Annual Festival Extols Many Uses for Hemp 

Annual Festival Extols Many Uses for Hemp 
Posted by FoM on July 16, 2001 at 08:25:29 PT
By Vicki Adame, News Press Staff Writer
Source: News-Press 
Hemp filled De la Guerra Plaza Sunday afternoon. But there was no need to call the police -- it was all part of the third annual Santa Barbara Hemp Festival.The event featured speakers, music, a fashion show and various vendors selling products made either entirely or partially from hemp. Steve Levine, festival organizer, said the event is about educating people. "We're giving people the opportunity to learn about cannabis. Most people just think about marijuana," he said. 
"But there are hundreds of strains of cannabis; the vast majority are drug-free."Mr. Levine, who was wearing apparel made from hemp said, "If a person tried to smoke the plant used to make this shirt, they would just get a headache."Among the uses of hemp is food. According to literature handed out at the festival, hemp seed is used for people and animal food. The meat of the seed can be used to make hemp milk, cheese, ice cream and burgers.The underlying message of the festival, said Mr. Levine, is simple: "We want people to understand it's (hemp) good for the environment. It's a godsend to the environment."Among the speakers was Chris Conrad, an advocate for hemp. Wearing a hemp-plant lei and a cannabis-print shirt, Mr. Conrad took the stage and said hemp deserves equal rights."We're not asking for more rights for hemp, we're just asking for the same rights as the other plants," he said. "Hemp deserves equal rights with all other plants out there."Vendors sold everything from shirts to pants to hats and bags.Among the vendors was Larry Serbin, president of Hemp Traders. The company specializes in the import and wholesale of hemp textiles.When asked how people react to the hemp fabric, he said, "They kind of think it's a joke, they sniff it. But then they realize it's pretty good fabric."Most people like hemp fabric for environmental reasons he said -- and once they use it they find it's comfortable and appealing.Hemp fabric, Mr. Serbin said, has many benefits over other textiles. In addition to being the strongest natural textile, it is durable, softens with use, and is resistant to ultraviolet light.Since beginning his business in 1994, Mr. Serbin has seen an increase in sales every year, he said."Quite frankly, people are very enthusiastic about it," he said.Last year's event drew between 2,000 to 2,500 people. As for Sunday's festival, Mr. Serbin said, "I'm hoping for that much if not more."Source: Santa Barbara News-Press (CA)Author: Vicki Adame, News Press Staff WriterPublished: July 16, 2001Copyright: 2001 Santa Barbara News-PressContact: editorial newspress.comWebsite: Conrad's Hemp Links Hemp Archives
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Comment #1 posted by mayan on July 17, 2001 at 16:59:29 PT
Hemp Rising
It is only a matter of time before industrial hemp is growing all over the United States. Thanks to the internet the truth is being brought to light like never before. People are beginning to see that there is not even one good reason to keep this plant illegal. NOT ONE!!!The war on drugs is really just a war on industrial hemp. The greatest conspiracy of all time will soon be exposed for what it is. This will be a great day for all creatures & the earth on which we live. Save Hemphttp://www.votehemp.comWoody's new site
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