as well as Jesse Ventura."ENTERTAINMENT SCHEDULETODAY12:30 p.m. - Liquid Jeanie2:30 p.m. - Sumerland 4 p.m. - Toca6 p.m. - Higher Ground 8 p.m. - Zen Tricksters10:30 p.m. - Thomas MapfumoSATURDAYNoon - Carmizin1:30 p.m. - J. Mack 2:45 p.m. - 4th Plane Jaiant4:15 p.m. - Scott Huckabay6 p.m. - Freedom Tribe8 p.m. - Abakadubi10 p.m. - Lost at Last SUNDAYNoon - Earthtones1:30 p.m. - Norma Fraser3 p.m. - Alma Melodioao3 p.m. - Ken Kesey, Ken Babbs and a bus full of pranksters5 p.m. - Shamir7 p.m. - Grupo AntifazNIGHTLYDragon Tribe in "Rings of Fire!"WORLD HEMP FESTIVALWHAT: Celebration of hemp as a fuel, paper and clothing alternative; no drugs, no alcohol, no weapons, no dogs allowedWHEN: Noon to midnight today and Saturday, noon to 9 p.m. SundayWHERE: 23005 N. Coburg Road (Exit 209 off Interstate 5)TICKETS: Advance tickets are $12.50 today and Saturday, $8 Sunday (or $17.50 per car), available through Fastixx; day-of-show tickets are $15 today and Saturday, $10 Sunday (or $20 per car); three-day camping passes are $25 or $22.50 advance.ALSO: To hear music from Lost at Last's major label debut, call GuardLine at 485-2000 and select category 9942.Note: A celebration of all things alternative.Source: Register-Guard, The (OR)Author: Lewis Taylor, The Register-GuardPublished: July 20, 2001Copyright: 2001 The Register-GuardContact: rgletters guardnet.comWebsite: Articles & Web Sites:World Hemp Festival 2001 Kesey, Checking In On His Famous Nest Advocate Throws Final Hemp Party
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Comment #3 posted by michael on July 20, 2001 at 19:00:57 PT:
New York? 
Eugene Oregon!
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Comment #2 posted by mayan on July 20, 2001 at 18:39:50 PT
Hemp in America
The war on marijuana(recreational,medicinal) is ultimately just a war on industrial hemp. Once hemp is legal the government won't care what we smoke. They don't care if we all jump out in front of trains(except for the fact that they wouldn't be able to tax us).save hemphttp://www.votehemp.comWoody's new site 
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Comment #1 posted by grassmike on July 20, 2001 at 17:11:15 PT:
party should be in British Columbia
People need to be going to British Columbia to have their parties. They should protest the no tolerance effort by going to British Columbia. By spending their money in New York they are supporting the status quo. Spending their money on food and drink, and hotel rooms.Support industrial hemp. OK. But support the real stuff by spending your money in British Columbia and making the establishment cry over the lost is the home page of the British Columbia Marijuana Party, a legally recognized party. If you can support them with a $25 donation and wear the pin you receive, it should help the reform movement. Fight the real battle. They are suckering you into fighting a diversion force. It is the 1% that run this country that want you to fight that battle. Skip it and fight the real one. REMEMBER BRITISH COLUMBIA.
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