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  Nearly 5,000 Gather for 27th Hash Bash!
Posted by FoM on April 06, 1999 at 20:09:35 PT
Smokers, preachers attracted 
Source: Michigan Daily 

cannabis Carrying fliers, bongs full of marijuana and signs reading "HEMP: Help Educate More People," "Relegalize Marijuana" and "Save The Trees - Plant Hemp," participants in the 27th Hash Bash smoked pot freely and protested hemp's illegal status Saturday on the Diag.

The annual festival brought about 5,000 people to the center of campus at "high noon."

Participants in the 27th annual Hash Bash gather on the Diag on Saturday to rally for the legalization of marijuana.
A number of speakers inspired the crowd, including Tommy Chong of the infamous weed-smoking, movie-making duo Cheech and Chong.

"I'm so stoned I don't know what to say," Chong said.

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Comment #1 posted by Thomas W. Burke on June 06, 1999 at 16:49:28 PT:

The Last Hippy Band
I just wanted to mention our band that has been freedom fighting for twenty years this year. We've performed at four "Weedstock" fests, eight Northcoast NORML gigs, including a sell-out we headlined at the Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio, and many rallies and benefits for Lansing, Michigan area hemp awareness groups. We have made the "Hemp 100" in High Times and jammed with Tommy Chong at his sixtieth birthday party in Detroit. We were voted number three band in The Lansing State Journal's "Best of the Best" 1998 (finishing behind Verve Pipe and Foster Kids). We don't have any big named sponsors, and donate all our time for free (some organizers give us gas money). We ask for nothing and give our all. We don't care that if we were playing top-forty rock or golden oldies rock we would probably be better off financially. We are doing what we love to do. Marijuana prohibition is a terrible "witch-hunt" and has many intelligent victims. Ignorance, gullibility and propaganda are the only things keeping it going. But a disturbing trend has emerged recently. New, company sponsored hemp bands, that have never payed any dues, are getting the gigs. We have a huge following through-out the Mid-West and all comments we get are,"Where are you playing next?" No hemp groups will ask us to play anymore, despite our large following. We play psychedelic music, with covers and originals. Many pro-hemp people are 30+ years old, and they like what we play. It's not that we don't have the work, we do, but we want to help NORML, UMMSOME, HEA and other pro-hemp groups. We have a full PA, psychedelic lights and next month we will have a 24' X 16' portable stage. At the end of summer we will have a duel 8X 20 amp generator for our power. All we will need is a location! My major at college was stage management, my minor was lighting. I was stage manager for such national acts as Molly Hatchet, Foghat, The Outlaws, Bad Company, Rare Earth, Cheap Trick and Mitch Ryder. I supervised seven stages at Chicago's Ethnic Festival 1995, and designed Michigan Festival (when they strayed from my design, they folded). I am also a published writer with about 100 essays, stories and investigative articles to my credit (99% hemp awareness). All I ask is to be included in the fight. I don't even care about the money. Thanks. PS...We have a new server, so the URL address will change shortly.

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