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  Ann Arbor Hash Bash Days Numbered!
Posted by FoM on February 27, 1999 at 11:33:48 PT
cannabis A bill before the state Senate would prohibit local governments from instituting lower drug penalties than the state imposes. Currently, possesssion of marijuana in Ann Arbor carries a $25 fine while state law mandates a $100 fine and 90 days in jail.

Michigan lawmakers are proposing a bill that could effectively end Ann Arbor's annual ``Hash Bash.''

Bill co-sponsors state Sens. Mike Rogers and Beverly Hammerstrom say the hash bash at the home of the University of Michigan is one reason the bill was introduced. Rogers says U-M is forced to spend more each year on added security for the event.

The celebration over the use of pot attracts thousands of participants each year who camp out and smoke their favorite weed.

Rogers admits Ann Arbor is the only city in Michigan that would be affected by the tougher legislation.

Hammerstrom says, ``To have Ann Arbor impose a lesser penalty and allow an open exhibition that glorifies drug use, sends the wrong message to Michigan residents.'' Hammerstrom says that's especially critical with the state's anti-drug programs, corporate drug testing and a new state mandate to drug-test welfare recipients.

Rogers says the bill is necessary because marijuana use is growing among young people and is a ``gateway drug to other narcotics.''

A similar proposal over drug penalties was introduced in Michigan in 1998, but got stymied in the Democratically controlled House.

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Comment #3 posted by Brooke on February 23, 2001 at 01:55:54 PT:

I am a successful, freshman pre-med student at Auburn University in Alabama. I had the priviledge to live in Ann Arbor for four years in high school, and it allowed me to see some of the most liberal views and beliefs that have enriched me as a person. Ann Arbor is such a unique town, and the annual Hash Bash is such an intergral part of this wonderful town's persona. To end the Hash Bash because of dirty politics would not only be a ridiculous, empty act, but it would take away from so much of what makes Ann Arbor so special. So many of my friends in the South are amazed by the open-mindedness of this wonderful town, and we are planning a trip to the 2002 Hash Bash. Let's hope for idealists sake and Ann Arbor commerce's sake that this bill does not pass.

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Comment #2 posted by linda on April 02, 2000 at 11:42:03 PT
tired of the crap!
I was born and raised in ann arbor. and i don't want to be part of "mr. rogers" neighborhood. i am so tired of people who don't know anything about pot saying it is a "gateway" drug. i have been smokin' for 32 years and i have never even tried nor had a desire to try 'hard' drugs. it's my body and i believe that i'm actually healthier because i smoke pot. i have even had doctors at the u of m hospital confirm that thought in the past. it's a shame that our legislators have nothing better to spend their time on then passing stupid laws that restrict our personal freedom. i thought this was the land of the free i am a professional so must only use my first name. i wish i didn't have to worry about my pocketbook because of my views.

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Comment #1 posted by Capn Chronic on February 27, 1999 at 13:02:02 PT
They will never be able to end the Hash Bash
I lived in Ann Arbor for 10 years and I've attended 6 hash bash festivials and there is no way they can end it. It just wont happen, the bill may pass and make senator cock smoker look great but it doesnt mean marijuana smoking will decrese at all. It would be nice if people would realize that exploiting drug use for your own personal agenda to gain votes and approval is far worse than partaking in any illegal substance. We need more politicans like Jesse Ventura.

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